These are only some of the potential resources that you will be accessing for use in your project presentation. Make sure that you visit all of these sites at least once during your research.

  1. Water Wars
  2. USAID Famine Early Warning System
  3. Expansion and Contraction of the Sahara Desert from 1980-1990
  4. Institute for Water Research
  5. University of Pennsylvania African Studies Home Page
  6. Virtual Atlas
  7. Ministry of Water Affairs and Forestry, REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA

Use these resources and this map of the African continent to select ONE country to investigate and specialize in. Search the Internet for other sources and keep track of them using your search strategy logs. Remember, you are now becoming the experts on the water-related issues effecting the country you have chosen. Leave no stone unturned in your research process. You must also keep track of your thought processes in your thinking logs. Good luck.

Authors: Bill Meder, Gary Fryrear, and Shelly Peretz, Thornridge High School in Dolton, Illinois
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