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As the architectural team, it will be your responsibility to design the actual recreation center structure. Below are some links which should help your team explore various styles. Once you have some ideas for your research, consider asking an architect any questions you may have to help you design your project. Keep in mind the size of the island and any other details which may relate to your design.

Your report should explain the role of the architect. It should also explain why geometry is important to architects and how it is used in their work. Your design should include elevations of each side of the exterior and a basic floor plan.

19th and 20th Century Architecture and Design - Illustrations of the work of favorite architects and artists

All-Wright Site - All you want to know about Frank Lloyd Wright

All-Wright Site - Links to other FLW sites

Esto Photographics - Images of architechture

Geodesic Structures - An introduction

The Louis Sullivan Page - The architect and his work

Planning and Architecture Internet Resource Center - Resource Directory

The World Wide Web Virtual Library: Architecture

Author: Gwen Neuberger, Community High School, District 94, West Chicago, Illinois
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