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(16:44:01) ppeterso: Is there you want me?
(17:59:37) sgatz: Hi, Barb
(18:00:06) bfolan: hi how are you? I thought I was an over achiever. Illoked at last week's schedule
(18:01:37) sgatz: Hi, Pam.
(18:02:02) sgatz: You and Barb are here, but we still have a few more to wait for.
(18:02:11) sgatz: Barb, I am glad you checked ahead. It always helps!
(18:02:13) pam: Hi.
(18:03:00) bfolan: I'm such a nervous Nelly that I logged in at 3:00 to amke sure it worked in the wrong room of course
(18:03:37) pam: Sharon, I emailed about my password for the bulletin board. It's not the same as the Gaim logon password, is it?
(18:03:50) sgatz: I know the feeling. I thought that I wouldn't be able to connect just a few minutes ago. My problem was that my caps lock was on and my password wasn't connecting .
(18:04:30) sgatz: Pam--the original password was one thing and then you were asked to change it. If you changed it to be the same, it would be. However, I don't have access to any passwords. If you are having a problem, let Laura know and she will reset it for you.
(18:04:49) pam: Okay, thanks.
(18:06:13) sgatz: I think we should go ahead and get started. Let's do a quick round of introductions. . .
(18:06:35) sgatz: My name is Sharon Gatz and I am an instructional coordinator at Beebe School . . .
(18:06:59) sgatz: I taught many years in a gifted magnet classroom with another of our instructors. . Stephen Meehan..
(18:07:19) sgatz: I am hitting two milestones this year. I am now a Grandmother, and I am retiring at the end of the year.
(18:07:26) sgatz: Who would like to go next?
(18:07:37) bfolan: I will
(18:07:45) bfolan: My name is Barbara Folan...
(18:07:59) bfolan: I teach at Washington School near O'Har Airport...
(18:08:18) bfolan: I teach 5th grade. I also teach with Sue, Megan and Rachel.
(18:09:18) sgatz: Okay--sounds like you have team mates to work with in this class.
(18:09:35) bfolan: Yes...
(18:10:01) bfolan: Megan, Sue and I taech 5th. Rachel teaches 4th...
(18:10:13) bfolan: We can swap projects next year
(18:10:40) sgatz: That is wonderful! It is helpful when we put our heads together!
(18:10:52) sgatz: Pam, tell us about yourself.
(18:10:53) bfolan: yes:)
(18:11:00) pam: I'm Pam Lindemann, and I teach 8th Grade Lit at Liberty Junior High School in Burbank, IL. I'm taking this class with a teammate of mine, so we can create some interesting interdisciplinary units for our team.
(18:11:24) sgatz: Tell us a little about what you two are creating.
(18:11:28) Amy I [] entered the room.
(18:11:50) pam: For this first project, we're actually working separately...
(18:12:53) pam: but in the future, we'll try to co-ordinate some projects wheree she covers science and I'll create a writing assignment to go along with it.
(18:13:24) sgatz: Sometimes it is easiest to get started alone and then connect after you see how the project unfolds.
(18:13:58) pam: Last year we did a project on genetics, and had a debate to finish off, so hopefully we'll bring that back after we get our feet wet here.
(18:14:49) sgatz: It will even be better that you dreamed!
(18:14:57) sgatz: So ar we have a fifth grade and a junior high project in this group. Amy--you just arrived. Tell us about yourself and your project.
(18:15:24) Amy I: I teach 7th grade math and am doing my project with Holly...
(18:15:38) Amy I: We are doign a watershed project...
(18:16:10) Amy I: We will be examining a creek right behind the school, and having the students come up wiht an action plan to help protect the local river and watershed...
(18:16:33) bfolan: That sounds similar to our project
(18:16:54) Amy I: I am in charge of the few math components, such as creating scaled map drawings of the local watershed and nearby creek. I'll also look at some of their data. That is about all I'm doing, Holly will handle all of the science stuff.
