CCI: Program Requirements

The DOE WDTS site has comprehensive information on Participant Obligations. Consult that site for more information on all deliverables except the Fermilab Summer Interns website.


Complete the full ten-week program and attend all scheduled activities including lectures, tours and group activities.

Entrance Survey:

Complete the pre-survey on the Department of Energy website during your first week at Fermilab:

Poster Presentation:

Deliver a poster presentation before an appropriate peer group. Provide a 150 word abstract of the presentation.

Your poster MUST BE approved by your mentor and then submitted in the required format to LaMargo Gill,, the editor, about a week and one half before the end of your internship..

Research Project Report:

Upload your research project report before the completion of your internship. Report requirements, submission instructions, and a standard template are provided at Summer Term Student Obligations (See especially the PDF linked near the bottom of this page.)

Summer Interns website:

Enter/update your information on the Summer Interns website. This includes at a minimum a:

  • 3-4 sentence bio (Who I am) with information about yourself that might interest others.
  • 3-4 sentence description of your project.

You will receive an e-mail with the link to complete this. The e-mail usually goes to the e-mail account on your application with the subject "IMPORTANT-Website for Summer Interns" or "Final Entry for Website for Summer Interns" and must be accessed when you are on the Fermilab site. If you have a problem accessing this, please contact Liz Quigg.

Exit Survey:

Complete the post-survey on the Department of Energy website during your last week at Fermilab: