Helen Edwards Internship: Program Requirements


Complete the full ten-week program and attend all group activities including the weekly meetings and a course of Accelerator Physics Lectures. You are strongly encouraged to attend the noon-time Lunch Lecture Series on Tuesdays and sign up for and attend tours on Friday afternoons.

You are very welcome to attend Fermilab seminars.

Very interesting people come to Fermilab colloquia to talk about physics and other scientific subjects.

Schedule of specialized accelerator related seminars can be found at:

Oral Presentation:

At the third program meeting you will present a 5-minute, 5-slide "first report." It should show that you understand your task and are familiar with the plan of your internship. At the last two meetings, all students will present their final reports (10 minutes, 10 slides). You can look at presentations of previous years at Indico site.

Summer Interns website:

Enter/update your information on the Summer Interns website. This includes at a minimum a:

  • 3-4 sentence bio (Who I am) with information about yourself that might interest others.
  • 3-4 sentence description of your research.

The website will display the photo on your ID card. If you want to use a different photo, e-mail a jpeg to Liz Quigg. You will receive an e-mail with the link to complete this. The e-mail usually goes to the e-mail account on your application with the subject "IMPORTANT-Website for Summer Interns" or "Final Entry for Website for Summer Interns" and must be accessed when you are on the Fermilab site. If you have a problem accessing this, please contact Liz Quigg.