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Since the recreation center will be built on an island, a bridge must be designed and constructed to move people from the "mainland" to the island. The distance from the mainland to the island is 100 yards. Below are sites which illustrate a variety of bridge designs. Your team will be responsible for the design of the bridge (not its construction). What materials you use and the design are left to you to choose. If you have questions about bridge design after some preliminary research, I have some contacts for your team.

A design which details three to four views will be required. The views should include a drawing as you approach the bridge, a view of the top, and a view of either side if both sides are the same or both sides if they are different. Also required is a report on bridges in general and how geometry plays an important part in bridge design.

Bridge Design - Cable stayed bridge, a design exercise

Bryant Associates, Inc. (Bridge builders) - Sample projects

Old Covered Bridges - A guide to bridges in Southeastern Pennsylvania

Golden Gate Bridge - All about the Golden Gate Bridge

Author: Gwen Neuberger, , District 94, West Chicago, Illinois
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Created: July, 1997