Assignment - Exploring the Universe - Designing a Space Station - Rubric - Daily Log

In November,1997, plans are set to start the assembly of a space station. Your job is to design the space station. While designing your station include those ideas we mention during our class discussions. The following sites may also assist in helping you in your research. Again discuss with your team how you will be presenting your design to the class and to our keypals in Chicago and Nashville.

  • NASA Human Spaceflight
  • Jet Propulsion Laboratory - Atmospheric Chemistry
  • NASA Homepage
  • See the Universe using the NASA Photo Gallery
  • Astronomy Questions and Answers from Adler Planetarium and Museum
  • NASA Questions & Answers
  • Today NASA
  • Destination: Earth
  • Remember these sites are just to get your team started in thinking of what your space station will need. Make sure you consider aspects from the frequently asked questions about the space stations, how current space stations have been designed, problems with their design and the new International Space Station that will be built. If you find other sites in your research, again "Bookmark" them and share with the class during discussions. If you have any questions regarding creating your design or model of the space station, ask our art teacher. Also, see your teachers if you need to set up videoconferences or E-mail.

    Photo courtesy of NASA

    Author: Sharon White, Grissom Junior High School, Tinley Park, IL.
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    Created: July, 1997