Handbook of Engaged Learning Projects


Mini-lesson 2: Why Do Water Tests?




Student Reports

Project Rubrics

Objective:To help gauge the condition of both the stream and the tank water.

Some of the tests are:

The children form groups to find out about the chemicals that they are testing.

Use resources such as:


  1. Students will be able to research particular chemicals that may be found in water.
  2. Students will demonstrate how to test for the chemicals by following directions.
  3. Students will report to the class their findings and become the expert for their field work.


Small groups of children research the chemicals, find out how to use the tests to assess the water in the classroom aquarium. They find our how the chemicals find their way into water, and whether there is a level at which the chemical is a poison to the system.

The groups learn to use the chemical test by reading the instructions, rehearsing (going through the directions without actually using the reagents) and then actually performing the test on aquarium water.

Each group presents its findings to the rest of the class. The "expert"chemist will be in charge of the particular test when the group does field work.

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