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(19:39:33) efishman: hello chris
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(19:40:14) Hi all
(19:40:20) lhouf: hello
(19:40:24) Amy I: hello!
(19:40:34) hyee: Hi!
(19:40:41) We should have Amy I, Holly, Lynn H. and Ellen
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(19:42:11) We are here to discuss technology integration with limited technology
(19:43:05) There are a number of ways to accomplish technology integration
(19:43:16) even with limited access to technology
(19:43:31) Anyone want to start with a particular comment or question?
(19:43:48) hyee: I'll go first....Amy and I teach in a school with only 25% of our student having computers in their home...
(19:44:25) hyee: how do we 'work' beyond the classroom walls?
(19:44:44) hyee: (Amy you can add on to this if you want)
(19:45:03) Anyone want to comment on this question?
(19:45:24) lhouf: I'm in the same situation, but with primary age kids, most of the work needs to be done in class anyway
(19:45:29) lhouf: for me
(19:45:39) efishman: you don't expect anything-
(19:46:14) I would plan on doing the technology in class and not as homework
(19:46:39) efishman: your situation dictates that their learning must take place within the classroom.
(19:46:47) They can work on things for homework that they can bring back to class and incorporate into the technology there
(19:47:00) Maybe you are working on emailing experts...
(19:47:16) they can compose their questions, email, etc at home and bring to class
(19:47:33) Amy I: But our other issue is that computer labs are booked and unavailable as well.
(19:47:35) does that make sense?
(19:47:46) lhouf: I have given my students homework such as brainstorming ideas to bring back to class or to their group
(19:47:58) Do you have access to a computer in your classroom?
(19:48:17) Amy I: We have 1 computer in our rooms.
(19:48:35) efishman: can you take your computer and project onto a screen? It isn't the best but you could navigate sites together
(19:48:41) hyee: Yes, I agree with you...however, computer labs are booked and the portable computer lab is not up and working
(19:48:42) lhouf: I am in the same position. I do have 3 computers in the classroom, so I am lucky, but beyond our class time in the lab there are very few short open times that aren't scheduled for other classes in the lab
(19:49:09) Amy I: We have a tv screen to project the computer image....
(19:49:45) Amy I: Problem is that it is still too small. We do that, though, because that is the best we have.
(19:50:21) That would work well to use as a whole group activity....
(19:50:29) efishman: Set up a all day schedule-bookmark the sites ahead of time and allow partners to work the computer for say 1/2 hour. That way the students get on but miss other things -not perfect and takes some adapting but gives them computer time.
(19:50:31) focus the students as to what they are to do.
(19:50:50) Then you can schedule the computer activity to revolve around through out the day
(19:50:55) Amy I: We're in middle school. Short periods.
(19:51:00) Yes, Ellen...exactly
(19:51:32) You can still schedule the time on the computer with middle will just take longer to get to all the students.
(19:51:59) efishman: Bring this problem to your principal- also- have extra computers installed that are just lying around.-short term
(19:52:09) hyee: And, we have 130 students on our team...not just 30 or so:(
(19:53:07) Amy I: Computers are not something we can just add to our rooms. The district is very tight with their computers and money. One computer in our rooms is the best we can do.
(19:53:08) hyee: I'll work on that....since we are all getting new computers....I'll see if the science lab can get a few for the stations labs.
(19:53:18) Contacting experts as a whole class or by teams within a class can address that issue as well
(19:53:46) When you get responses back, you can share with the whole class or with teams within the class
(19:54:25) hyee: Thanks Chris, they are working in teams so that should lessen the computer time
(19:54:34) I have had students contact expects via email, and the experts have sent via regular mail, letters and pamphlets etc.
(19:54:44) efishman: If you have the whole team working on it though there must be times when the kids can access the other computers in the team, I meant computers that aren't used very often not new ones. Some people rarely use their computers and might give them up for a few days.
(19:54:44) lhouf: great idea to have students rotating through the computers, not strictly during our project time, Thanks, Chris. That will work well for my age students since we do have all day with pieces of time here and there.
(19:54:50) The kids are thrilled!
