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Mini-lesson 1: Setting Up a Fish Habitat
In setting up an aquarium, you will learn what is needed to make a healthy environment for fish and other fresh water inhabitants.

Mini-lesson 2: Why Do Water Tests?
To help gauge the condition of both the stream and the tank water, you will perform chemical tests on the water.

Mini-lesson 3: Ichthyology Information
You have received between 8 and 12 smallmouth bass in a class aquarium. You have a tank full of feeder fish, which are usually minnows. You can learn a lot about the bass and the other fish by direct observation.

Mini-lesson 4: Be an Entomologist
Part of stream monitoring involves identifying many insects. You will look for and identify the larva and nymph stages of certain insects. You may check out insect books and use the Internet to find differences between larva and nymphs and focus on the entire life cycle of some of the insects.

Mini-lesson 5: Webbing the River
You can study a small stream in the area to "shed" some light on the area as a whole.

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Created: September 21, 1999