Comments from Students and Teachers Who Have Participated in Our Programs

First graders after a physicist visited their class (University of California, Riverside):

"I liked the ruler that would not fall." (demo on parametric resonance)

"I liked the thing that sent our vapor and when you put in the flower." (demo on properties of liquid nitrogen)

K-1 teacher: "You and your students created a wonderful learning environment and intellectually stimulated and involved the children from start to finish. We've had a slew of inventions since you were here. Several parents commented the following day that conversations at dinner that night had been entirely devoted to what the 'people with the Physics Van (University of Ilinois at Urbana-Champaign) had done and said.' All of you are just great teachers...."

From the Cornell Learning Web ­ a program matching high school students to mentors: "As we left my students expressed their amazement at the technology and all that they had seen! As one of the students put it, 'How did anyone ever think of how to put the thing {CESR/CLEO} together?"

East St. Louis high school students after conservation of momentum/scattering lab conducted by staff from the University of Pittsburgh: "Wow ­ now I see that physics is really neat."

Parent of Web browser:"I just wanted to tell you what a great resource your Web page (The Particle Adventure ­ is for my son, Ellis. He is a precocious fifth grader who likes to do extra credit research projects. Today he came home and told me he needed to find out what a Boson was in atomic physics. So I found your page by searching on elementary physics and turned him loose.He ended up printing about 25 pages of information to use for his project. Thanks for all the effort you put into creating this resource."