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(17:49:40) ppeterso: hi
(17:52:22) jillanne: Hi ..glad you could make it
(17:54:22) jillanne: Hi Holly and LuAnn. Glad you could make it.
(17:54:33) lhopkins: hello, glad to be here
(17:54:33) hyee: Hi!
(17:54:46) mgehrig: hello everyone
(17:54:55) lhopkins: What should we have handy for this talk?
(17:55:51) jillanne: Please check the chat schedule on the homepage to be sure you're in the correct room.
(17:56:47) jillanne: Would you please have your browser window open to the LiNC homepage?
(17:57:38) hyee: Ok, got it!
(17:57:40) jillanne: Please let me know when you've done that.
(17:57:48) lhopkins: ok
(17:58:22) mgehrig: I'm in the wrong room bye
(17:59:16) jillanne: Thanks Holly and LuAnn
(18:00:01) lhopkins: Paula, are you here?
(18:00:56) ppeterso: yes
(18:01:54) ppeterso: i have a browser open
(18:03:01) ppeterso: I was here and then I was disconnected--sorry
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(18:03:59) ppeterso: Hi Laura--I made it
(18:04:59) jlohfink: I too have the browser window open
(18:05:07) jillanne: Good.
(18:05:54) jillanne: Since we were'nt all together this summer...
(18:06:07) jillanne: let's get acquainted.
(18:06:32) jillanne: Tell your name, grade level, school and one surprise you experienced since our last class.
(18:06:58) jillanne: Who'd like to go first?
(18:07:07) ppeterso: I would
(18:07:13) jillanne: Thanks Paula.
(18:07:38) ppeterso: Paula Peteson, Bartlett Elementary, second grade, and the biggest surprise since school started is not having 30-31 students
(18:07:58) hyee: I'll go next...
(18:08:41) hyee: I'm Holly, teach 7th grade science at Ellis middle school and the biggest surprise is having a student teacher through this entire project!
(18:08:49) lhopkins: I'll go next...Luann, 5/6 split at Highland school in Elgin. Surprise, I have a split this year.
(18:09:41) jlohfink: I'll be happy to go next.
(18:09:59) jlohfink: My name is Jeanné Lohfink, and I am the librarian at Beach Park Middle School.  I am working with Marie Gehrig and Mary Olson on their projects providing support and integrating the Big Six Information Problem Solving Guide.
(18:10:27) jlohfink: I work with 5-8th grade and the largest surprise since this summer is both ofmy parents ending up in the hospital.
(18:11:01) jillanne: Oh No...I hope they're OK.
(18:11:45) jlohfink: Dad's frist round of Chemo was today, and Mom is waiting to get out when her Cumadin (blood thinner) reaches a certain level. So far OK, but battling on.
(18:12:30) jillanne: That's really tough to start the year with family worries. I'm sorry to hear that, Jeanne.I'm Jill and I teach 7th grade/science at West Chicago Middle School
(18:14:16) jillanne: Let's look at the homepage for a minute.
(18:14:39) jillanne: Please bookmark this page so it's easy to get to.
(18:14:48) jlohfink: ok
(18:14:53) ppeterso: done
(18:15:08) hyee: Ok
(18:15:15) lhopkins: already done
(18:15:21) jillanne: Great.
(18:15:42) jillanne: Were you all able to be at the practice chat a few weeks ago?
(18:16:12) hyee: No, but Amy Ingente filled me in on what I missed.
(18:16:19) ppeterso: no didn't get up and running until this weekend---kept talking with Laura on the phone during last chat
(18:16:23) lhopkins: I did the chat a week later due to computer problems, but I have been on and chatted with Chris and Amy t.
(18:16:33) jlohfink: I was out of town, but have chatted for a course before. I had logged in to make sure conenctions were running.
(18:16:43) jillanne: Good. Just a few reminders, then...
(18:17:10) jillanne: Please treat this time as if you were actually sitting in a classroom...
(18:17:58) jillanne: arrive on time, stay until we "say good night", respond to each others' ideas.
