Mentors: Intern's First Day

Most of the first day will be spent completing administrative matters, orientation and safety training. You can see their schedule by choosing their program under the First Day menu on the left.


Meeting your Intern

Mentors should meet their intern on their first day at 4:30 PM on the 2nd Floor Crossover in Wilson Hall to introduce themselves and make them feel welcome. If you are unable to be there, please have your co-mentor meet and give directions to the location where the intern will be working.

Safety Training

Mentors must make sure interns have the necessary training for their work at Fermilab. If you have not filled out the ITNA for the intern, please work with your Section/Division Safety Officer to get this done by the first day. This person will have your intern's name and expect them to complete all their training by 5 P.M. on the Thursday of the first week.


If your intern is in a DOE-sponsored program, make sure he/she fills out the pre-survey at the DOE-designated website.