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(17:59:19) mgehrig: I think I am in the right room now.
(17:59:56) efishman: In the right room ?
(18:02:58) mgehrig: question, I added chats there were in the wrong format. How do I delete them
(18:04:12) Chris: Just click on them and hit the delete key
(18:04:45) mgehrig: I didn't work
(18:04:48) kmorrow: Am I in the right place?
(18:05:43) mgehrig: i will play with it later
(18:05:51) Chris: Hi folks!
(18:05:57) efishman: hi
(18:06:00) kmorrow: hello
(18:06:04) maryolso: Hello
(18:06:14) Chris: Did you all check the chat assignment page and make sure of which room to go to?
(18:06:21) maryolso: Yes
(18:06:23) kmorrow: yes
(18:06:37) efishman: I thought I did-Stephen sent me here
(18:06:39) mgehrig: yes
(18:06:55) Chris: You guys are good!
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(18:08:17) jschwarz: Hi
(18:09:13) Chris: we have Mary, Meg, Ellen, Kristen, and Justine
(18:09:29) mgehrig: i'm here too
(18:10:25) Chris: Who is "me too"?
(18:10:33) mgehrig: Marie
(18:11:00) Chris: Thanks for clearing that up!
(18:11:25) Chris: Anyone have trouble getting on tonight?
(18:11:33) maryolso: No
(18:11:33) efishman: no
(18:11:34) mgehrig: no
(18:11:38) kmorrow: no
(18:11:58) Chris: What a relief!
(18:12:22) Chris: We are all in this room for about 1 hr and 15 min
(18:12:30) mgehrig: ok
(18:12:37) Chris: and will be going over some basics.
(18:13:00) Chris: Then we will switch to meet with the faciliatator that you have been assigned to ...
(18:13:24) Chris: to talk about journal reflections, assessment and homework.
(18:13:41) Chris: We have no class this coming Monday....Columbus Day!
(18:14:09) maryolso: Chris..
(18:14:18) Chris: Yes?
(18:14:44) maryolso: I noticed we chat on the 31st. Can that be up for discussion because of little children?
(18:15:02) maryolso: or...
(18:15:10) maryolso: can I enter late?
(18:15:49) Chris: I will talk it over with the staff and get back to you later tonight....
(18:15:55) Chris: Good point.
(18:15:57) maryolso: Thankyou
(18:16:01) mgehrig: I have a question too
(18:16:11) Chris: shoot
(18:16:41) mgehrig: The 24 of Ocy. Can Mary and Marie and Jeanne video conference with instead of fighting the traffic and being late?
(18:17:14) jschwarz: I am working on my firewall.
(18:17:14) jschwarz: I am working on my firewall
(18:17:22) Chris: What do you have going on Oct. 24th
(18:17:58) Chris: PT conferences?
(18:18:03) mgehrig: Nothing but we are coming from an hour and a half away on agood day. It will taKE 2 HOURS TO GET THERE
(18:18:48) Chris: I will ask and get back to you tonight.
(18:18:59) mgehrig: Tahnk You
(18:19:13) mgehrig: OOps I'm tired
(18:19:46) Chris: We need you to have your browser open at the same time as Chat now....
(18:19:49) Chris: Can you do that?
(18:19:59) maryolso: Already done
(18:20:05) efishman: yes
(18:20:06) Chris: We nee to look over the following address:
(18:20:06) kmorrow: i think, let me try
(18:20:06) mgehrig: yes we have the equipment
(18:20:33) Chris:
(18:21:14) Chris: Let me know when you are all there
(18:21:26) maryolso: I'm there
(18:21:29) jschwarz: I am there
(18:21:31) kmorrow: hold on i can't see both enough to go on
(18:21:38) mgehrig: there
(18:22:42) Chris: try going to the home page of:
(18:22:43) efishman: got there also
(18:23:01) kmorrow: I'm there
(18:23:03) Chris:
(18:23:35) maryolso: OK
(18:23:37) jschwarz: there
(18:23:42) mgehrig: there
(18:23:47) Chris: Everyone understands to check the hompage often...correct?
(18:23:48) kmorrow: ok
(18:24:02) jschwarz: ok
(18:24:05) mgehrig: yess
(18:24:10) efishman: yes
(18:24:12) maryolso: Yes
(18:24:12) kmorrow: yes
(18:24:38) Chris: I must have the "honors" group!
(18:24:44) Chris: From there you can get to any other place of importance.
(18:24:44) maryolso: Gifted
(18:24:53) mgehrig: Ha HA
(18:25:30) Chris: There is the Chat Schedule.....the Assignments Page.....and the Assignments Status page..
(18:25:36) Chris: All in the links at the top
(18:26:43) Chris: Any questions on the links at the top?
(18:26:49) jschwarz: no
(18:26:51) maryolso: Nos
(18:26:53) mgehrig: no
(18:26:54) kmorrow: no
(18:27:03) efishman: no
(18:27:23) Chris: Another "gifted" response!
(18:27:52) Chris: Next item we have to cover....Class/Chat Expectations
(18:28:10) Chris: We need to be sure to arrive on time....
(18:28:23) Chris: and don't leave until class is over for the evening.
(18:28:29) kmorrow: ok
(18:28:45) mgehrig: ok
(18:28:54) Chris: During chat we need to respond to other participant's ideas...
(18:29:08) Chris: and don't monopolize the chat like I am forced to do right now :-)
(18:29:29) efishman: understood
(18:29:36) maryolso: I understand
(18:29:40) kmorrow: got it
(18:29:44) mgehrig: yes
(18:29:53) jschwarz: okay if i have to
(18:30:30) Chris: Did you all get a chance to go over the chattiquette page?
(18:30:36) kmorrow: yes
(18:30:36) efishman: yes
(18:30:39) maryolso: Yes
(18:30:45) mgehrig: yes
(18:31:01) jschwarz: no, i've been having internet problems up until today
(18:32:17) Chris: Try to go over it before we meet online again...the link is on the Assignments page for Sept. 19
(18:32:27) jschwarz: i will
(18:32:47) Chris: Most of it you will probably already be familiar with, but it never hurts to have a reminder session.
(18:33:30) Chris: Click on the Products link from the homepage...
(18:33:47) mgehrig: there
(18:33:50) Chris: take a look at what is listed and let me know any questions you may have
(18:34:47) jschwarz: it is straight forward
(18:34:50) efishman: No ?s here
(18:35:06) kmorrow: i understand
(18:35:36) mgehrig: Keep it coming
(18:35:39) Chris: Mary?
(18:35:57) maryolso: I understand
(18:36:13) Chris: OK....didn't want to leave ya behind!
(18:36:57) Chris: I forgot.....we may not know one another in this group right now....
(18:37:33) Chris: Why don't we introduce ourselves by saying what grade, subject, school, town we are representing.
(18:37:46) Chris: Start with Mary
(18:38:46) Chris: Mary.....what grade do you teach?
(18:38:49) maryolso: Mary Olson - Beach Park Middle School - 6th through 8th grade GT math -Beach Park , Illinois
(18:39:09) Chris: What is your project/
(18:39:25) maryolso: Building Bridges -
(18:39:31) mgehrig: Marie GT 6-7-8 science/ beach park middle school/beach park IL/ cloning project
(18:39:37) mgehrig: oops
(18:39:58) Chris: That's fine Marie.
(18:40:02) mgehrig: i'm new at this touch pad
(18:40:09) Chris: Ellen -what about you?
(18:40:16) efishman: 5th grade, generalist, KildeerElementary district same as chris's , Long Grove /Buffalo Grove , Illinois
(18:40:31) Chris: Project?
(18:40:47) efishman: Weather -Predicting daily weather
(18:41:03) Chris: Kristen?
(18:41:08) kmorrow: Kristin Morrow, Third Grade (all content areas), Kennedy Elementary in Schiller Park, IL
(18:41:22) Chris: Project?
(18:41:34) kmorrow: well, i had originally planned one, but changed based on student interest/need
(18:41:54) Chris: EL in action!
(18:42:01) Chris: What did it morph into?
(18:42:03) kmorrow: my project now is an engaged learning service project aimed at helping the victims of Hurricane Katrina...
(18:42:41) kmorrow: I got a new student who fled New Orleans and my students felt a real desire to help and become involved
(18:42:57) efishman: bravo
(18:42:57) Chris: What an opportunity!
(18:43:30) Chris: Katrina could play a part in your project too Ellen....predicting the weather!
(18:43:58) Chris: And about you?
(18:44:01) jschwarz: Justine Schwarz. I teach self-contained sixth grade at Prairie Hill in Cary. My project is on bullying.
(18:44:25) Chris: That's an important aspect at that grade level!
(18:44:41) Chris: What interesting topics!....all round!
(18:45:01) Chris: How are they coming?
