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Subject/Content Area:

Language Arts and Social Studies

Target Audience:

This project is designed for third grade students. It is their first experience with a lengthy research project.

Project Goal:

When asked to compare St. Charles with communities around the world, students will develop inquiry/investigation skills, will use various reference sources including the Internet and key pals to acquire knowledge about other communities in the world, and will use writing and drawing skills to create an electronic postcard. They will use creative thinking skills to design a stamp that represents a continent.

Learner Outcomes: Through the completion of this project students will be able to:

Alignment with Standards:

This project demonstrates elements of the following standards:

National Language Arts Standards for Writing #1 and #4: Demonstrates competence in the general skills and strategies of the writing process, and effectively gathers and uses information for research purposes.

District #303 Social Studies Content Outcome #11: The diversities and similarities of individuals and groups shape and influence a community.

District #303 Procedural Knowledge 2 and 3: Access and use information and critical thinking, compare/contrast.

Assessment of Students:

Student performance is assessed throughout the project. Much of this assessment is in the form of teacher observation, discussion, and questioning. The final project is assessed using a rubric.

Author: Irene Warning, Ferson Creek School, St. Charles, IL.
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Created: July, 1997