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The Problem

During this school year you will learn a great deal about the earth and our environment. You will apply much of what you learn to solve several problems and assist other organizations solve some of the environmental problems in our community.

You will be responsible for collecting and analyzing data from the DuPage River and comparing that data with data from other locations on the river. Steve Leonard of the DuPage Forest Preserve has asked our class to conduct tests and report our findings.
Read his letter.

Mini Lessons

You will chose from a list of mini-lessons designed to teach you the skills you need to conduct river monitoring, care and raise smallmouth bass, maintain classroom aquariums, and several other related tasks.

Your Project

Then working alone or with partners you will design and conduct a related project that helps to fulfill theBass in the Class Letter of Agreement you signed. Be sure that everyone in your team understands what they need to do to successfully complete this project.

Here's the scoring rubric. Now, you are ready to submit:

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