(18:45:31) maryolso: Slow, but I expect to pick back up my end of if this weekend
(18:46:00) mgehrig: Just started Friday and today
(18:46:02) Chris: What are some of the problems you have encountered? Anyone
(18:46:07) efishman: I am still getting my students to understand how weather works. You can't predict until you know the basis of weather.
(18:46:22) kmorrow: awesome, just getting under way...the kids are psyched and i am busy
(18:46:44) Chris: Justine?
(18:46:53) jschwarz: I don't start for another week, just trying to meet with my hook as been hard.
(18:47:09) efishman: I find I am having to really understand the subconcepts and I need to reread alot:-!
(18:47:35) Chris: I think I need to be in your class....I don't understand how weather works!
(18:47:49) kmorrow: me either!
(18:48:06) maryolso: Where does wind come from?
(18:48:30) mgehrig: Do you really want an answer to that
(18:48:36) efishman: From the wind fairy:-/
(18:49:29) Chris: Justine...anything we can do to help you with your hook/
(18:49:44) Chris: You have lots of people in this room that would love to help ya!
(18:50:04) jschwarz: no, it is just a matter of trying to me and the gym teacher to find time and sit down to meet...
(18:50:27) jschwarz: she is really excited about the project, but the days just get packed.
(18:50:55) Chris: The days sure do get packed!!!
(18:51:08) Chris: I admire all of you for tackling this project in the Fall....
(18:51:17) Chris: but think it will prove to be rewarding!
(18:52:08) Chris: We are about ready to move to our second groups for the night...
(18:52:12) Chris: Don't move yet!
(18:52:27) Chris: But I wanted to get back to you on the two questions brought up...
(18:52:58) Chris: The other instructors and Laura would like a chance to talk them over in our next staff meeting...
(18:53:07) Chris: so we will do that and get back to you.
(18:53:12) Chris: Fair enough?
(18:53:21) mgehrig: Sounds good
(18:53:23) maryolso: Yes
(18:53:24) kmorrow: sounds good
(18:53:30) jschwarz: ok
(18:53:39) efishman: okay dokey
(18:53:39) kmorrow: how do we know where to go next?
(18:54:03) Chris: Check the Chat Scedule off the homepage
(18:54:12) mgehrig: bye
(18:54:17) jschwarz: bye
(18:54:26) efishman: thanks, bye
(18:54:27) Chris: Take off! Talk to you later!
(18:54:42) maryolso: Bye
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(18:55:54) mgehrig: help I can't leave
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(18:56:40) Chris: You need to join a new chat with the number you are supposed to go to like...
(18:56:49) Luann: Hello Amy
(18:56:52) Chris: linc1, linc2, linc3, linc4, linc5
(18:56:58) smcnicho [] entered the room.
(18:57:08) aturkot: hi luann
(18:57:26) aturkot: hey before we start was your email down at work today?
(18:57:33) Luann: yes
(18:57:46) Luann: Someone said it has been down since Friday
(18:57:59) aturkot: I tried to get in over the weekend with no luck
(18:58:02) pam [] entered the room.
(18:58:30) smcnicho: how was my class, Pam?
(18:58:45) pam: Fine, no injuries
(18:59:05) pam: Sue - 6:30 tomorrow
(19:01:39) smcnicho: just a warning to all - I'm hearing some thunder in my area and am worried about the power going out.
(19:02:24) Chris: Then lets get going.....I have the same trouble....have satilite internet and anytime it rains, it goes.
(19:02:37) pam: OK
(19:03:01) Chris: We need to first discuss the difference between journal reflections and class reflections.
(19:03:13) Chris: Class reflections are merely responses to the readings or class discussions.
(19:03:41) Chris: Journal reflections are those you make as you go through implementing your project.
(19:04:20) Luann: ok, got it
(19:04:35) Chris: Let's take a few minutes and look at some examples of journal reflections made by past participants.
(19:04:41) Chris: Go to:
(19:04:42) Chris:
(19:04:55) Chris: And look over the Candidate.shtml first.
(19:05:13) Chris: And then the invasivespecies.shtml
(19:05:32) Chris: Let me know when you have looked through them both.....allow about 5 min.
(19:05:37) Luann: I printed these out so I could flip through them easier
(19:05:49) Chris: Good deal!
(19:05:52) Luann: I read them earlier
(19:06:06) Chris: A star pupil!
