Importance of Education and Outreach

Many physicists who study the fundamental particles and forces of our universe want to share their excitement about science with others. They have created opportunities--Websites, public talks, and hands-on activities--for adults and children alike to take an active part in the world of particle physics discovery.

As particle physicists participate in education and outreach activities, they learn that children and adults are very interested in and often excited by the fundamental truths and the deep puzzles of physics. It is not necessary to know the mathematical details in order to appreciate the fascination of quarks, neutrinos, dark matter, and unified theories. While some aspects of particle physics may seem esoteric, they capture people's interest and lead them to learn much more about our scientific and technological world. We all benefit from such an increase in scientific literacy. The ability of citizens to judge scientific issues of public policy is essential for our progress in the coming millenium