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The Office of Education and Public Outreach: Contacts

All telephone numbers require area code "630".

Topic Subtopic Contact E-mail Website Phone
Ask-a-Scientist Registration Registrar Ask-a-Scientist 840-8258
Classroom Presentations Educator Requests Registrar Classroom Presentations for Educators 840-8258
Office of Education and Public Outreach Rebecca Thompson Education Office 840-3076
Fermilab Friends for Science Education General Questions Susan Dahl Fermilab Friends for Science Education 840-3094
Membership Account Questions Susan Dahl FFSE-Membership 840-3094
Fermilab Prairie Quadrat Study for Public Maureen Hix Fermilab Prairie Quadrat Study 840-5058
Field Trips including High School Tours Requests Registrar Field Trips and High School Tours 840-5058 (Life Sciences)
840-4165 (HS and Physical Sciences)
Gift Shop & Online Store Store Manager Gift Shop & Online Store 840-8062
Guided Tours Get-to-Know Tours Lederman Science Center Guided Tours 840-8258
College/Private Tours Lori Haseltine   840-5588
Lederman Science Center Building and technology coordination and safety Ketevan Akhobadze Lederman Science Center 840-5226
Lederman Science Center Exhibits Ketevan Akhobadze Lederman Science Center Exhibits 840-5226
Visiting Lori Haseltine Visit Arrangements 840-8258
QuarkNet General Information Spencer Pasero QuarkNet 840-3076
  Cosmic Ray Detector Requests Dave Hoppert   840-3188
  Cosmic Ray Detector Production or Support Dave Hoppert   840-3188
  Technology Joel Griffith   840-3730
QuarkNet Fermilab/UChicago Center General Information Tom Carter QuarkNet Fermilab/UChicago Center 840-2031
Saturday Morning Physics Rebecca Thompson Saturday Morning Physics 840-3415
Science Adventures General Registrar Science Adventures Registration 840-8258
Special Events Family Open House Spencer Pasero Family Open House 840-4165
Family Outdoor Fair Lori Haseltine Family Outdoor Fair 840-8258
Wonders of Science Registrar Wonders of Science 840-8258
Summer Internships Summer Internship Contacts
Teacher Workshops Physical Science Luis Mendoza   840-4165
Life Sciences Maureen Hix   840-5058
Registration Lori Haseltine Registration Form 840-8258
Website Spencer Pasero Education Office Website 840-3076