(18:17:27) sgatz: Barb--it sounds like you might want to collaborate with Holly and Amy if your projects are similar.
(18:17:46) bfolan: Yes:)
(18:17:52) Amy I: that would be good!
(18:18:26) bfolan: ANy ideas you can contribute would be greatly appreciated
(18:18:33) sgatz: One of the first things we want to do tonight is to get familiar with the pages online for your support. Can you all open the home page using Internet Explorer while you have the chat window open? The homepage is as follows: . . .
(18:18:41) bfolan: I would be happy to help you as well
(18:18:46) sgatz:
(18:18:51) bfolan: yes
(18:18:52) Amy I: yes
(18:19:05) sgatz: Let me know when you have the home page open and are ready to explore with me.
(18:19:11) Amy I: ready
(18:19:15) bfolan: I have it open
(18:19:17) pam: ready
(18:20:02) sgatz: Great. Click on the Chat Schedule.
(18:20:29) Amy I: ok
(18:20:34) sgatz: Here is your agenda for each class. It will tell you what you need and where you need to be.
(18:20:46) bfolan: ok
(18:20:55) pam: ok
(18:21:00) Amy I: ok
(18:21:08) sgatz: We will add chat topics as we progress through the class and we learn from all of you what you need to know more about.
(18:21:20) bfolan: Sounds good
(18:21:26) sgatz: When you are asked to post topics you want to know more about, it helps us plan the lessons.
(18:21:37) sgatz: Any questions abou tthe Chat Schedule?
(18:21:40) Amy I: no
(18:21:42) pam: no
(18:21:42) bfolan: no
(18:22:13) sgatz: Then let's move on to the Assignment Page. Click on it
(18:22:39) bfolan: got it
(18:22:57) Amy I: me too
(18:23:03) sgatz: Here you can see the weekly assignments and have a link to the Bulletin Board for responses, reflections, and journaling.
(18:23:06) pam: ditto
(18:24:13) sgatz: You will notice in tonight's section there is a red typed section that explains how to post in the Plone/Bulletin board. If ever you are unsure, here is the place to go to get a 'private' explanation to get you going.
(18:24:41) sgatz: Have you all posted your starting date and ending date for your project?
(18:24:45) Amy I: yes
(18:24:46) bfolan: Yes
(18:25:03) pam: I just got the password, so no, I haven't posted yet.
(18:25:18) sgatz: Okay--I know you will soon, Pam.
(18:25:42) sgatz: Do you have any questions about the Bulletin Board or how to use it?
(18:25:51) Amy I: none here
(18:25:58) bfolan: no it's very clear and helpful...
(18:26:07) pam: no
(18:26:24) sgatz: If you do, let one of the facilitators know and we can help you out.
(18:26:29) bfolan: no questions.
(18:27:12) sgatz: Then go back to the homepage and click on the End Products.
(18:27:30) Amy I: okay
(18:27:55) pam: ok
(18:28:08) bfolan: ok
(18:28:15) sgatz: Then Scroll down to ACT I as that is our fall course.
(18:28:38) sgatz: You will notice that there are four things that you will need to do in this class.
(18:29:10) sgatz: The first thing is to write a journal reflection each day your project is implemented.
(18:29:31) sgatz: What questions do you have about that expectation?
(18:29:48) pam: Those are posted in the bulletin board?
(18:30:00) bfolan: The models don't seem to be lengthy...
(18:30:24) bfolan: The sample questions after Day1 and Day2 are clear and relevant.
(18:31:20) Amy I: I assume we are supposed to do "during the project A-D"...
(18:31:40) sgatz: The whole idea is to think about your project while you are actually using it. The journal entries will be a guide for you as you write your Future Action Plan.
(18:32:01) bfolan: We choose A,B, C,or D...
(18:32:17) bfolan: depending on what phase we are in right?
(18:32:26) Amy I: Choose, or do all four?
(18:32:47) sgatz: Yes--that is correct. They are there for you to use as guidelines for thinking about your project. . .
(18:32:58) sgatz: Sometimes all four prompts are useful. . .
(18:33:32) sgatz: Sometimes you might spend a lot on time on one prompt as it is a bigger issue or stood out that day as you worked with your students.
(18:33:45) Amy I: okay. I don't have any other questions.
(18:33:49) sgatz: It all depends upon how your project is going and what your focus is.
(18:33:56) bfolan: We do choose then correct...
(18:34:27) bfolan: You said correct but I didn't know if you meant correct to Amy or me
(18:34:51) sgatz: Yes. . . sorry for the confusion.
(18:34:59) bfolan: thanks
(18:36:08) sgatz: Obviously class participation is important as well.
(18:36:18) bfolan: of course
(18:36:53) sgatz: Sharing ideas with one another, supporting each other and responding to each other's reflections on the Bulletin Board are part of our class collaboration.
(18:37:24) sgatz: Number 3 and Number 4 go together. . .
(18:37:41) sgatz: As you reflect upon your project there are things that will be fantastic. . .
(18:37:48) sgatz: and things you might want to change. . .
(18:38:15) sgatz: When you revise your project, we will want to see your revised pages as well. . .
(18:38:40) sgatz: The Future Action Plan is an explanation as to what you will do the next time you implement your project. It all fits together.
(18:39:20) sgatz: You can scroll down and see the percentage breakdown for grades.
(18:39:40) sgatz: Whew! We are moving fast. . . .does anyone have any questions about what we have talked about so far?
(18:39:49) Amy I: nope
(18:39:57) bfolan: no...
(18:39:59) pam: No. Everything seems clear.
(18:40:10) bfolan: we can always clarify as we progress
(18:40:23) sgatz: Absolutely Barb. That is a great point!
(18:40:39) sgatz: I am just trying to give you the Big Picture tonight.
(18:41:01) sgatz: As we progress it will become clearer to all of us.
(18:41:29) sgatz: Take a couple of minutes and look at the links on the homepage. . .
(18:42:21) sgatz: Get familiar with the resources available to you.
(18:45:27) sgatz: What are some things that you discovered?
(18:46:06) Amy I: Is the ACT Project Rubric the one we'll be using for our revision plan?
(18:46:10) bfolan: I see the rubrics that clearly outline expectations
(18:46:20) pam: I looked at the example future plans.. Lots of info in those.
(18:46:51) sgatz: The ACT Project Rubric will be what we use to look at the revised pages you create.
(18:47:07) Amy I: okay, thanks.
(18:47:47) sgatz: What did you notice about the navigation bar at the top of the page?
(18:48:08) bfolan: It takes us right to where we need to be
(18:48:10) Amy I: It gets you everywhere.
(18:48:27) bfolan: It aslo doesn't go wawy once you go somewhere
(18:48:55) sgatz: Most of the pages that were written for this class all have the navigation bar at the top of the page so you can always find your way around the site conveniently.
(18:49:53) sgatz: Notice the link to the Staff Listserv and the Class Listserv. . .
(18:50:07) sgatz: Click on one and see what happens.
(18:50:42) Amy I: it opens an email box
(18:50:54) bfolan: Mine says no mail program is set up to send e-mail using Internet shortcuts
(18:51:35) pam: I've got mail
(18:51:46) sgatz: Barb, it should open an e-mail box to use. Is your Explorer configured for email?
(18:52:23) bfolan: Not at school. Should I change that...
(18:52:29) bfolan: I'll try it at home
(18:52:35) bfolan: I'm at school right now
(18:53:09) sgatz: Yes--check it out at home. I bet your school won't let you do it this way. . .particularly on student machines.
(18:53:22) sgatz: All participants and facilitators are a part of the Class Listserv. Only the facilitators are in the Staff Listserv. It is a great -fast-convenient-was to reach us all and get support.
