Handbook of Engaged Learning Projects

What Made Catherine So Great?

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Subject/Content Area:

Geography - places and regions; Language Arts - persuasive discourse and reference skills
Target Audience:
4th and 5th grade gifted and talented students reading above grade level; middle school students, 6th-8th reading at grade level
Project Goals:
A collaborative, four-week investigation of the regions of the United States
Learner Outcomes: Alignment with National Standards:
Geography Standards: 4 - Understands the physical and human characteristics of place; 5 - Understands the concept of regions; 6- Understands that culture and experience influence people's perceptions of places and regions.

Language Arts Standards: 4 - Effectively gathers and uses information for research purposes; 11- Demonstrates competence in speaking and listening as tools for learning.

Assessment of Students:
Students will be assessed through journal writing, performance via a presentation, a written product, a project rubric and self assessment.

Authors: Marie Bartolotta from Mill Street Elementary School and Sharon Gatz from Highlands Elementary School, Naperville, Illinois
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Last Updated: September 3, 1999