Mentors: Preparing for your Interns

Please keep in mind that this may be the first time the intern is exposed to research outside of the classroom. Some of the comments students make in their exit survey are; "this is where real science is done" and "I'm working with real physicists". The mentor's role can be a pivotal point in a intern's career and we would like you to consider some of the things that will make for a good relationship. Coming to Fermilab as an intern is very gratifying but also very daunting.

Before your intern arrives:

  • Make sure you have arranged for your intern to have a designated work space and a computer.
  • Communicate with your intern. We have asked interns to contact you to ask for background material or just to get acquainted. Sometimes interns are reticent, so if you do not hear from your intern, go ahead and send e-mail or call.
  • Take time to define the project your intern(s) will work on.
  • Work with your Division/Section Safety Officer to prepare to fill out the ITNA for your interns so they can get their training done as quickly as possible. The actual ITNA cannot be filled out until they have a Fermilab ID number provided by HR.
  • Find a co-mentor who can stand in for you if you will be unavailable for the intern(s) because of meetings or a short trip. Be sure they are aware of your expectations for the internship.
  • Notify your colleagues and fellow office/lab workers that you will be having an intern.

If your intern requires a J1-Visa: