Wildlife Trade: BUYER BEWARE!








 Student Projects




  1. an alligator wallet
The American alligator, once endangered because of overhunting, can now be harvested in limited numbers as part of a successful program that regulates the trade and protects the species' habitats. Because legal and illegal skins are mixed on the international market, consumers should be careful when purchasing reptile leather products. They should choose products clearly marked "American alligator." Products made from other crocodilian species could be illegal.
  1. zebra rug
  1. black coral earrings
Coral reefs are the buildingblocks of important marine communities serve as natural barriers agains beach erosion. Recognizing this, many countries in the Caribbean, the Pacific, and Southeast Asia prohibit the collection, sale, and export of corals, and interantional commercial trade is regulated. Yet corals, often fashioned into jewelry and decorative ornaments, are still sold in enormous quantities. Coral collection is only one of several reasons for the destruction of coral ecosystems. In the Philippines, for example, only 30 percent of the reefs remain undamaged due to coral collection, harmful fishing practices, and pollutioneck for restrictions on coral trade before you buy.
  1. a volcano rock