(18:18:37) jillanne: Remember the suggestions sent to you about chat etiquette,
(18:18:49) jillanne: Are there any questions?
(18:18:55) lhopkins: no
(18:18:55) ppeterso: yes
(18:18:56) jlohfink: not at this time
(18:19:03) hyee: Not right now.
(18:19:04) jillanne: Go ahead, Paula.
(18:19:34) ppeterso: will all of our assignments be online including the articles
(18:20:13) jillanne: you mean rather than being mailed to you?
(18:20:39) ppeterso: Where are the articles?
(18:20:54) jillanne: Let's take a look.
(18:21:13) jillanne: Go to the "assignments" page from the homepage.
(18:21:23) jillanne: Scroll down to Oct 17.
(18:21:40) ppeterso: there
(18:21:56) jlohfink: see it
(18:21:59) jillanne: There are two links to articles you are asked to read before our class on Oct. 17.
(18:22:30) jillanne: One of the most important things is to read your email....often.
(18:22:38) ppeterso: I see those. I thought there was reading for tonight
(18:23:08) jillanne: No, but now you're ahead:)
(18:23:19) jillanne: The date to the left...
(18:23:22) ppeterso: Thanks
(18:23:36) jillanne: is the date by which you need to have those tasks completed.
(18:23:47) lhopkins: I thought we had to read the project reflection journal examples
(18:24:11) jillanne: As we get questions on the staff listserve, we m,ay send an email to answer for the benefit of everyone.
(18:24:28) jillanne: LuAnn, you are correct.
(18:24:43) jillanne: Let's take a look at the end products page.
(18:25:02) ppeterso: I did that, but I thought we had an article for tonight too. I am glad I didn't miss out of something.
(18:25:38) jillanne: First, I just want to be sure there are no questions about what is expected for this course.
(18:26:39) jillanne: It may be wise to write your journal reflection in Word...
(18:27:13) jillanne: then copy and past into the plone, just in case there is a tech glitch so you don't lose your thoughts and have to rewrite them.
(18:27:51) hyee: Ah, thanks, I tried putting in an entry last night and it didn't work.
(18:28:09) jillanne: Sorry...but that happens, sometimes.
(18:28:40) jlohfink: I have a question
(18:29:03) jillanne: OK.
(18:29:12) jlohfink: In looking at the ..never mind. I realized I was looking at Act II not Act 1
(18:29:27) jillanne: Let's look at Act i together.
(18:29:38) jillanne: This is where you actually run your project.
(18:30:25) jillanne: Reflective jouirnaling is a very important piece of teaching that we sendom have (or take?) the time to do.
(18:30:56) jlohfink: Who reads these journals?
(18:31:12) jillanne: They're on the plone so we all can.
(18:31:21) jillanne: Just like last summer, anyone can respond.
(18:31:31) jillanne: Of course, the teachers make it a point to do so.
(18:31:33) jlohfink: If they are everyone in the class, do I need to explain my part of the two different projects?
(18:31:45) jillanne: Good question...
(18:31:46) jlohfink: And then reflect on my portion?
(18:32:09) jillanne: Jeanne, you're postings are there from the summer class.
(18:32:25) jillanne: Anyone who wants can go back to get a sense of your project.
(18:32:35) jlohfink: Thank you
(18:32:36) jillanne: They can also email you from the class list serve.
(18:32:56) jillanne: You'll be surprised at how easy it is to catch on to someone's project.
(18:33:16) jillanne: It's also a great way to get ideas for yourself.
(18:33:50) jillanne: The questions we asked you to respond to will pull most of the "nuts and bolts" out for those who are not familiar with your project.
(18:34:07) jillanne: Thanks for being so patient while I type.
(18:35:00) jillanne: Can you please go to the assignment status page?
(18:35:39) jillanne: You can use this page to check whether you've completed an assignment.
(18:35:50) jillanne: It's always a good idea to double check our recording.
(18:36:18) jillanne: It can be a bit confusing since postings come in throughout the week.
(18:36:19) lhopkins: I posted my start and end dates, but I don't see a record that I did.
