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The generous patron who is funding this project is a lover of fine art. So it is a requirement that art be designed and commissioned specifically for this project. Your report should discuss the connections between geometry and art in general. Then your team is to use geometry to design three art pieces for display at the center. One art piece is to be a mural. Talk with the architects where this would go and how big it should be. The second piece should be a tapestry, using fabric and cloth. The third piece is to be an outdoor sculpture. Remember, your team is to design these, including deciding what materials and colors will be used, but you do not need to construct them.

Besides the designs of the three art pieces, write a report which discusses art and its connection to geometry. You may want to communicate with some artists.

3D Models of Escher's Work - Photos of models

Escher's Art - Everything Escher

Fine Art Forum - Resource directory for mathematical art

Math Quilts - Showcase for quilters who find inspiration from the world of tessellations, geometry, perspective and fractals

Mathematical Art - Tessellations

Transformations - Examples of all sorts of translations that can be used in design

Author: Gwen Neuberger, , District 94, West Chicago, Illinois
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Created: July, 1997