PAC Progress Record Sheet

PROJECT NAME:_________________________________

STUDENT NAME:_________________________________

Check your progress. You have:


A group project time line showing when each part of the assignment will be finished.


A daily group log of the actual work done by each group member.


A record of the Internet sites visited and the information gathered from the Internet.


An oral presentation of your plan.

Check your progress. You have:


A review or current Environmental Survey of the prairie site.


A Prairie Management Plan for the prairie around the development site. site.


A Biological Assessment.


List of threatened and/or endangered species in the Smallville prairie.


List of potential benefits including such qualities as possible medical uses.


A plan for residents to use and take care of the prairie.

Check your progress. You have:


Filled out a Development Plan Analysis Form for each company during the class presentations.


Written a paragraph (or more) explaining your decision about what should de done with the prairie site.


Based your decision on facts.


Online Research:


You accessed and used the Internet (using search engines and URLs) to find useful information.


You interacted with someone on the Internet to get answers to your questions.

Development Plan:


You have a clear understanding of what prairies are and what kinds of plants and animals are found on a prairie.


Your development plan is creative and well-designed.


You have considered different points of view in your project.


Your blueprint (scale drawing) shows all of the important and required things neatly.


You have useful scientific information with facts and references to back up your statements.


You have shown how your development plan will affect Smallville.

Town Meeting Presentation:


Your oral presentation is well-organized, rehearsed, and in a logical order.


Your presentation includes the benefits of your plan with facts and references to back up your statements.


You have visual aids for your presentation.


You are ready to answer questions about your proposal.

Individual and Group Effort:


Everyone in your group is got along and stayed on on task during class.


Everyone in your group did their fair share.


You finished on time.