(18:36:39) hyee: Me too.
(18:36:43) jillanne: I don't think we've put anything in, yet.
(18:36:51) jillanne: That will be done before next week's class.
(18:37:00) ppeterso: How do we know what number we are?
(18:37:23) jillanne: They should be the last four numbers of your ssn.
(18:37:31) jillanne: Is that correct?
(18:37:46) ppeterso: Thanks-- I found it
(18:37:47) jlohfink: It looks like mine are there
(18:37:58) lhopkins: Mine is there
(18:38:00) hyee: Yes, mine is there too.
(18:38:02) jillanne: Good.
(18:38:40) jillanne: We try to stay caught up, but it's best to check it each week before class.
(18:39:52) jillanne: For this course...and looking ahead...
(18:40:03) jillanne: the Future Action Plan is an important part.
(18:40:25) jillanne: Your grade will be based on participation and attendance,
(18:40:40) jillanne: field-test reflecitons
(18:40:52) jillanne: and the future action plan...what will you change?
(18:41:49) jillanne: FYI: all of the facilitators are on the ed-act-05 listserv so it's not necessary to send emails to both that and ed-act-staff.
(18:42:03) jillanne: Sending to will get to everybody.
(18:42:57) jillanne: When commenting to someone's journal posting...
(18:43:31) jillanne: it's nice to praise a specific item and give a reason...not a generic "nice job".
(18:43:53) jillanne: It helps the teacher identify what caught your eye.
(18:44:38) jillanne: When giving a suggestion for a new thing to try...share your thinking as to why.
(18:45:13) jillanne: You can also post a "I need help" type of question for when something is not working.
(18:45:43) jillanne: Participants have really enjoyed this in the past.
(18:46:44) jillanne: Have all of you started your projects?
(18:47:14) hyee: Yes. Today was the official day.
(18:47:16) lhopkins: No, I will start Wed. I have teased them about a field trip which is a part of our project.
(18:47:36) jlohfink: I have begun working with Marie Gehrig' kids (also Mary's kids) on teaching the Big6. Have the first step done.
(18:47:41) ppeterso: I have done some mini lessons, but I need a new hook because my principal didn't want as much in school involvement
(18:48:12) jillanne: Do you have any ideas, Paula?
(18:48:38) ppeterso: I don't think I am going to be able to do the charting with lunch room students either
(18:48:44) ppeterso: I'm not sure
(18:49:03) lhopkins: Paula, is your project about food waste in the cafe. for lunch?
(18:49:26) ppeterso: Sort of
(18:49:39) jlohfink: Can each student just write down the info from their own table?
(18:50:04) ppeterso: Students were going to survey what they liked and what they didn't about the school lunches....
(18:50:41) ppeterso: We were going to devise 5 lunches based on sound nutrition guidelines and present them to the school and district lunch supervisors.
(18:51:17) jillanne: I'm waiting to give you the go-ahead to change to your "homeroom" for the second part of the chat.
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(18:51:45) lhopkins: I think tha't great, can you only survey the older kids maybe?
(18:52:08) ppeterso: I am not sure how I am going to work out the kinks yet
(18:52:33) ppeterso: My students are really getting into nutrition and we are going to JFK to get more ideas...
(18:53:01) ppeterso: We were honestly hoping to make a difference with our "new" nutritious lunches
(18:53:25) lhopkins: I think you will. I know you, You'll come up with something
(18:53:29) ppeterso: Maybe we could do some work with our 4th grade buddies...
(18:53:42) ppeterso: I haven't had a chance to work out new ideas yet
(18:53:54) lhopkins: That sounds great
(18:54:15) ppeterso: I wish you were here so we could use your class---I miss you
(18:54:27) lhopkins: I know
(18:54:55) jillanne: Thank you for being such a great group. It's now time to change (if you do) for the second part of the chat. Please check the chat schedule. You should be with your original instructor from last summer.
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(18:55:46) ppeterso: I'm not sure where I am supposed to go. My browser is not responding
(18:56:17) jillanne: room 2 Paula
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(18:57:17) lauram: Hi Marie, you figured out how to leave, good.
