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About Our Product

Muscovy Mineral Spring Water is a naturally effervescent beverage. Its source is the pure waters from the tributaries of the Volga River. For centuries, native Muscovites have enjoyed the thirst-quenching flavor of naturally occurring water and sworn by its medicinal properties. Empress Catherine the Great, known for her interest in medical advancements, made sure it was the only water served to her royal family and herself. Those suffering from arthritis and/or allergies have even been known to bathe in it!

Nutritional information:
Calories - 0
Fat - (0 g) - 0%
Sodium - (Less than 3 mg) 0%
Protein - (0 g) - 0%
Carbohydrates - (0 g) - 0%

About Our Company

Muscovy Mineral Spring Water was founded by Oleg Vladimirovich Solokov in 1993. It made its initial public offering on March 14, 1994, with 30,200 shares sold at a price of $5.40 per share. Stock is traded on the Moscow Stock Exchange. Annual Earnings Growth Rate: +39%
Current Price: $9.25; 52-Week High: $11; 52-Week Low: $8

Number of Employees: 400

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