Handbook of Engaged Learning Projects


Mini-lesson 3: Ichthyology Information




Student Reports

Project Rubrics

You have 8 and 12 smallmouth bass in your class aquarium and a tank of feeder fish (usually minnows). You can learn a lot about the bass and the other fish just by watching them. You can use reference materials to discover other information.

Objective: Learn about the fish through direct observation as well as from secondary sources.

  1. Make a small booklet for fish observation. Begin with a drawing labeled to show the basic body parts of the fish you are studying. You can record lots of other information. Be sure to keep track of the dates and times that you make your observations. For example, record:
    • Length and weight.
    • Particular behaviors that you see such as groupings of fish and locations they seem to like.
    • Interactions between one fish and another, or between the bass and their prey.
    • How and when the bass feed.

  2. Research the habits of bass on the Internet. Check references in the library.Summarize what you learn in your booklet. Compare your observations with your research. List anything you saw that is documented in your research.

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