(18:57:23) Amy I [] entered the room.
(18:57:37) jillanne: Welcome was your volleyball game?
(18:57:55) mgehrig: Well sort of. I quit and went through Gaim again
(18:58:11) Amy I: Same as usual, great spirit, a lot of fun, but nonetheless, we lost.
(18:58:35) lauram: good enough for now
(19:00:09) jillanne: Welcome to Part II of tonight's chat. We thought we'd give you a chance to talk to some other participants for the first part of the evening.
(19:00:20) ken: I came in late and I'm not sure what the topic is
(19:00:39) jillanne: For this part, we're going to go over the info on the assignment page.
(19:00:50) hyee: Thanks, it was nice to meet some "new" people.
(19:00:52) jillanne: Would you please click on the assignment page?
(19:01:02) Amy I: ok
(19:01:16) mgehrig: there
(19:01:29) hyee: got it
(19:01:30) jlohfink: got it
(19:01:32) jillanne: Click on Project Reflection Journal
(19:02:04) mgehrig: ok
(19:02:06) Amy I: ok
(19:02:11) hyee: ok
(19:02:12) jlohfink: yep
(19:02:20) ken: I've got it
(19:02:20) jillanne: Posting these reflections/comments is like a dialogue with all of the people from the class.
(19:02:31) jillanne: You'll share your highs and lows.
(19:02:53) jillanne: Others have the chance to answer back, like last summer.
(19:03:13) ken: I was not successful in posting my journal entries this aftermoon
(19:03:18) jillanne: Amy, I know you've already entered some reflections.
(19:03:28) Amy I: yes, I did a couple
(19:03:28) jillanne: Ken...
(19:03:37) maryolso [] entered the room.
(19:03:39) ken: yes?
(19:03:48) jillanne: I suggest you write your reflection in Word, then copy and past into the plone.
(19:04:09) ken: I thought simple text was better
(19:04:36) jillanne: Just as long as you don't lose your ideas if there's a glitch when you try to post it.
(19:04:47) ken: OK
(19:05:00) jillanne: Let us know if you still have trouble.
(19:05:12) ken: OK - can I post it tomorrow
(19:05:17) jillanne: Take a minute to review Day 1 and Day 2 prompts.
(19:05:47) jillanne: Any thoughts?
(19:06:41) ken: I already wrote journal entries with prompts in mind - I just wasn't successful getting into plone
(19:06:52) Amy I: I liked reflecting upon what they have said and done to show understanding, really helped me focus on what was working and what was not.
(19:06:59) hyee: I really lke the questions...they have helped me assess what has already been since the Hook was presented on Sept. 23.
(19:07:06) jillanne: Ken...on second thought, simple text is better because of the formatting. Try again and let us know.
(19:07:17) ken: OK
(19:07:43) mgehrig: :-/ They keep me focuses and n task
(19:08:13) jillanne: That's supposed to be a good thing, I think.
(19:08:18) hyee: Me too!:)
(19:08:56) jlohfink: I don't often think about doing things to prepare students for projects--I mean in a way where they are more responsible learning. They still believe it is all on the teacher.
(19:09:17) jillanne: Take a minute to review the other prompts so you can see the types of questions.
(19:09:59) jillanne: Reviewing your responses when all is finished will help you revise your projects for the "Future Action Plan".
(19:10:40) jillanne: Let me know when you are finished.
(19:10:43) Amy I: finished
(19:10:52) hyee: I' done.
(19:11:02) jlohfink: Finished reading the questions, but still unsure of wording...
(19:11:19) mgehrig: i'm done
(19:11:38) maryolso left the room.
(19:11:52) jillanne: From the assignment page, click on the 2 project reflection journal examples.
(19:11:56) jlohfink: the guiding vs. facilitating. There are big ideas you need them to "get", and you can allow for some leeway, but how do you herd? them to include what is needed by state tests?
(19:12:31) jillanne: Guiding is more direct than facilitating.
(19:12:32) Amy I: ok
(19:12:42) mgehrig: ok
(19:12:58) jlohfink: ok
(19:12:58) hyee: I'm there.
(19:13:41) jillanne: Let's look at the candidate one first.
(19:13:55) ken: ok
(19:14:07) hyee: ok
(19:14:09) jlohfink: ready
(19:14:13) Amy I: ok
(19:14:15) mgehrig: ok
(19:14:24) jillanne: Read through this one.
(19:16:02) maryolso [] entered the room.
(19:16:05) jillanne: What are your thoughts?
(19:16:53) ken: when did she share rubrics with students?
(19:17:40) jillanne: It says "before they finish the poster and before they start their original candidate ads".
(19:17:58) jlohfink: Her suggestion for change was to allow students to come up with themes....
(19:18:14) Amy I: This reflection is very helpful for remembering what went well and what needs changing in the future. Almost reads like a memo to herself.
(19:18:30) mgehrig: Uncovering ideas and data is good but I have to be selective or this project will take all year.
(19:18:36) jlohfink: Wouldn't students need a ton of background information to do that? The sample with babies seems pretty clear, but I'm not sure the other themes would.
(19:19:11) hyee: A great way to keep "notes"...since we have an entire year until we may do the project again.
(19:19:20) jlohfink: I agree with you Amy that this "memo to self" would be very helpful the following year.
(19:20:14) jillanne: OK. Let's look at the second one on Invasive Species.
(19:20:17) jlohfink: The questions, while seeming to be daunting in time commitment, do offer a nice overview and a review of what happened and what went well.
(19:20:47) Amy I: ok
(19:21:05) hyee: ok
(19:21:21) maryolso left the room.
(19:21:28) mgehrig: ok
(19:23:27) ken: I don't see the big concern for it being fake. Why not just tell them it's a reasonable task whether the letter is fake or not?
(19:23:37) jlohfink: I was uncomfortable with the teachers unwillingness to tell the truth about the letter. I must admit, I was rather frustrated when I found out our letter wasn't real.
(19:24:26) mgehrig: I agree. My students wouldn't put the effort forth. Audience is important to my students
(19:25:37) hyee: Regarding project pages on the computer...that is the part I am concerned we will not have time to view on the computer....
(19:26:02) hyee: Our computer labs have been busy with testing and teacher use...
(19:26:18) hyee: and, many of our students do not have internet access.
(19:26:27) ken: Could you space out the assignment longer?
(19:27:05) mgehrig: Computers are an issue with me too. We just closed one of the labs due to the fact we needed another class room. I will adjust but it might take time.
(19:27:43) jillanne: From these readings, it's important to realize the difference between journal reflections and class reflections.
(19:27:45) hyee: We could....we will have 2.5 weeks after all the data is collected before the final project I am still hoping for some computer time in there somewhere.
(19:28:12) jillanne: Class reflections are responses to the readings or class discussions.
(19:28:33) jillanne: Do you have any questions about what you are asked to post and how frequently?
(19:29:21) hyee: no
(19:29:27) jlohfink: not at this time
(19:29:32) Amy I: not right now
(19:29:43) ken: OK
(19:29:50) jillanne: Good. Now, on to the next task......
(19:30:02) mgehrig: Jill, MAry just nextelled me and said her computer went wacko and she is loading GAIM on another computer. She doesn't know if she will be back on again tonight.
(19:30:28) mgehrig: Yes, I have questions about posting
(19:31:23) jillanne: What are they, Marie?
(19:31:53) mgehrig: Day 1 and 2 are clear How often do we post for a-c
(19:32:11) jillanne: Amy, do you want to answer, since you've been there already?
(19:32:49) ken: Yes, what's the difference between Day 1 and 2 and A, B , C
(19:33:02) Amy I: Um, I was under the impression that we should do a reflection for each day we are working on the project...
(19:33:38) Amy I: I thought we could choose from A-D, based upon what might be going on in class at that point of the project. Am I right, or am I confused?
(19:34:05) mgehrig: OK What if I work on the project everyday for the next two weeks. Does this include the instruction on the background knOWLEDGE OR JUST THE engaged learning part
(19:34:30) Amy I: I thought just the engaged learning
(19:34:46) mgehrig: OK That makes more sense
(19:35:31) mgehrig: Jill did you get the message about MARY
(19:36:12) jillanne: I'm checking to be sure my understanding is correct. I'll let you know before we leave tonight.
(19:36:26) jillanne: Thanks Marie.
(19:37:02) jillanne: We need to moe on to your task for the next 20 minutes or so...
(19:37:22) jillanne: Since the reflections are scored as one part of your grade, we need to develop a rubric to use to score them.
(19:38:07) jillanne: You are to work together to help create a rubric that will be used to assess your journal reflections.
(19:38:12) jillanne: Remember to have...
(19:38:34) jillanne: clear, specific criteria and define the point values with descriptors that are clear targets.
(19:38:55) mgehrig: How do we go about doing this
(19:39:03) jillanne: Send the product you create to the facilitators at
(19:39:25) jillanne: Send the product to the class listserve as well at
(19:40:08) mgehrig: OK but how do we go about doing this?
(19:40:54) jillanne: You might start with deciding what criterea should be evaluated.
(19:41:26) jillanne: One of you should be the recorder.
(19:41:39) Amy I: I can record
(19:41:47) mgehrig: Thank you
(19:41:52) ken: Whew
(19:42:02) jlohfink: Thank you Amy
(19:42:09) hyee: Thanks!:)
(19:42:16) jillanne: The recorder usually sends the final product to the list serv, but that's up to the group.
(19:42:22) mgehrig: I will be the encourager. Any one have Any Ideas
(19:42:34) Amy I: You are all very welcome. I can send the product to the list serve, too.
(19:42:45) hyee: I might have an idea...
(19:42:53) mgehrig: ok
(19:43:17) jillanne: I'll let you know when we need to wrap things up with a few announcements.
(19:43:24) hyee: one criteria would be to make sure all questions are answered in detail for Day 1 and Day 2
(19:43:38) mgehrig: What is the idea
(19:43:48) jlohfink: I like that idea Holly.
(19:44:18) jlohfink: It seems like we should also have an entry for each of the days in the engaged part of the project
(19:44:28) mgehrig: OK What about a-c. They are going to be different for each project
(19:44:34) hyee: The idea, I guess, is that we fulfilled Day 1 and Day 2 journal requirements
(19:45:03) mgehrig: that sounds good
(19:45:23) jlohfink: Do we want something along the line of writing in standard English spelling correctly and in complete sentences?
(19:45:40) Amy I: I like day 1 and 2. What about thoughtfulness/thoroughness and supporting details or examples?
(19:46:00) hyee: Probably...since we expect are students to do it
(19:46:16) mgehrig: How about responding to someone elses journal
(19:46:39) jlohfink: I really like that we are to comment on our failures and successes. Too often we get stuck in just one or the other.
(19:46:50) hyee: Amy, I especially like supporting details and/or examples
(19:47:20) mgehrig: I like the failures and success
(19:47:26) jlohfink: I think we should respond to other's journal entries. This will give us feedback.
(19:47:58) Amy I: Well that is 5 criteria already. Should we develop those more, or keep brainstorming?
(19:48:13) ken: 5 is enough
(19:48:20) mgehrig: Lets develop these
(19:48:21) jlohfink: 5's a nice number
(19:48:25) Amy I: Oh yeah, the five were 1. all questions answered for day 1 and 2...
(19:48:30) hyee: I like 5
(19:48:34) Amy I: 2. grammar, etc.
(19:48:42) Amy I: 3. Respond to someone elses journal
(19:48:51) Amy I: 4. Comment on failures and successes
(19:49:00) mgehrig: feed back please. What are the 3 again
(19:49:06) Amy I: 5. Use supporting details and examples from the class
(19:49:37) mgehrig: 5?
(19:49:43) ken: Great job AMy
(19:49:46) jlohfink: Nice summary Amy
(19:50:19) mgehrig: looks good
(19:50:23) hyee: All 5 are very concise and to the point.
(19:50:24) Amy I: thanks. Any more? How do we develop these?
(19:51:20) hyee: Well, do we want to set it up like a standard base rubric....
(19:51:20) mgehrig: rate them 1-4
(19:51:43) mgehrig: 4 being the highest
(19:51:46) hyee: exceeding, meeting, developing , beginning, no evidence?
(19:52:03) mgehrig: yes,
(19:52:05) hyee: (4 being exceeding...)
(19:52:15) Amy I: Okay, lets just start with "all questions answered." What do we want to say for 1-4
(19:52:18) ken: meeting is good enough do we need exceeding?
(19:52:42) hyee: Meeting is good
(19:53:38) jlohfink: The type A personality in me wants to exceed :-), but I need to learn to let go and allow meeting to be good sometimes
(19:54:18) mgehrig: 0 can be if someone doesn't even journal at all. No evidence is journalling but not meeting any requirements
(19:54:48) mgehrig: 4- Day 1 and 2 answered
(19:55:37) Amy I: How about 4 - answered all 6 questions, 3 - 5 question, 2 - 4 questions, 1 - 3 or less questionsn answered?
(19:55:58) Amy I: Did that make sense?
(19:56:05) mgehrig: I thought this was for day 1 and 2
(19:56:21) mgehrig: Yes, it made sense
(19:56:25) hyee: Yes, but only Day 1 has 6 questions
(19:56:47) mgehrig: OH, I'm sooo tired, I can't think straight
(19:56:48) hyee: The rest of the entries all have 5 questions, I think.
(19:57:15) jillanne: Maybe this would be a good time to clarify the journal A, B...etc choices... since you're talking about how many questions were answered...
(19:57:19) Amy I: Picky picky:). Okay, fully answered 5 questions, then 4, then 3 then 2 or less.
(19:57:20) hyee: details, details:-!
(19:57:42) ken: This seems awkward - agreeing on all details over chat line
(19:57:47) jillanne: Sometimes they may use them all. . .sometimes they may reflect heavily on one. . . The idea is to help them think through the project and reflect on what is working well, what needs to be changed, and what needs to be added. The reflections will help them write the Future ActionPlan.
(19:58:12) mgehrig: I AGREE.
(19:59:28) ken: Sorry - didn't mean to dampen our progress
(19:59:30) Amy I: I also agree, but for Day 1 and 2, do we need to answer all of those questions?
(19:59:40) hyee: I think we should go back to the original 5 concepts we brainstormed at the beginning
(19:59:54) mgehrig: where are we?:-$
(20:00:00) Amy I: Okay, let's switch topics....
(20:00:10) maryolso [] entered the room.
(20:00:24) Amy I: grammar...what is the breakdown for that?
(20:00:37) mgehrig: Someone get Mary caught up
(20:00:47) ken: No mistakes is a 4
(20:01:03) Amy I: agree
(20:01:04) jillanne: I'll catch Mary up...
(20:01:44) mgehrig: We are all professionals. do we really want to do grammar.
(20:02:31) ken: Why do we need grammar - we're teachers
(20:02:59) mgehrig: HA hA i MEAN I assume we all know how to write
(20:03:18) ken: just kidding
(20:03:41) mgehrig: :-D right back at ya
(20:03:42) Amy I: Do we want to move on to another topic, then?
(20:04:03) jlohfink: Well, we can look at it as easy points.
(20:04:09) jlohfink: Maybe that's a good idea
(20:04:29) ken: What's the next topic?
(20:04:40) Amy I: Responding to someone else's journal
(20:04:46) mgehrig: I'm for easy points. I though may be we could break one of the other topics into two
(20:05:06) mgehrig: One topic be successes and one be failures
(20:05:19) Amy I: That is next on the list
(20:05:23) ken: OK with me
(20:05:34) mgehrig: This would eliminate grammar
(20:06:07) jlohfink: Responding to 4 people's post = 4; 3 people's post=3, etc?
(20:06:17) mgehrig: OK
(20:06:20) jlohfink: It's ok with me to eliminate grammar
(20:06:26) ken: OK
(20:06:38) Amy I: ok, let me write. Meanwhile, next topic is successes and failures
(20:07:04) ken: 4 for 4 successes, 4 for 4 failures?
(20:07:30) mgehrig: INTERETING:)
(20:07:45) Amy I: overall for the entire project?
(20:07:55) ken: I always get stuck on numbers in rubrics
(20:08:11) mgehrig: explain overall
(20:08:56) Amy I: Have to have 4 success mentioned in all of the journal reflections total? Or are we looking or one success in every entry?
(20:09:16) ken: 4 overall
(20:09:45) Amy I: okay, then are the rest 3, 2, 1, none?
(20:09:55) mgehrig: yes
(20:10:07) hyee: If there are 5 areas and 4 being the highest...isn't that 20 points total?
(20:10:28) mgehrig: yes
(20:10:54) hyee: not sure if
(20:11:15) mgehrig: ?
(20:11:19) hyee: Ooops, Amy, not sure if that is what you meant by overall?
(20:11:51) Amy I: now I'm confused :-/
(20:12:08) jillanne: Sorry, I need to interrupt...time is almost up and I have a few announcements. After that, you are welcome to continue working...or can submit what you have. Remember, you can use the chat at anytime.
(20:12:56) mgehrig: email us whT YOU have PLEASE
(20:13:08) ppeterso left the room.
(20:13:10) jillanne: Remember...for the bulletin board, your password is [removed] Your user name is your first initial and your last name. Type them all lower case with no spaces. After you get into the bulletin board you will need to change your password. Follow the directions on the Assignment sheet dated Oct. 17th
(20:13:23) hyee left the room.
(20:13:28) jillanne: Second of all, we didn't get to the project round table. We will next week as that is the time when you will get more support with your projects. .
(20:13:51) hyee [] entered the room.
(20:14:09) jillanne: Thank you all! If there are not questions, then you may go and enjoy family, fun, and what is left of the evening! You've been great!
(20:14:35) ken: thanks
(20:14:41) maryolso: Sorry
(20:14:43) jillanne: We'll look at all of the ideas for the rubric and see what we have.
(20:15:03) Amy I: All I have written down is responding to other's journals and including successes and failures.
(20:15:07) jillanne: Please check your email frequently for updates.
(20:15:40) maryolso: ok
(20:15:41) hyee: Should we have a final copy of the rubric by next class time?
(20:15:45) jillanne: Amy, you can always review the text of the chat for more info if you need to.
(20:15:52) jillanne: Holly - no
(20:16:00) hyee: ok.
(20:16:03) jillanne: We'll see what the other groups came up with, too.
(20:16:12) jillanne: We just want everyone's input.
(20:16:23) hyee: Thanks, and have a great week!
(20:16:24) jillanne: As you noted....
(20:16:38) jillanne: it's more challenging online than fact-to-face.
(20:17:13) Amy I: I don't think we finished or came to consensus on any other topics. Is two topics enough for the rubric?
(20:17:52) jillanne: That's a start...send it.
(20:18:31) jillanne: Any final questions?
(20:19:08) Amy I: none from me
(20:19:22) hyee: Can't think of any right now.
(20:19:30) ken: No - bye
(20:19:42) maryolso: I'll ask Marie to get me caught up tomorrow.
(20:19:43) jlohfink: Not over here.
(20:19:44) jillanne: Enjoy the rest of the evening.
(20:19:54) jillanne: Thanks, Mary.
(20:19:55) jlohfink: Blessings, and good night
(20:19:56) ken left the room (Logged out).
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(20:20:34) Amy I: oh, a question....
(20:21:09) Amy I: is the staff listserve at ed-staff-act04 or 05? You put 04 above, but thought it was 05.
(20:21:53) jillanne:'s 05.
(20:21:57) jillanne: thanks.
(20:22:10) Amy I: thank you! Have a good night!
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