Discontinued in 2011

Department of Energy Academies Creating Teacher Scientists (DOE ACTS)

  • Program Description

    Offered by the Department of Energy Office of Science, DOE ACTS fully engages educators as valued members of the scientific community and helps them progress as leaders of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education. The Fermilab program for middle school teachers is four weeks; for high school teachers, eight weeks.

    This three-year program provides STEM educators of grades 5–12 with sustained, intensive professional development that is experientially based and effectively utilizes the unmatched wealth of mentoring talent at Fermilab. Through this program, educators will integrate the teaching of STEM disciplines with the practice of science, establish long-term relationships with their mentor scientists and teaching colleagues, and transfer their experiences in scientific research to the classroom.

    Support includes:

    • $800 per week
    • Shared housing
    • Shared use of a rental car
    • Transportation to join the program and return home or to school for participants living outside the Fermilab area
    • Opportunity to apply for mini-grant and professional development funds
    More information is available on the DOE ACTS website.
  • Eligibility

    • DOE ACTS is open to grade 5–12 teachers of science, math, engineering, or technology.
    • U.S. citizenship or permanent resident status is required.
    • Participants must provide evidence of identity and eligibility to work in the U.S.
    • Participants must have medical insurance during their time at Fermilab.

    Key Dates

    Check Key Dates and the ACTS Calendar.

  • Expectations

    • Complete the full three-year program.
    • Complete all required Fermilab safety training.
    • Comply with Fermilab computing policies.
    • Work safely in a responsible and professional manner.
    • Attend all scheduled events including lectures, tours and group activities.


    • Complete required surveys.
    • Draft, implement, and revise a professional development plan, including leadership activities.
    • Develop and share education artifacts.
    • Document follow-up leadership activities.