Handbook of Engaged Learning Projects


River Monitoring Rubric

Point Value 6 Points 4 Points 2 Points 0 Points
Background research concerning the history and use of the DuPage River The reseach is of high quality and utilizes many sources. The research is complete and well organized. Research is incomplete or some of the research is irrelavant. No research evident or the research is irrelevant.
Maps showing potential sources of pollution Maps are well done and include new and useful information. Legends and symbols are easy to use. Maps are complete and include a useful legend. Maps are not clear or incomplete. No maps are supplied.
Biographical information about the researchers Biographies are complete and creatively written. There are few or minor grammatical errors. Biographies are complete and have a few grammatical errors. The biographies are incomplete or contain numerous grammatical errors. No biographical information is supplied.
Use the Internet to research relevant information concerning river monitoring The student demonstrates the ability to research a topic without assistance using several searching tools. The student demonstrates the ability to research a topic without assistance. The students can research topics with minimal assistance. Student does not demonstrate the ability to research a topic.
Use the Internet to contact expert sources Students make contact with a few outside sources and carry on a regular correspondence. Is able to make outside contacts independently. With assistance is able to make outside contacts. Does not make any outside contacts.
Description of the tests and observations that were conducted Descriptions are complete, include clear writing, relevant examples, and contain very few errors. Descriptions are complete, written clearly, and have few errors. Descriptions of tests are incomplete, unclear, or contain several grammatical errors. No descriptions of tests are included.
Description of how the team will validate the findings Multiple validation techniques are used that produce accurate and conclusive information. Validation techniques are effective and produce conclusive results. Efforts are made to validate the information but is incomplete, irrelevant, or inconclusive. There is no validation of the findings.
 TAKE ACTION        
Explanation of the potential relevance or importance of the findings The relevance is clearly articulate and the explanation makes a compelling statement. The relevance of the findings is clearly articulated. The explanation of relevance is illogical or fails to communicate clearly. No explanation of relevance is offered.
Develop a plan on how to protect and improve biodiversity.  The plan is complete, well organized, and viable. The plan is nearly complete, show some organization, and viable. The plan has some small errors and is not currently ready to be implemented. There is no plan or it contains many major errors.