Project Rubric

For ongoing assessment follow the guidance your teacher gave you at the beginning of the project. For final assessment the following rubric assesses your project presentation.

Student Researcher: _____________________

Partners: _____________________ _____________________ _____________________

Point Value10 points8 points6 points2 points
Social Studies Content Thoroughly answers the questions; uses many examples to support content Answers the questions accurately; uses some elaboration Answers each question but with little elaboration Briefly answers most of the questions; includes no elaboration.
Originality/Creativity Creatively synthesizes information using original format Sythesizes information; some creativity is evident. Information presented without interpretation; creativity not evident Words and ideas copied from source; not creative.
Use of Technology Effectively and expertly uses technology to creatively enhance and enrich the presentation Uses technology effectively Little use of technology Shows little understanding of technology; presentation not effective
Oral Presentation Expertly uses good eye contact and speaks fluently using appropriate articulation and volume throughout; confidently communicates using gestures Uses good eye contact; speaks fluently using appropriate articulation and volume throughout Uses appropriate articulation and volume most of the time; has good eye contact some of the time. Poor eye contact--student reads rather than tells; monotone voice .
Persuasive Discourse Persuasively presented using ample, well-developed specific details; focused--central idea and major points to support in opening; flows smoothly and logically Persuasively presented using some specific details; central idea is present somewhere in the presentation; flows somewhat smoothly--minor digressions Central idea is difficult to identify. Undeveloped, related list of specifics; lacks obvious organization and persuasiveness Not persuasive; little support, organization, or plan