Mentors: Your Intern's First Week

The first week is busy with orientation, safety training, meetings with the program administrator, a lecture, tour and settling into the workplace. By the end of the week, you should be sure your intern has completed the tasks listed on the specific first week page for his/her program. Choose the program under the submenu for First week to see them. These include all safety training, special requirements for DOE programs and work form.

Safety Training / Pre-surveys

Mentors must make sure interns have the necessary training for their work at Fermilab. If you have not filled out the ITNA for the intern, please work with your Section/Division Safety Officer to get this done by the first day. This person will have your intern's name and expect them to complete all their training by 5 P.M. on the Thursday of the first week. Interns in the DOE-sponsored programs must fill in the pre-survey at the DOE website.

Introducing your Intern to their Work Assignment and Workplace

On the second day, you should do the following:

  • Introduce staff, support personnel and co-mentor if possible.
  • Provide the student with your and any co-mentor's name, e-mail and phone number.
  • Conduct a brief tour of the area the intern will be working in.
  • Discuss the intern's summer project and your expectations. Fill out this work plan together and send it to the program administrator. Some items you may want to cover are:

    • The specifics of the project, the timetables and expected work hours.
    • What must be accomplished and learned.
    • The context of the bigger scientific picture.
    • Student's expectations for the project and what they hope to get out of the time spent at Fermilab.
  • Indicate who to notify if he/she will be absent or late (please include notifying the program administrator whom you will find under contacts ).
  • Give a general safety briefing, including evacuation and shelter-in-place procedures.