Salt Creek Investigation

Online Resources

Online Resources - Investigation - Assessment

For information about rivers and streams, check out these Websites:

Kentucky Water Watch details another state's program of watching their water supplies.

Global Rivers Environment Education Network, GREEN, can link you to other rivers around the world.

Illinois Department of Natural Resources contains facts and press releases about resources in Illinois. HTTP://DNR.STATE.IL.US/

Illinois EcoWatch Network focuses on high-quality data collection, increased public awareness and environmental stewardship. Students can enter RiverWatch data here.

Illinois Environmental Quality contains information about well, air quality, groundwater, climatic change and land facts. HTTP://DNR.STATE.IL.US/eq/eqpage.htm

Illinois Water Resources contains up-to-date information about Illinois.

RiverWatch is the Website for a volunteer stream monitoring component of the Illinois EcoWatch Network.

Water Resources of the United States is a great resource for all of the states. Students can monitor the national water conditions daily and/or monthly, check the groundwater, surface water, water quality and different projects.

Authors: Dr. Bonnie Kuhrt, Kathe Lacey-Anderson and Kim Provus from Carl Sandburg Jr. High School in Rolling Meadows, Illinois for the Handbook of Engaged Learning Projects sponsored by Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory Education Office and Friends of Fermilab. Funded by the Midwest Consortium for Mathematics and Science Education based at the North Central Regional Educational Laboratory (NCREL).
Created: July 1, 1996 - Updated: July 24, 1996