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Assignment - Exploring the Universe - Designing a Space Station - Rubric - Daily Log

You have been studying astronomy in science and have investigated the history of space missions, including Pathfinder's mission to determine if there is life on Mars. This fall the Cassini project, whose mission is to explore Saturn, has been launched. NASA's HEDS (Human Exploration and Development of Space Enterprise) has started to fulfill some of its goals. Your first job is to investigate these missions and programs. To assist you, the following Web sites are cited as a beginning. They are not the only sites you will find on the Internet. During the course of your research you may find more sites. If you think that other students would benefit from the new sites you find, simply "bookmark" them and also share them during our class discussions.

Your next mission will be to team with other students in the class. Determine what jobs are needed based on your research. The members of the team may assist one another as needed. The other members of the class may also assist other teams in the research. The team will receive assistance from a core group of students who have been trained to assist you to fulfill your mission. This group will show you how to take digital images, scan images, and write Web pages. Your science and math teachers will also assist you as needed. Once you have your team, each of you will need to go to either teacher to present your team and a brief description about each member's role. Each member of the team needs to be aware of their responsibilities.

Your team needs to complete an initial form describing the team members, a brief description of your project, and what presentation tools you need. If you need assistance let your teachers know.

A daily log must be kept and submitted by e-mail following this form. Again if you need assistance, let your teachers know.

Each team will be sharing information with the rest of the class. If two different teams find that they are doing parallel research, the two teams may collaborate.

A final presentation will be required from each team at the end of the project. You may use any presentation tool to fulfill this requirement. See either the core group and/or your teachers if you need help in setting up your presentation.

Author: Sharon White, Grissom Junior High School, Tinley Park, IL.
Handbook of Engaged Learning Projects sponsored by Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory Education Office and Friends of Fermilab. Funded by the North Central Regional Technology in Education Consortium based at the North Central Regional Educational Laboratory (NCREL).
Created: July, 1997