PST: Program Requirements


Complete the full ten-week program and attend all scheduled events including lectures, tours and group activities.

entry survey:

Complete the entrance survey posted on your EducationLink (EduLink) account within your first week at Fermilab.

Abstract and Research Paper

Upload an abstract adn research paper on EduLink before the completion of your internship and after it has been edited. Writing guidelines, scoring rubrics, and examples are available on the EducationLink Key Resources & Information Page. (Use your EduLink user name and password to see this resource). All abstracts will be considered for publication in the Journal of Undergraduate Research.

All papers and abstracts MUST BE approved by your mentor and then submitted in the required format to LaMargo Gill,, the editor, on or before August 2. Papers may be considered for publication in the Journal of Undergraduate Research (JUR).

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As a pre-service teacher your laboratory experience must be viewed from a unique perspective. While you serve your internship as an active member of a scientific research team, you must also be cognizant of how your experience will impact your future role as an educator. As a scientist, you are expected to complete an abstract of your research as well as a scientific paper or poster. As a future educator, you are also expected to keep one eye focused on how the science you learn can be used to enhance your classroom teaching. For this reason, one additional deliverable is required from all PST interns. Your master teacher will support and assist you in meeting this requirement as described below.

Teaching and learning science and practicing science are considered by many to be mutually exclusive. One of the goals of the PST program is to narrow the gap separating these endeavors by providing an opportunity to reflect on the relationships among these realms. For this requirement you are asked to compare your experience with science in the laboratory to your experience(s) with science in the classroom.

You may choose several alternative products, subject to approval from your Master Teacher, to complete this deliverable. Options include but are not limited to:

  1. An education module that is inquiry-based and related to your research.
  2. A "Teacher as Scientist" Essay.
  3. Written reviews of at least three recent articles that discuss pedagogy for teaching "hands-on, inquiry based" science at the grade level of your choice.
  4. A reflective journal of your research experience.
  5. A Research Notebook or an Electronic Portfolio that demonstrates your work and thinking regarding the implementation of your research work in a classroom setting.

Oral Presentation:

Give an oral presentation to mentors and peers the final week of your internship.

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Summer Interns website:

Enter/update your information on the Summer Interns website. This includes at a minimum a:

  • 3-4 sentence bio (Who I am) with information about yourself that might interest others.
  • 3-4 sentence description of your research.

You will receive an e-mail with the link to complete this. The e-mail usually goes to the e-mail account on your application with the subject "IMPORTANT-Website for Summer Interns" or "Final Entry for Website for Summer Interns" and must be accessed when you are on the Fermilab site. If you have a problem accessing this, please contact Liz Quigg.

Exit Survey:

Complete the exit survey posted on your EduLink account during your last week at Fermilab.