Handbook of Engaged Learning Projects


Mini-lesson 4: Be an Entomologist




Student Reports

Project Rubrics

Part of stream monitoring involves identifying insects. You have looked for the larva and nymph stages of certain insects. What can you learn about these insects? Maybe you can help organize your class as they collect insects during monitoring sessions.

Objective: Study selected insects and their life cycles.

  1. Select a few insects on the Stream Monitoring Guide. Use the guide as a starting point for your investigation. Check out insect books and use the Internet.

  2. Focus on the entire life cycle of some of the insects. Find differences between larvae and nymphs.

  3. If you have a chance to be outside, you may be able to collect adult insects. You can use samples of larva or nymphs from the stream as resources.

  4. Present your findings to the rest of the class. Report on the structure and life cycles of insects in general. Prepare a brief presentation about the insects you selected. Drawings and diagrams will add to your presentation.

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