Glenbrook South Year-End Physics Projects


Project Information Sheet


Your project involves conducting research on the special theory of relativity. You will determine variables that depend upon velocity and how these variables are noticeably affected by speeds near that of light.

By the end of this project, you should be able to:

Your teacher will provide:

You are responsible for:

Some KEYWORDS to use in a literature search:

Relativity Einstein
Physics AND "The Special Theory of Relativity" The Standard Model
Education AND ... Time Dilation
Relativistic Mass Length Contraction
Invariaint or Invariance Top Quark
High Energy Physics CPEP

IMC RESOURCES (placed on reserve)

General Information
How the World Works 500 REN
Experimenting with Science 507.8 GAR
Foundations of Modern Physics 530 HOL
How Things Work 530 CRA
Physics Projects for young... 530 GOO
Adventures in Physics 530 HIG
A Source Book in Physics 530 M
The Story of Physics 530 MOT
The Project Physics course 530 RUT
Phenomenal Physics 530 SWA
The complete Guide to... 797.1 EVA

Detailed Information about your specific topic:
How Things Work 530 CRA
A folder containing articles pertaining to the Special Theory of Relativity and the Standard Model and Conceptual Physics (a text by Paul Hewitt).

Other IMC RESOURCES (not placed on reserve)
Van Nostrand's Scientific Encyclopedias R503 VAN
Science and physics encyclopedias and reference materials
CD-ROMs (particularly the "Creation of the Universe" and "..." CD-ROMs)

The folder (mentioned above) will be a very useful resource for technical information. The Internet contains much information about both the Special Theory of Relativity and the Standard Model. The encyclopedias, reference materials, and CD-ROMs are also very useful. The Mechanicl Universe Video and the Conceptual Physics text (Chapters 15 & 16 should also prove valuable). Quickly determine what is meant by relativistic speed, time dilation, length contraction, The Standard Model, quarks, leptons, and Feynman Diagrams and how it applies to the provided data sets. You will also want to quickly become familiar with the equations of the Special Theory of Relativity to determine how the equations match the received data.

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