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After visiting the river three times, some of the children realize that they had never really thought about the river and are very surprised at how much they have learned about it in such a short time. They begin to realize the importance of the river in their backyard. They are ready to share their knowledge with their school and the community. They have a stake in the stream, and they want it to be healthy. They are more than ready when the teacher announces that they may create a project to communicate to the school and/or the community the importance of rivers and streams

As the children observed, participated in mini-lessons, researched different topics, it was apparent that the children were sorting themselves into specialized scientists. It was time for them to decide on their field of expertise, and find a way to share that expertise to the community. Some children were definitely dedicated to the bass. They knew their habits, observed their health, and researched their lives in the wild. Other children were more the ecologist, and saw the river as a whole system. Others were fascinated by the chemical tests that were needed to monitor the health of both stream and fish tank. Still others seemed to be expert in the insects that were so important to our assessment of stream quality. They were seeing themselves as chemists, entomologists, ecologists, or geologists.

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