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Begin your research for the Smallville prairie development by visiting Internet sites of real companies and organizations. Information about real-world companies may help you identify some benefits of your development project and give you ideas regarding possible environmental concerns. From this URL, you will usually find links to other sites. Keep a record of specific URLs you visit and the information you find in your daily group log.

Before proceeding, be sure you are familiar with and follow your school's acceptable use policy! If you accidentally go to an inappropriate Internet site, immediately inform your teacher. Sites you access are recorded and may be reviewed by your teacher.

Commonwealth Franklin

A power plant that will provide 75% of the energy for Smallville - Start with:

Ten Banners Over Smallville Amusement Park

A family-oriented theme park featuring Hootsie the Owl and his prairie friends - Start with:

Dino-matic Oil Refinery

A fossil fuel finishing factory focusing on fine fuel for factories - Start with:

Wright-Built Prairie Homes

A multifamily residential community providing affordable housing options for up to 200 families - Start with:

Prairie Rover Automobiles

A subsidiary of Colonel Motors producing mufflers and chassis parts - Start with:

Prairiefield Mall

A corporation offering over 100 stores in one location - Start with:

Scent of the Prairie Landfill

A 40-acre waste depository that will be transformed into a local recreational area when it is filled - Start with:

Pride of the Prairie Internet Shopping Discount Club

Corporate headquarters and warehouse for a multinational purchasing club offering discounted items to club members - Start with:

Prairie Advisory Council

An alternative proposal that will save the entire prairie - Start with:

Prairie Resources

The following prairie resources may provide information for the prairie mangement plans and the environmental impact statement prepared by each company or the biological assessment prepared by the Prairie Advisory Council.