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Below is a list of links that will be of use to you in this project. This list contains much of the information you need, but should not be considered the only source of information. There are many other Internet sites, books, publications and your own firsthand investigations that are available to you to successfully complete this project.


DuPage County Forest Preserve

Steve Leonard's Letter

Bass in the Class letter of Agreement

DuPage County Forest Preserve Homepage

River Monitoring/Sampling Resources

Water Quality Monitoring - A How To Guide -

 Macroinvertebrate Identification Key

This key consists of pairs of opposite choices or descriptive statements. To use this key, start at the first page and read the two statements. Decide which statement best describes the organism and click on your choice.

Macroinvertebrate Pictures

 Benthic Macroinvertebrates

The purpose of this page is to provide students, citizen volunteers, and others interested in benthic macroinvertebrates and/or biomonitoring with assistance in identification of specimens and to provide information on the habitat and general ecology of common benthic macroinvertebrates.

DuPage Citizen Stream Monitoring Assessment Form


Environmental Organizations

The Conservation Foundation

Biological Monitoring of Rivers and Streams

The Illinois State Geological Survey

USGS - Water Resources of Illinois

Illinois Environmental Protection Agency

Illinois Natural Resources Network

USGS - Science For a Changing World

Know Your Watershed

Illinois Natural History


RiverResource is a place where students of rivers can explore valuable river resources--a gateway to productive internet exploration. At RiverResource you won't find the facts, but rather the connections to facts, books, and people studying rivers. Here classrooms can share the information they are gathering about rivers.


The DuPage River Database

 Contact Steve Leonard at the DuPage Forest Preserve

 West Branch Du Page River Near Naperville, Il (05540130)

Data Types Available:

Real-Time Precipitation Data
Historical Streamflow Daily Values (on water.usgs.gov)
Rating Table (text)
Real-Time Data
Map of region surrounding station
Peak Flow (on water.usgs.gov)

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