(18:53:27) bfolan: probably I can only imagine ewhat thry might try
(18:54:02) sgatz: You think your students are creative and adventureous?? I can't imagine? (Tee hee )
(18:54:10) bfolan: yes
(18:54:17) pam: Right, I just emailed about my password and got four replies almost immediately
(18:55:01) sgatz: Wonderful! We aim to please. We work together to support you all just as you will work together to support one another.
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(18:55:30) sgatz: Click on the Assignment Status page and let me know what you see.
(18:55:55) Amy I: A big empty grid of assignmnets
(18:56:16) bfolan: ditto
(18:56:17) pam: Looks like a grade book
(18:56:18) Amy I: Oh, and the last four digits of my social
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(18:56:34) sgatz: This is the page where you will see your work credited as completed or not completed. You will become four digits of your SS #.
(18:56:36) bfolan: oh i see
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(18:57:05) sgatz: It looks like everyone is moving on to the next part of our chat. Close out of this room and go ahead and move to the next session.
(18:57:12) sgatz: Thanks for working with me.
(18:57:16) bfolan: Thank you
(18:57:19) Amy I: bye
(18:57:22) Amy I left the room.
(18:57:27) sgatz: It was great to meet you all again.
(18:57:35) pam: Bye
(18:57:40) sgatz: Bye
(18:57:48) pam left the room.
(18:58:03) bfolan: bye
(18:58:03) sgatz: Okay--it looks like we are almost shifted.
(18:58:06) bfolan left the room.
(18:58:24) sgatz: Hi Kristin, Lynn, and Paula. How have you all been?
(18:58:31) ppeterso: great
(18:58:33) lhouf: good. how are you?
(18:58:38) kmorrow: great thanks, and you?
(18:58:44) ppeterso: How is your year going?
(18:59:08) sgatz: I am fine. Being a grandmother is great! My year is going faster than I ever thought it could! What about you all?
(18:59:17) lhouf: busy!
(18:59:18) ppeterso: I can't believe it's Oct.
(18:59:21) kmorrow: off to a great start
(19:00:10) sgatz: Kristin--how are you feeling?
(19:00:24) kmorrow: excellent now, thanks!
(19:01:03) ppeterso: Didn't you get married right after we finished our summer class?
(19:01:19) sgatz: I am finding the year interesting. It is my last official year teaching and so there are lost of firsts and lasts to try to keep up with as I go through the year.
(19:01:35) kmorrow: no, that was
(19:01:36) sgatz: Do any of you have any questions for me regarding the first part of the chat?
(19:01:40) kmorrow: julie
(19:01:56) ppeterso: sorry
(19:02:17) ppeterso: The first part of the chat was very informative
(19:02:25) kmorrow: no the first chat was pretty easy to understand
(19:02:38) lhouf: I haven't been able to log in to post my start/stop dates
(19:02:55) sgatz: Good. I hope you all feel confortable. Lynn--is your password the problem?
(19:03:19) lhouf: my password won't work
(19:03:30) lhouf: I e-mailed but haven't heard back
(19:03:43) sgatz: I will let Laura know and she can reset your password for you.
(19:03:57) sgatz: Oh! Then I will let her know tonight.
(19:04:24) sgatz: Let's get this session started. / /
(19:04:26) lhouf: thanks!
(19:04:41) ppeterso: Do we use the same password that we use for our chat?
(19:05:24) sgatz: Paula--you will use the password that you selected. If it is the same, that is fine. It might not be--depends on your choices.
(19:05:38) sgatz: Let's get started. . .
(19:06:00) sgatz: We need to talk about the difference between journal reflections and class reflections.
(19:06:08) sgatz: Does anyone know the difference?
(19:06:31) kmorrow: i know journal reflections are done each day we work on our project in the classroom
(19:06:41) sgatz: That is correct.
(19:06:54) sgatz: What would class reflections be then?
(19:07:04) ppeterso: Aren't the class reflections about what we do in our LINC class and the journal is for our project
(19:07:26) sgatz: That is correct! You win the prize ladies!
(19:07:56) sgatz: Class reflections are merely responses to the readings or class discussions.
(19:08:14) sgatz: Do you have any questions about how to post the reflections?
(19:08:52) kmorrow: where do we find the class reflections?
(19:09:29) sgatz: One of the class refections was to post your starting and ending date for your project.
(19:09:33) lhouf: no questions currently beyond the whole password issue.
(19:09:36) sgatz: They will be linked from the assignment
(19:09:43) sgatz: page
(19:09:49) kmorrow: got it--i did that part
(19:10:28) sgatz: Okay--let's take a look at some samples of the Journal Reflections. Go to this link . . .
(19:10:53) sgatz: Look over the Invader Species and Candidate journal reflections.
(19:11:07) sgatz: They are actual work of students who took the class last year.
(19:11:25) sgatz: I will give you about 5 minutes to look them over.
(19:17:49) sgatz: Let me know when you are ready to talk about the Candidate journal.
(19:18:26) lhouf: I'm finished looking
(19:18:31) ppeterso: ready
(19:18:35) kmorrow: ok
(19:18:37) sgatz: What are the strengths of this journal?
(19:19:17) lhouf: they knew the things that they would change and what went well
(19:19:41) sgatz: They were very honest. What else?
(19:19:53) ppeterso: Very detailed
(19:19:57) kmorrow: what grade level again?
(19:20:20) sgatz: It was far more than just a factual description of the project.
(19:20:37) sgatz: I believe it was high school.
(19:21:40) sgatz: I found the reflections to tell me what the author was really thinking and would change or do differently. It told me what they learned as they went along as well.
(19:21:43) sgatz: Any other thoughts?
(19:22:16) sgatz: Going once, going twice. . . . ready to move on?
(19:22:17) ppeterso: She gave herself ideas for next time
(19:22:28) sgatz: That is a good point Paula.
(19:22:36) sgatz: Those ideas will help her write her f
(19:22:41) sgatz: Future Action Plan.
(19:22:57) sgatz: Okay--let's try something different. . .
(19:23:12) sgatz: Since the reflections are scored as one part of your grade we need to develop a rubric to use to score them.  Here is a chance for you to work in a group to create the rubric that will be used to score the Journal Reflections.
(19:23:44) sgatz: In the time remaining in our class, I would like you all to work together to design criteria that could be evaluated . . .
(19:23:54) sgatz: when scoring your Journal Reflections.
(19:24:22) sgatz: Remember that clear specific criteria give you a clear target as to what you must do.
(19:25:12) sgatz: At the end of the class, please send what you have created to the Class listserv. We will take the all the ideas from each room and put a tool together to share with you at our next chat.
(19:25:19) sgatz: Any questions?
(19:25:32) kmorrow: not sure where to bgin...anyone else lost?
(19:25:40) kmorrow: begin that is
(19:26:09) lhouf: we just need to think of criteria to go into a rubric, right?
(19:26:31) sgatz: I suggest that you start brainstorming some ideas together. Look at the journal reflections to get you started. Yes=Lynn--you need the criteria first. .
(19:26:35) lhouf: like evaluating strengths in the project and what could be improved
(19:26:58) sgatz: Yes--and what would that look like as a 3 or a 2 or a 1.
(19:27:23) sgatz: You might want to have one person take notes in Word while you are brainstorming. Then you can just email your ideas to the listserv.
(19:27:41) sgatz: I am going to give you the rest of the time to work. I will be here if you hav questions.
(19:27:45) ppeterso: How about Exceeds, Meets, Developing for the 1,2,3
(19:28:28) lhouf: sounds good
(19:28:40) ppeterso: How do we send our info to the listserve
(19:28:47) sgatz: Be careful. .. what does Exceed mean to each of you? Is it the same? Do you need to clarify or be specific?
(19:28:55) kmorrow: Lynn, can you take notes in Word to send it--it will take me the rest of the time to figure it out
(19:29:09) jillanne [] entered the room.
(19:29:25) lhouf: sure, I can take notes, but I don't know if I can post it because my password hasn't yet worked
(19:29:53) sgatz: Paula--just send the the email to
(19:30:37) ppeterso: Thanks
(19:30:56) kmorrow: should we start with criteria related to the hook and work down?
(19:31:03) ppeterso: sounds good
(19:31:06) sgatz: Lynn--I will email information to you about your password.
(19:31:20) lhouf: thanks!
(19:31:33) ppeterso: How can we ask how successful the hook was
(19:31:47) kmorrow: do we really needs an exceeds? is just meets or needs inprovement work? ...
(19:32:10) lhouf: are we making a general rubric for all reflections, or specific for specific reflections?
(19:32:17) kmorrow: exactly paula, the teacher can really be the only judge of how well the hook worked, right?
(19:32:46) kmorrow: no idea kynn
(19:32:50) kmorrow: lynn
(19:33:09) ppeterso: Could we use how engaged the students were when presented with the hook?
(19:33:26) ppeterso: I am not sure how to quantify this though
(19:33:43) kmorrow: How about :" Utilizes a hook to engage learners"
(19:34:44) ppeterso: But didn't we all have to write a hook in our implementation plan?
(19:35:34) lhouf: I agree, I think that sounds great, but it seems that maybe our rubric just needs to be how well we do the reflections...
(19:35:46) kmorrow: yes, but so many people did their hook in so many differnt ways, how can we possibly assign them a grade on a rubric on their specific one?
(19:35:53) lhouf: we've already been graded on creating the project
(19:36:18) lhouf: or do we need to evaluate how well the project works, I'm still confused about that
(19:36:38) kmorrow: i think you are right, it is on the journal (i think)
(19:37:17) juliec [] entered the room.
(19:37:18) kmorrow: so how about:"Provides feedback and reflection in the journal regarding the hook and how it engaged learners"
(19:37:28) lhouf: sounds great
(19:37:33) kmorrow: paula?
(19:38:00) ppeterso: sounds good
(19:38:04) juliec: hello-just joined the chat room. trying to catch up to topic
(19:38:09) sgatz: Julie--I am glad you finally made it.
(19:38:15) juliec: me too
(19:38:25) sgatz: I just noticed your email--a bit too late I fear.
(19:38:30) lhouf: Identifies improvements that could be made.
(19:38:37) ppeterso: I like this one
(19:38:39) juliec: laura m called me-she's a computer saint
(19:38:43) kmorrow: good..are you typing??
(19:38:52) kmorrow: that was to lynn
(19:39:02) sgatz: The team is brainstorming a rubric to assess your Journal Reflections. Join in with them and help them out.
(19:39:29) juliec: what type of rubric are you looking at?
(19:40:11) lhouf: yes, I'm taking notes
(19:40:59) ppeterso: How do we quantify this?
(19:42:39) kmorrow: if it is a journal is quantifying necessary?
(19:42:52) ppeterso: I'm not sure
(19:43:12) ppeterso: I guess I am thinking about whast would be a 1,2,3
(19:43:24) kmorrow: if it is someone's opinion or idea i don't think a letter grade is necessary
(19:43:34) lhouf: I agree, I don't think we need to necessarily quantify
(19:43:58) kmorrow: I even think a plus minus system could work, no?
(19:44:00) ppeterso: Is it a yes, no
(19:44:08) lhouf: I think maybe the Meets or Needs Improvement was good
(19:44:21) ppeterso: Didn't Sharon say we had to do a 1,2,3 or is that just an idea?
(19:44:27) kmorrow: wanna stick with meets, needs?
(19:44:41) ppeterso: I like that
(19:44:53) lhouf: I think it was just an idea, but I don't really know
(19:45:04) sgatz: You all get to decide.
(19:45:16) lhouf: I say meets, needs
(19:45:26) kmorrow: meets, needs improvement it is
(19:45:31) ppeterso: My vote is for meets, needs unless someone has another idea
(19:45:49) juliec: I think we need to specifically state in the rubric what a meets/needs improvement looks like
(19:46:27) ppeterso: That was what I meant by quantifying earlier.
(19:47:04) juliec: I know, but as I came late to the chat, I am responding now with my opinion. If we don't quantify in some way, how do we delineate a meets/needs?
(19:47:22) kmorrow: How about, "Offers suggestions on how the project could be altered if necessary?"...for one of the criteria
(19:47:36) juliec: sounds good
(19:47:54) ppeterso: How about the wordss "clearly states suggestions"
(19:48:09) lhouf: great
(19:48:17) ppeterso: Only infers for needs
(19:48:24) kmorrow: i think it is somewhat self explanatory, right? either you did it and that is a meets, or you didn't and it "needs improvement"..and i thinking too simplistically?
(19:48:44) kmorrow: i meant am i being too simplistic?
(19:49:15) juliec: it is straight forward, but a good rubric tells the student what they need to do to achieve a meets
(19:49:27) lhouf: I think either could work, but if we just go ahead and say "clearly" then there's not a question
(19:49:40) kmorrow: the wording, like Paula suggested could make the difference...good idea
(19:50:36) lhouf: What about something about identifying strengths or things that worked well?
(19:50:42) juliec: good
(19:51:14) lhouf: someone make it sound good?
(19:51:19) kmorrow: .how about "Clearly identifies the strengths of the project"
(19:51:30) juliec: I like that
(19:52:14) lhouf: This is what we have so far...
(19:52:18) ppeterso: I like that. I am glad "Clearly" seems to work. Do you think we need to add something about how the project progressed ?
(19:52:37) lhouf: "Provides feedback and reflection in the journal regarding the hook and how it engaged learners"
(19:52:48) lhouf: Clearly states suggestions on how the project could be altered if necessary
(19:52:55) lhouf: Clearly identifies the strengths of the project.
(19:54:21) juliec: we could add is able to suggest/make ongoing modifications for the project based on reflections
(19:54:29) kmorrow: what about something having to do with preparing students for the project in advance if necessary
(19:54:35) lhouf: Maybe, "Makes changes as the project progresses as needed."
(19:54:39) kmorrow: good one julie
(19:54:46) Julie W [] entered the room.
(19:54:48) ppeterso: Should we address them as as the mini lessons
(19:55:52) kmorrow: "prepares mini lessons to provide information necessary to complete the engaged learnign project"...
(19:55:56) kmorrow: something like that??
(19:55:58) Julie W: hello everyone...sorry to be so late...i'll take a minute to catch up on your chatting thus far
(19:56:46) juliec: I like that
(19:56:55) sgatz: Glad you made it. The team is working together to cretae a rubric to grade the Journal Reflections. Join them.
(19:57:10) juliec: we could say "provides evidence of mini-lessons...
(19:57:27) ppeterso: should we add as needed
(19:57:50) kmorrow: good julie and i think as needed should be added as some might not need them
(19:58:17) juliec: yes- "provides evidence of mini-lessons implemented to support students in the engaged learning project as necessary
(19:58:46) Julie W left the room (Logged out).
(19:59:29) juliec: do we need to add anything about student assessment?
(19:59:52) Julie W [] entered the room.
(19:59:59) ppeterso: Wouldn't the product be the evidence
(20:00:24) juliec: depends on the project
(20:00:48) ppeterso: How do we keep it general and apply to all the projects?
(20:01:09) juliec: it could read "provides evidence of assessment"
(20:01:20) kmorrow: sounds good
(20:02:43) juliec: anything else we should add?
(20:03:33) ppeterso: We have the hook, the project and the assessment right?