(19:06:13) smcnicho: I, too, read them earlier
(19:06:18) Luann: Let's hope I keep this up
(19:06:42) Chris: Fantastic Sue - and Luann will defintely keep it up :-)
(19:06:42) aturkot: I have looked at them but not in too much depth until now
(19:07:03) Chris: That's OK Amy....take a look now
(19:07:15) aturkot: am doing it now
(19:07:19) aturkot: on the 2nd one
(19:09:04) aturkot: done
(19:09:13) pam: Done
(19:09:53) Chris: Do you have any questions about what you are asked to post and how frequently?
(19:10:06) smcnicho: no
(19:10:07) Luann: no, I get it
(19:10:09) pam: No
(19:10:20) aturkot: no
(19:10:21) Chris: Amy?
(19:11:01) Chris: A good method to follow is to write up your journal reflections in Word or another word processor...
(19:11:15) Chris: And then copy and past to the bulletin board.
(19:11:28) Chris: That way you won't loose what you type...
(19:11:36) Chris: and you have a record of it as well.
(19:12:02) pam: That record will come in handy when writing the Future Plan
(19:12:16) Chris: You bet!
(19:12:23) aturkot: it will also be a good way to be self reflective right away
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(19:12:36) Chris: Another good point!
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(19:12:49) Luann: What a smart group we have!!
(19:13:08) Chris: Most definitely!
(19:13:32) Chris: Since the reflections are scored as one part of your grade....
(19:13:51) Chris: we thought it would be wise to have you help create a rubric to use to score them
(19:13:59) Chris: Are you game?
(19:14:10) smcnicho: sure
(19:14:12) Luann: Sure
(19:14:13) aturkot: sure
(19:14:17) pam: absolutely
(19:14:24) Chris: Great!
(19:14:53) Chris: We need to have clear, specific criteria ...
(19:15:08) Chris: and define the pont values with descriptors that are clear targets.
(19:15:58) Chris: We need to have a volunteer to write up the notes for us as we work here now...
(19:16:17) Luann: I can do that
(19:16:23) Chris: And then post them to the bulletin board after class.
(19:16:28) Luann: ok
(19:16:41) smcnicho: thanks Luann
(19:16:45) Chris: YEAH! Our first volunteer!
(19:16:59) Chris: We all get a chance on doing something like this during the course.
(19:17:00) Luann: If I get confused I'll jump in with questions
(19:17:08) aturkot: sounds good
(19:17:15) Chris: Questions are always welcome
(19:17:56) Chris: First we need to define the criteria...
(19:18:05) Chris: Anyone have an idea?
(19:18:54) smcnicho: maybe a rating of thoughfulness
(19:19:13) pam: That's hard to define
(19:19:17) Chris: How would you phrase that Sue?
(19:19:18) aturkot: ? is this a criteria for the whole journal or per entry?
(19:19:31) Chris: Whole journal
(19:19:38) smcnicho: sometimes kids put whatever on the paper to be done...
(19:20:12) Chris: That's a good point Sue....think on how we could make it a measureable criteria
(19:20:19) smcnicho: we could have a scale of how much thought was put into the reflection.
(19:20:24) Luann: It has to be specific to the project, but general enough for all projects
(19:20:42) smcnicho: Well...
(19:20:58) Chris: We can always start off the criteria with "Do they have the correct number of entries?"
(19:21:06) Chris: That is surely measureable.
(19:21:11) smcnicho: a one word answer is low or no points.
(19:21:20) aturkot: we should put something in there about reflective teaching...
(19:21:23) marym [] entered the room.
(19:21:38) aturkot: rather than just stating what the students or teacher did
(19:21:39) Chris: Hi Mary....glad you made it.
(19:21:54) Chris: We are developing a rubric for our journal entries.
(19:21:54) marym: hi had logon problems
(19:22:02) marym: ok
(19:22:15) marym: I cannot logon to journal
(19:22:18) marym: either
(19:22:21) pam: 1) number of entries
(19:22:55) aturkot: could it be broken down into a certain number of questions that need to be answered?
(19:23:18) Luann: that's what I was thinking, but...
(19:23:37) marym: sorry, i am lost
(19:23:47) Luann: maybe we have so many questions and they only answer a certain number with details
(19:24:04) pam: detailed explanations, contains successes and failures..
(19:24:29) Luann: Mary, we are making a rubric for our journal entries and trying to come up with the criteria
(19:24:31) Chris: We are trying to come up with criteria for a rubric that facilitators will use to grade your journal entries.
(19:24:47) marym: thanks
(19:25:08) Chris: Luann is taking notes for us in Word and will post our suggestions to the bulletin board
(19:25:16) Luann: Pam, that is good
(19:25:40) marym: ok, what exactly are we trying to measure?\
(19:25:41) aturkot: should we make a point to give examples of how it worked or didn't...
