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Subject/Content Area:

Ecology and Data Collection

Target Audience:

This project is designed for upper intermediate grade students. Access to a river or stream is critical to the success of this project. Students need access to the Internet and data collection software.

Project Goals:

When presented with an environmental problem on a local river, students will use their knowledge of river ecology to develop an action plan.

Learner Outcomes:

The students will be able to

Alignment with National Standards:

This project demonstrates some elements of The National Science Education Standards:

The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Standards demonstrated in this project are:

Assessment of Students:

Student's performance is continually assessed throughout the project. Much of this assessment is in the form of informal teacher observation during data collecting, observation, and measurement activities. The teacher joins groups and questions students, or sits in on their discussions. Formal assessment for projects is assisted by rubrics. Mastery of scientific equipment is assessed by student demonstation of correct method.

Index of Student Pages:

An index of all the student pages and a timeline will assist the teacher in planning the unit.

Authors: Stephen Meehan and Maureen Nolan
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