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The data entered may be of significant interest to Bombus researchers worldwide. Care should be taken to be as accurate as possible. Unusual behaviors or observations can be noted in the "COMMENTS" section.

Date/Time of Observation:

Environmental Conditions:


Location of Observation:


Possible ID of bumblebee species:

How was the species determined? Field markings from this source? Another source? If so, name the source:


Forb upon which the Bombus specimen was foraging:

Notable activity of Bombus specimen:







Information about the Observer

Level of Experience:

Advanced Intermediate Minimal Novice

Educational Background

Post Graduate College/University High School

Middle School Elementary School Pre-school








Author: Patricia Franzen, Madison Junior High School, Naperville,Illinois.
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Created: July 1, 1996 - Updated: July 24, 1996