Mentors: FAQs

These FAQs are useful for mentors. You can also view the Intern FAQs.

Q: Does my group have to take care of the "paperwork" to bring the intern to Fermilab?
A: No, all administrative matters associated with bringing an intern to Fermilab are provided by the Education Office.

Q: I'm a "guest" researcher at the Lab; can I have an intern?
A: Fermilab requires that the mentor of record be on the Fermilab staff. Co-mentoring arrangements can be made.

Q: What if I need to be away from Fermilab for part of the summer?
A: We generally expect that mentors will be at Fermilab during the entire internship. If you are going to be away for more than a couple of days, please have a backup mentor available for your intern.

Q: How much time will the intern be required to spend away from my lab?
A: As a rule-of-thumb, interns spend 80-90% of their time with their mentors; program requirements take 10-20% of their time. These include EH&S training, workshops, and weekly meetings. A complete schedule will be provided before the summer starts.

Q: Who is responsible for my intern's safety training?
A: Intern safety is the responsibility of everyone who has contact with the student. The intern's supervisor of record will be responsible for assuring that introductory and basic EH&S training is completed. As the mentor of record, you will be responsible for making sure that the ITNA is completed and that all required on-the-job training is completed. The safety officer in your Division/Section can help you with the ITNA forms.

Intern FAQs

Q: Can I participate if I am graduating in May/June of the current year?
A: Yes, "graduating seniors" are eligible for almost all programs. Look at the Program Chart for details.

Q: Do I have to send official transcripts, or can I send unofficial transcripts?
A: Once you have been offered an internship, you must send official transcripts. Be sure to have transcripts sent from all colleges attended sent to:

Fermilab, MS 226
P.O. Box 500
Batavia, IL 60510-5011
Attn: Internship Manager

Q: I don't have medical insurance. What do I do?
A: You must have medical insurance in order to participate in any of the internship programs at Fermilab. The Fermilab Users Office has more information on obtaining short-term medical insurance.

Q: I don't have a Social Security number.
A: We will arrange for you to apply for a Social Security card after you arrive at Fermilab.

Q: What is my Fermilab ID number?
A: You will receive this number when you arrive at Fermilab.

Q: What is the shipping address for Fermilab?
A: Send packages to:

Fermilab Receiving
Kirk and Wilson St.
Addressee's name, MS (mail station)
Batavia, IL 60510-0511

Phone (630) 840 3575

Q: What is my mailing address?
A: Look under Preparing for Your Internship.

Q: Where is your nearest post office?
A: East of the lab, go to Warrenville Post Office.

Q: Where is the closest bank?
A: There is a Chase bank in Warrenville near the intersection of Batavia Road and Route 59.

29W555 Batavia Rd # 2055
(630) 393-2924)

Q: Are there bicycles available at Fermilab?
A: The Guide to Life at Fermilab has information on bicycles. There are some on-site that can be borrowed; there are also local companies that rent bicycles. We recommend that you limit your bike riding to the Fermilab site or the recreational bike paths in the area. We don't recommend riding on major roads like Kirk Road and Route 59. All bike riders should wear helmets.