(19:55:20) That is a good idea too Ellen.
(19:55:30) efishman: thanks
(19:55:33) Maybe other teachers would lend you their computers for a day or so
(19:55:54) hyee: Thanks for all your suggestions!:)
(19:56:00) Remember too, that technology doesn't have to mean computers all the time.
(19:56:14) hyee: Oh, I know that...
(19:56:16) Do you have access to a digital camera? or a camcorder?
(19:56:28) lhouf: I am having my students sign up for TV time if they want to watch videos to do some of their reserach
(19:56:29) hyee: computers is just our biggest challenge!
(19:56:54) Understand is a roadblock to many teachers
(19:57:18) Anyone else with a question or comment?
(19:57:56) Any success stories or problem stories?
(19:58:20) efishman: We have weather indstruments that are primitiive and yet we need this technology for our project, any suggestions onhow to get real weather tools for free?
(19:58:56) Amy I: What type of instruments do you need?
(19:59:03) lhouf: have students write meteorologists and news stations asking for ideas or help?
(19:59:10) efishman: barometers and wind vanes
(19:59:29) good idea Lynn
(19:59:41) efishman: thanks lynn
(19:59:55) I worked with a group in New Mexico that did just that!
(20:00:08) And they got equipment from the National Weather Service
(20:00:27) efishman: =-O- oh yeah
(20:00:39) It may be too late for this go round, but not for future go rounds
(20:00:57) I can email them and see what they did if you like
(20:01:15) Amy I: Maybe even just contact other middle schools and high schools in the district and see if they have anything laying around that they could lend you.
(20:01:18) efishman: thank you that would be great
(20:01:46) Good idea Amy....high schools often have older equipment just laying around.
(20:02:17) efishman: Super ideas
(20:02:25) Also, maybe you could get a project going where your class and a high school class cooperated
(20:02:42) Exchanged information and data etc
(20:03:34) Any other problems, successes, comments?
(20:04:12) anyone, anyone?
(20:04:23) hyee: Not for me.
(20:04:26) efishman: with technology?
(20:04:37) yes
(20:04:59) lhouf: we just started the project last week, so I'm still in beginning stages. We haven't dug into most of the technology stuff yet.
(20:05:30) do you forsee any problems looming on the horizon?
(20:06:20) efishman: not yet
(20:06:33) lhouf: Just the issues of not being able to get into the computer lab except for our scheduled time, but I like the ideas I heard tonight!
(20:06:45) Great!
(20:07:10) Does your school keep track of the time the lab is used?
(20:07:29) It would seem to be a good indication that you need more computers if the lab is solidly booked all the time
(20:08:05) efishman: I'm tired Chris,aren't we done yet ?
(20:08:44) lhouf: Every classroom goes every week for nearly an hour. There are a good number of computers, but the times the lab is open are short and inconvenient with our class schedule. I do have 3 in the room, so I should be able to do some scheduling and work it out.
(20:09:07) OK Lynn.
(20:09:15) I think you will work it out fine
(20:09:30) Some parting remarks
(20:09:45) Just a reminder that class does last until 8:15
(20:09:55) I know it seems it supposed to be done by 8pm
(20:10:06) but if it was, we would have to have an additional class
(20:10:29) Make sure you look at the assignment done page that is linked off the homepage
(20:10:41) If there is an error, then let your facilitator know
(20:11:02) Next Monday is halloween night but we are holding class ....
(20:11:09) and we start at 6pm.
(20:11:27) Just have your candy ready and run to the door when necessary :-)
(20:11:34) And no eating it all your self!
(20:11:51) Any questions?
(20:12:05) lhouf: nope!
(20:12:07) Amy I: I don't have any at the moment.
(20:12:13) efishman: no
(20:12:14) hyee: no, I am good. Thanks for all your suggestions!
(20:12:39) Ok guys.....have a great can go now :-)
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(20:13:05) Amy I: Thank you! Have a good night everyone!
(20:13:07) lhouf: thanks for the help, chris! Have a good week!
(20:13:08) hyee: Good night!
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(20:13:21) bye
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