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Bidding Requirements

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To: Parties Interested in the Smallville Prairie Development

From: Smallville Town Council

Business people and prairie advocates interested in purchasing the 40 acres of Smallville prairie are invited to present their ideas at a town meeting open to members of the community. Please present information to convince the public that your prairie development plan is the best. Some groups want to provide a "boost" for our community; others want to protect the prairie at all costs. Obviously, we will have compromise to provide for ALL of our town's needs. We must consider economic and social factors as well the environmental concerns we share.

Who will win the bid? How will the land be used to best serve the our community? Your research and presentation will tell the story! Although time will be limited, all group members will participate in the presentation. Visual aids will help the audience see what your development will look like and make your most important points. A well-organized, factual, rehearsed presentation will be more likely to convince the residents to vote for your proposal. Be creative and HAVE FUN.

Group work is important! Each group must complete all parts of this project properly in order to have the information we need to make an informed decision. The success of the group in part will be determined by the individual effort each group member makes. Each group will prepare the following items:

Working together. Prepare:

  • a project time line showing when each part of the assignment will be finished and by whom. (This is a guideline; groups will regularly assess where they are and who needs to do what.)
  • a daily group log of the actual work done by each group member.
  • a record of Internet sites visited and the information gathered from the Internet. (Reference format)
  • an oral presentation of your plan at the Smallville town meeting.
Developing the proposal. Include:
  • a review or current environmental survey of the prairie site.
  • a brief description of the development plan.
  • a blueprint (drawing) of the development site.
  • a statement of the benefits of the proposed development.
  • a prairie management plan describing how your company or organization will manage and improve the prairie around the development site.
  • In addition, each company will complete an environmental impact statement describing how the development plan will affect the environment and people of Smallville.
  • The Prairie Advisory Council will complete a biological assessmentof the endangered or threatened species in the prairie.

Selecting the best development plan.

The town council members and residents attending the town meeting will choose the best development plan based on an analysis of the positive and negative features of the plans. During and after the town meeting each person will complete:

  • a development plan analysis form for each proposal. (Residents will not complete a form for the group they represent.)
  • a paragraph (or more) explaining his/her choice for what should be done with the prairie plot, justifying the decision using several factual arguments.



You and other members of your group will be evaluated on what you have learned and the research skills you have developed. For ongoing assessment follow the guidance your teacher gave you at the beginning of the project. The following checklists help you keep track of your progress: