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In an Internet citation, the following basic components are appropriate in this order. You may not necessarily find all of these components in every, or even most, examples. Use discretion in evaluating Internet citations.
  1. Author’s name
  2. Title of document (in quotes)
  3. Title of complete work (if applicable)
  4. Version or file number (if applicable)
  5. Document date or date of last revision if different from access date
  6. URL
  7. Date of access (When did you find and note information?)
WWW Sites (fictitious example): In most cases, the URL will suffice.
Prairieson, Polly. "A View of the Prairie." The Prairie Post.1999. (25 July 1999).

Personal E-mail (fictitious example):

Lederman, Leon. "Particles make up the prairie." Personal e-mail (25 July 1999).