Sea Turtle

Chelonia mydas

The Sea Turtle is an endangered species. Their are laws protecting the Sea Turtle(and other turtles). For example: The E.S.A. (Endangered Species Act)., C.I.T.E.S., Convention in International Trade of Endangered Species

They are endangered because of their Habitat Loss.

The main reason they are endangered is because people are killing them for their resources, hunted to sell, and made into products to sell. The Untied States, is the largest consumer of illegal products.

Pittsburgh AquaZoo Staff, Green Sea Turtle
Chelonia mydas [online image] available Pittsburgh AquaZoo


SIZE:/WEIGHT: Our particular male is 505 pounds in size (40" shell length), his species has been reported to reach sizes of up to 850 pounds (with a shell length of up to 60").

LIFESPAN: 60 years

COLOR: Greenish shell color

WHERE FOUND: found globally in tropical seas.

FEEDING: The young stay initially in coastal waters to feed on plants and invertebrates. Adults are herbivores and feed on plant life present in tropical waters.

REPRODUCTION: This species takes 10 to 14 years to reach sexual maturity. Once mature, females can lay eggs one to seven times a year. Individual females seek out "high wave energy" beaches to make their nests in. They crawl up onto the beach at night, dig a hole in the sand behind themselves with their hind flippers and deposit from 60 to 250 golfball sized eggs in the hole. The then cover up the hole with sand and lumber back into the water. The nesting activity lasts up to 2 hours. The eggs then incubate in the warm sand for 55 to 65 days. Upon hatching, the young turtles dig their way up to the surface of the sand and then rush downhill, pell mell for the open ocean. Whether they hatch in the day or at night, they will face a virtual gauntlet of predatory animals (including raccoons, coatmundi, foxes, birds, humans, and fishes), and predation is so severe that only 5% survive the first two weeks.

Boots, box's made of turtle, trinkets, and clothing.

The sea turtle can not reproduce if people keep killing them.


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Created on: April 29 1997
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