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You have done a wonderful job of getting to know this river and its health concerns. The DuPage Forest Preserve is very impressed with your work and would like to use your expertise to educate the community about some aspect of the river system. The next step in your commission is to decide on a project using your expertise. Problem Student Page.

The research is finished. The projects plans are well underway. Our Ichthyologist group (bass experts) decided to publish a guide on the web on the successful raising of bass in classroom tanks. The ecologist group decided after a recent stream pollution event to make posters for the city hall and the library illustrating ways that citizens could make a difference in the health of the rivers. The entomologists (insect experts) thought that many people did not understand the importance of a diverse insect population to the health of streams. They would make biographies of different insects, and write letters to governmental groups describing the importance of this misunderstood population. Another group, the chemists, who researched how sewerage systems worked after a recent sewerage accident were planning to produce a TV program for the school so that children would understand where the school waste went. A summary of the action plan proposals would be sent to our sister school, and theirs will be sent to our school's through E-mail.

It's the middle of October. We take a last visit to the river to release our beloved bass. Our action plans are in our heads and hearts. There is excitement in the river as the bass are released with the knowledge that only a few years ago this particular section of the river was not healthy enough to support bass. After the bass are safely set adrift, it seems only fair to sit by the banks of the river and discuss our action plans. The talk naturally turned to the many rivers that are plagued with pollution and debris. The children decide that people would be more careful of what went into rivers if they just got to know some rivers. The class was even more committed to their action plans. The river seemed to smile.

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