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Mr. Wegley's father experienced some swelling under his chin around his jawbone and he experienced some numbness and pain in his face that did not go away for several weeks. When the pain began to increase, he was convinced to go to the hospital for some tests. He had an MRI that showed a growth in the area of swelling around his salivary gland and, after a biopsy, was diagnosed with salivary gland cancer and has been recommended for low-energy radiation therapy. Our physics class has decided to study pros and cons of different types of therapy and has decided to direct our learning of physics concepts to better help us understand the potential success of cancer therapies.

The class has decided to put together an information search summarizing their information on the situation and will present the results of their conclusions to the class and will post their information search and conclusions on the Web.

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Author: Brian K. Wegley, St. Charles North High School
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