(19:26:21) smcnicho: examples are good
(19:26:27) aturkot: that could cover showing the effort that one puts into the project
(19:26:43) smcnicho: I agree
(19:27:20) pam: How many criteria do we want?
(19:27:40) pam: Odd numbers are always good...3...5?
(19:27:49) Chris: However many you think we need to accurately evaluate your journal entries.
(19:28:02) smcnicho: I was going to suggest 5 or so
(19:28:24) Luann: I agree
(19:28:31) aturkot: 5 is good
(19:28:34) Chris: Think we have one of "Journal entries made everyday of project implementation"
(19:28:41) aturkot: that way it is not too overwhelming
(19:28:48) pam: Yes. Start simple
(19:28:56) marym: this is tough as I do not know what the journal entries are because i cannot login to it
(19:29:26) Chris: Here is an example to look at in your browser Mary...
(19:29:28) Chris:
(19:30:16) marym: Thanks I have that
(19:30:24) Chris: I like the idea of including examples of what did or did not could you phrase that.
(19:30:42) Chris: Anyone
(19:30:49) Luann: Call them successes and failures
(19:31:00) marym: thought the same thing
(19:31:15) Chris: So the line on the rubric would read...?
(19:31:21) smcnicho: "Examples of success or failures"
(19:31:22) pam: Includes successes and failures with specific detail or evidence
(19:31:37) Chris: Oooo.....I like that!
(19:31:45) smcnicho: Pam is good
(19:32:00) pam: rubrics are my life
(19:32:07) aturkot: sounds good
(19:32:13) aturkot: is very clear
(19:32:40) Chris: what about another one. Any ideas?
(19:32:53) pam: What about the reflective part?
(19:33:09) Chris: Go on
(19:33:11) aturkot: provide changed that you would make to the plan?
(19:33:21) pam: Is that already covered by successes and failures
(19:33:43) smcnicho: I don't think it has to be
(19:33:45) Luann: it is if we...
(19:34:06) Luann: explain it has to be, but not necessarily because you are just reporting
(19:34:43) Luann: Will everyone have failures that they need to change?
(19:34:52) Chris: You can talk about successes and failures without talking about what changes you would make in the future
(19:35:22) smcnicho: Yes
(19:35:28) Chris: So maybe Amy has something there
(19:35:38) aturkot: sometimes when something fails it doesn't need to be changed all the time...
(19:35:47) Luann: I agree
(19:35:47) aturkot: it differs with different dynamics in a class
(19:36:09) marym: many times what works in one class does not in another
(19:36:14) pam: Changes could come as a result of a class success
(19:36:22) Luann: I do think there needs to be a reflection part
(19:36:22) aturkot: exactly
(19:36:57) Chris: would you phrase that?
(19:37:03) marym: changes might be individualized according to class
(19:37:16) marym: dynamics
(19:38:01) Chris: We need it phrased for inclusion in the rubric.
(19:38:10) smcnicho: Can you excuse me for a moment? I'm hearing voices in my head.
(19:38:27) pam: Mommy...
(19:38:47) Chris: Sure....go be a Mommy for a few minutes
(19:38:56) Chris: We will be waiting for ya
(19:39:33) Luann: Ok,let's back up a little for my sake
(19:39:49) aturkot: sure
(19:39:55) marym: k
(19:40:09) Chris: go to it
(19:40:13) pam: Describes changes or modifications to original plan as needed....? But what if they're not needed?
(19:40:28) pam: Sorry.
(19:40:34) Luann: We want in the rubric "Include sucesses and failures with specific dtail or evidenc" and then measurement to go with it
(19:40:49) Luann: Sorry about the typing
(19:41:50) Luann: I'm confused on how we will measure the success and failure statement even with details and evidence.
(19:42:09) aturkot: can we put a number on it... like show 3 examples?
(19:42:41) Luann: So say 3 examples gets you 5 points, 2 examples gets you 4 points, etc?
(19:42:49) Chris: Many times the rubric will merely have Includes, Does Not Include, and sometimes NA
(19:42:59) Luann: OK, get that
(19:43:03) aturkot: ohhh so that would cover that
(19:43:32) Chris: It is hard to require a specific number of that will vary project to project
(19:43:45) marym: sooooo how do we measure?
(19:43:49) aturkot: that is what I was thinking... we need to make it more general
(19:44:29) pam: Does not meet, Meets, Exceeds?
(19:44:51) smcnicho: Wait, are we talking about ISAT now?
(19:44:56) pam: ok maybe not exceeds
(19:45:18) Chris: Meets or Does Not Meet
(19:45:23) Luann: maybe the better the explanation or deails the more points?
(19:45:27) Chris: They either have it or they don't
(19:45:42) Luann: ok, meets or does not meet works for me
(19:45:46) pam: could we have a middle ground, Almost has it?
(19:45:48) smcnicho: I like the "Includes/Does not Include
(19:45:51) aturkot: I agree and this way we know what we NEED to have
(19:46:33) Luann: I like includes/does not include also
(19:46:57) pam: Geat. Keep it simple.
(19:47:10) Chris: Mary? Your thoughts?
(19:47:14) pam: Great, i mean
(19:47:37) marym: I also think there needs to be a middle ground
(19:48:07) aturkot: if we have a middle ground then it might be too hard to score ...
(19:48:17) aturkot: this way if they have it they get credit ...
(19:48:20) aturkot: if they don't have it they don't
(19:48:26) smcnicho: I think a middle ground is too ambiguous
(19:48:42) marym: the way it is now it seems to be all or nothing
(19:48:43) pam: For example, explanation w/o specific examples is middle ground
(19:49:06) marym: sometimes you almost get it, but not all of it
(19:49:45) aturkot: if you can give an explanation you should be able to give an example
(19:50:22) pam: Should be able to and doing are two different things
(19:50:22) smcnicho: I agree with Amy,
(19:50:53) smcnicho: Could Pam's idea be our 4th criteria?
(19:51:17) pam: But hey, i'm good either way. If the expectations are clearly set, you either have what's expected, or you don't
(19:51:59) Chris: You guys decide....this is your rubric.
(19:52:03) pam: Close doesn't count
(19:52:19) Chris: Just don't make it too hard .... I have to use it on your journals! :-)
(19:52:44) pam: Ayes for Includes/Does Not Include?
(19:52:48) aturkot: that is why is should only be criteria
(19:52:49) smcnicho: I vote for includes/does not
(19:52:53) aturkot: me too
(19:52:56) Luann: me too
(19:53:04) pam: me three
(19:53:37) Luann: Mary, what part are you having trouble with. We can work through this
(19:54:01) marym: not really trouble, just think that it is not so black and white
(19:54:09) marym: i will go with the majority
(19:55:00) Luann: I think even if the project doesn't go well, you have examples or explanations of why you think it happened so this would work with that kind of measurement
(19:55:29) Chris: OK....can we have a listing of what criteria we have so far?
(19:55:43) pam: I think we're all overachievers here. If we know what's expected, it will be in there and then some!:)
(19:55:55) Luann: Probably, if I have this straight.
(19:56:57) Luann: #1 Do they have the correct number of entries, #2 Includes the successes and failures with specific detail or evidence, #3Decribe changes or modifications to original plan
(19:56:59) Chris: Can you list them for us Luann?
(19:57:20) Luann: Does that make sense?
(19:58:03) Luann: I have a note about Reflective teaching, but not a specific statment
(19:58:32) Chris: They make sense to me.....
(19:58:55) Chris: Anyone want to try something about the Reflective part?
(19:58:56) aturkot: me too
(19:59:10) aturkot: was this to be done by tonight? the rubric?
(19:59:42) pam: I find that idea very hard to evaluate. Maybe because I don't fully understand what is meant by it.
(20:00:13) Luann: Does it mean were we the facilitator or the teacher?
(20:00:22) aturkot: would reflective teaching be when you would reflect on your own teaching...
(20:00:23) Chris: I am not sure what it was getting at either....can someone enlighten us?
(20:00:37) marym: me either
(20:00:39) aturkot: and not on the students responses and activities?
(20:00:58) aturkot: I have not idea... just trying to figure it out myself
(20:01:29) pam: So are we talking about the rationale for our decisions/changes?
(20:01:53) Luann: someone said way back when we started we need reflection part, I think it means what Pam just said, reflecting on what we did or didn't do
(20:02:11) Chris: What if we post what we have so far and we think on any other items we may want to include.
(20:02:29) pam: Sounds good.
(20:02:33) marym: ok
(20:02:38) Chris: If you have any other ideas come to mind, share them via the listserv.
(20:02:44) aturkot: ok
(20:02:49) Luann: I post these to the Bboard?
(20:03:02) Chris: Yes Luann, please.
(20:03:28) Chris: A big round of applause for Luann being our journalist for tonight!!!
(20:03:34) aturkot: thanks
(20:03:42) Luann: I will put in a little written explantion along with the 3 items and the part about scoring for includes or does not include. ok
(20:03:42) smcnicho: :-D
(20:03:43) pam: :-D
(20:03:46) Chris: Clap, clap, clap!
(20:03:47) marym: :)
(20:03:57) Luann: Thank you so much
(20:04:12) Chris: Just a couple more things before the end of class....
(20:04:51) Chris: Make sure you let us know if you need help in any way with your project.....we are here to help.
(20:05:22) Chris: Anyone need help now?
(20:05:27) pam: No
(20:05:30) Luann: no
(20:05:31) aturkot: not yet
(20:05:38) smcnicho: How do I get the work I did in class and is saved somewhere?
(20:05:40) marym: yes with getting on the journal and bboard
(20:06:40) Chris: On the bboard your username is your first initial followed by your whole last name
(20:06:52) marym: right
(20:07:08) Chris: And your password is [removed] until you follow the instructions on the assignment sheet to change it
(20:07:27) marym: thanks
(20:08:04) Chris: If you have more trouble, you email me and I can meet with you in chat to talk you through...OK?
(20:08:41) Chris: OK Mary?
(20:08:49) marym: it worked
(20:08:51) marym: thanks
(20:08:58) Chris: YEAH!!!
(20:09:14) Chris: Homework....ugh
(20:09:28) Chris: You need to read the articles about assessment
(20:10:17) marym: ok
(20:10:33) Chris: The links are on the assignment page
(20:11:20) Chris: then you also 1. Share two things that you learned or agreed with in the articles.
(20:11:30) Chris: 2. What connections do you see between the article and your project?
(20:11:46) Chris: both 1 and 2 post to bboard
(20:12:01) Chris: This is all on the assignment page
(20:12:23) Chris: Make sure you post topics that you would like to have for break out sessions during our class sessions....
(20:12:36) Chris: we really use your suggestions for topics that you feel are needed.
(20:12:52) Chris: Any questions?
(20:12:55) aturkot: nope
(20:12:57) pam: Nope
(20:12:57) marym: nope
(20:13:05) Luann: nope
(20:13:24) Chris: gifted group!!
(20:13:25) smcnicho: Just my ? from before.
(20:13:48) Chris: The one we are discussing in staff meeting?
(20:14:18) Chris: Sue?
(20:14:42) smcnicho: I created a rubric for use in my class.
(20:14:56) Chris: Yes?
(20:15:21) smcnicho: And I saved it somewhere, but I can't find it.
(20:16:05) Chris: I will tell Laura and maybe she can find it.....will let you know in an email OK?
(20:16:44) Chris: Then that's it for tonight.....thanks folks for a wonderful chat.
(20:16:50) smcnicho: I found my revisions ...
(20:16:58) marym: thank you Chris
(20:17:03) marym: have a nice evening
(20:17:06) aturkot: thanks
(20:17:09) Luann: Have a great 2 weeks see you Oct. 17
(20:17:10) Chris: You too
(20:17:14) smcnicho: but the file that contains my rubric and resources won't open.
(20:17:15) marym: night all
(20:17:42) Chris: Good night
(20:17:47) marym left the room.
(20:18:02) Chris: Sue.....try opening up the application first, and then opening the file..
(20:18:08) Chris: from within the application.
(20:18:21) smcnicho: What is the application?
(20:18:23) aturkot: okay well I am off to Office Max
(20:18:27) aturkot: night
(20:18:31) Chris: probably Word
(20:18:35) aturkot left the room.
(20:18:39) pam: Thanks. See you later.
(20:18:52) pam left the room.
(20:18:58) Chris: Go ahead and go folks....I will stay and talk to Sue for a minute
(20:19:21) Luann: Im just reviewing our notes to make an additional comments on our rubric
(20:19:43) Chris: What a scribe!
(20:20:12) Chris: Sue....I think we used Word as the word processing document...
(20:20:16) Chris: is that what you remember?
(20:20:34) Chris: Then you need to open Word first and then use File-Open to open up the document.
(20:20:44) Chris: Can you try that?
(20:21:10) smcnicho: My computer keeps going to Adobe and then says there is an error. I have Word opened.
(20:21:58) Chris: Now pull down the File menu and select Open and then find the file you want to open through there.
(20:22:31) smcnicho: i'm trying to save it to my documents
(20:23:24) Chris: let me know what happens
(20:24:53) smcnicho: That didn't work and I just accidentally closed plone
(20:25:26) Chris: Let me ask Laura....stay here for a minute
(20:27:23) lauram: hi Sue.
(20:28:49) lauram: can you tell me what you are trying to do wit the bboard when you have the problem?
(20:29:27) smcnicho: I am trying to retrieve...
(20:29:44) smcnicho: the file I created in class
(20:30:02) smcnicho: but I can't seem to do it
(20:30:55) smcnicho: I'm in the bboard and have logged on...
(20:31:54) smcnicho: and have found my file...
(20:33:17) smcnicho: it is named file.2005-07-01.7510208230
(20:33:43) smcnicho: when I click on it to open it...
(20:34:15) smcnicho: it asks me to open or save it to my computer
(20:34:30) smcnicho: when I click open...
(20:34:53) lauram: ok good, you've made some progress
(20:35:21) lauram: what happens
(20:35:22) smcnicho: acrobat comes up like it wants to open...
(20:35:41) smcnicho: an then a error message pops up
(20:35:57) lauram: what does the error message say?
(20:36:42) smcnicho: "There was an error opening this document. A file read error has occurred"
(20:37:57) lauram: I will try to look at your document
(20:38:05) lauram: what is the name of your project?
(20:38:20) Luann: Chris, if you are still there which section of bboard do I post our rubric: reflections, project journals, etc.
(20:38:45) smcnicho: Water I think
(20:40:06) Chris: Luann.....send the draft of the rubric to the facilitators at
(20:40:21) Chris: and to the class listserv at
(20:40:38) Chris: I got it wrong about posting to the bboard tonight.
(20:40:47) Chris: OK?
(20:40:53) lauram: the reflectiosn and project journals have links on the assignment sheet
(20:40:53) Luann: ok
(20:41:14) lauram: if you click on the assignment sheet links that will take you to the right place to post
(20:41:24) lauram: there are instructions on the assignment sheet as well
(20:42:06) Chris: For tonight Laura? We were just to send via listserv
(20:42:26) lauram: yes you are right - the rubric is just sent to the listserv
(20:42:36) lauram: I was answering the second part of the question
(20:42:55) lauram: Sue - Do you need that file before wednesday?
(20:43:14) smcnicho: No
(20:43:17) sgatz left the room.
(20:43:45) lauram: ok - I will look into this on Wed and email you.
(20:43:58) lauram: what was the file?
(20:44:03) Chris: Thanks for your help Laura!!
(20:44:06) lauram: what content did it have?
(20:44:36) smcnicho: It contained my rubric for students and a resource page
(20:45:07) lauram: Sue can you go to this URL?
(20:45:15) lauram:
(20:45:22) lauram: Is what you need there?
(20:46:03) lauram: There is a resources.doc
(20:46:16) lauram: and a researchrubric.html
(20:46:21) smcnicho: are all these mine?
(20:46:38) lauram: unless someone else did a water project too.
(20:46:50) Chris: :-)
(20:47:04) lauram: the pages have your name on them!
(20:47:10) smcnicho: its coming
(20:47:33) smcnicho: Yes!
(20:47:39) lauram: excellent!
(20:47:43) Chris: Hurray!!!
(20:47:47) smcnicho: Thanks so much.
(20:47:59) Chris: Told you Laura could help!
(20:48:08) lauram: So do those files have what you need or do I need to try to get that plone document working still?
(20:48:33) lauram: usually when it has a name like you gave me it means it is an empty document that someone was just playing with
(20:48:53) smcnicho: I think this is it. Do I go directly to that URL in the future?
(20:48:56) Luann: Chris,
(20:49:11) lauram: yes. great. So I won't do anything with the plone document then.
(20:49:12) Luann: I have sent as requested. If you don't receive it let me know.
(20:49:13) Chris: Yes Luann?
(20:49:35) lauram: what did you send?
(20:49:36) smcnicho: Thanks again
(20:49:44) Luann: Sent our rubric
(20:49:46) lauram: no problem - glad it was there!
(20:49:58) smcnicho left the room.
(20:50:07) Luann: See ya
(20:50:34) Luann left the room.
(20:50:39) Chris: Got it Luann!
(20:50:42) Chris: Thanks!
(20:50:53) lauram: i got it too. Thanks.
(20:51:06) Chris: Night all!
(20:51:22) Chris: Thanks for helping Sue out Laura....
(20:51:35) lauram: no problem - glad she had it on the web site.
(20:51:53) Chris: Signing off now.
(20:51:57) lauram: thanks for helping them all today, gnight
(20:51:58) Chris: bye
(20:52:08) Chris left the room.