(20:03:40) lhouf: I think we have several good strong suggestions so far. I don't really know if we need anymore
(20:03:43) kmorrow: sound good
(20:04:20) Julie W: i did it/met or did not and you need to keep working/need improvement
(20:04:31) juliec: I agree. Can't think of anything else we should add
(20:04:46) kmorrow: i agree
(20:05:04) ppeterso: You were a great group to work with--thanks
(20:05:12) sgatz: You have about 3 more minutes to work on this rubric and then we will have to stop for closure. I will ask you to email to the listserv what you have created so far. I know you are not finished.
(20:05:33) juliec: Sharon-is there anything else you would like us to brainstorm about regarding the rubric?
(20:05:43) kmorrow: I thought we were finished as we were going to compile with the other groups..oops
(20:05:45) lhouf: Is there something else specific that we need?
(20:06:25) sgatz: I think you have a great start and that you have covered the major areas of the rubric. I will want to check it over to see that the target is clear.
(20:06:34) juliec: thanks
(20:06:46) sgatz: Two things to remember. . .
(20:06:49) ppeterso: Julie are you sending out info?
(20:06:59) lhouf: I have it all.
(20:07:11) juliec: are you sending it to sharon then?
(20:07:22) lhouf: listserv
(20:07:30) juliec: thank you!
(20:07:39) ppeterso: Thank you
(20:07:40) Julie W: thanks!
(20:07:44) lhouf: no problem.;)
(20:08:02) juliec: what are we to remember, sharon?

(20:08:08) sgatz: First of all some of you are having trouble logging on to the bulletin board. Your password is [removed] Your user name is your first initial and your last name. Type them all lower case with no spaces. After you get into the bulletin board you will need to change your password. Follow the directions on the Assignment sheet dated Oct. 17th.
(20:08:29) lhouf: I got in. Thanks, Sharon!
(20:08:41) sgatz: Second of all, we didn't get to the project round table. We will next week as that is the time when you will get more support with your projects. . .
(20:08:54) Julie W: so we should change our passwords today? when i spoke with laura she said that we would keep these passwords until the assigned date
(20:09:33) sgatz: Last of all, please look at the assignment page, so that you will be prepared for our next chat. Next week we have off--but the following week we will be discussing a couple of articles and you will want to get a head start. . .
(20:09:56) sgatz: Also, be sure to post topics that you would like to have us cover in our chats. We want to make this class valuable for you. .
(20:10:03) sgatz: Tell us what you need.
(20:10:31) Julie W: I need to make sure my computer lab will be functioning and available!!! :-D
(20:10:35) sgatz: Do you have any questions for me? Julie and Julie--I was so busy with the chat that I missed your email until minutes before you arrived. I apologize.
(20:10:54) sgatz: No kidding. It is always interesting the first night! Glad you got here.
(20:10:55) Julie W: that is okay...we got in
(20:11:18) sgatz: I really want to thank you all for working so hard tonight and participating so well. You are awesome!
(20:11:21) Julie W: sharon-are we to change our passwords on the bulletin board today?
(20:11:21) kmorrow: i think i'm all set:-!
(20:11:22) juliec: thanks sharon!
(20:11:35) sgatz: Sure--you can do it at any time, Julie.
(20:11:39) Julie W: thanks!
(20:11:52) ppeterso: Thanks all---This was great!!!!!!!!!!!
(20:11:59) sgatz: Thank you all! If there are not questions, then you may go and enjoy family, fun, and what is left of the evening!
(20:12:14) lhouf: Thanks! Bye everyone!
(20:12:15) sgatz: Email me with any questions you might have.
(20:12:17) juliec: Thanks for putting up with my late arrival. Goodniight!
(20:12:18) Julie W: thanks...see you all on the 17th!
(20:12:21) kmorrow: adios!
(20:12:23) sgatz: Good night. No problem.
(20:12:24) ppeterso: Good Night Alll:)
(20:12:28) kmorrow left the room.
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(20:12:30) sgatz: Good night, Paula.
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