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(17:49:19) linc3
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(17:56:38) Luann: Hi Chris
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(17:56:51) Chris: Hi Luann
(17:56:55) Chris: Hi sue
(17:57:07) smcnicho: Hello
(17:57:10) Chris: You have to tell me again who spiltave is
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(17:57:17) Luann: Hi Amy
(17:57:21) aturkot: hi there
(17:57:25) Chris: And Amy, Hi
(17:57:30) Luann: What's new Amy?
(17:57:43) aturkot: nothing too much... feel like I am going a mile a minute
(17:57:59) Luann: I hear ya, can't believe report cards are due soon
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(17:58:57) aturkot: I know... I don't even have my blank ones yet
(17:59:02) Chris: Talk amongst yourselves until we get class started....have to check on a few things with the staff
(17:59:25) Luann: I have my names on, and the personal column filled out...did it today
(17:59:59) Luann: Do you have everything posted that you are suppose to have done?
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(18:00:26) Luann: Sue, do you have everything posted for this class?
(18:00:32) Pam: Howdy.
(18:00:51) Luann: Hi Pam
(18:01:06) Pam: How's everyone?
(18:01:24) Luann: tired from working toooo hard
(18:01:36) Pam: No kidding!
(18:01:48) aturkot: I agree
(18:01:54) aturkot: I think that I finally got caught up
(18:01:58) Luann: Amy, did you start your project today?
(18:03:30) aturkot: yes I did... but the mayor had to reschedule
(18:03:41) Luann: How did it go?
(18:03:50) aturkot: it went very well... they were excited
(18:04:04) Luann: Great!!!
(18:04:38) Luann: Sue and Pam, do you have everything posted to the bboard that has been required?
(18:05:03) smcnicho: I think so
(18:05:13) Pam: I still don't have my hook posted. Tried to last night, but couldn't figure out where to put it.
(18:05:40) Luann: I don't have my hook and task either. Thought I posted them 2 weeks ago, but I guess not.
(18:06:03) Luann: Is everything suppose to be posted to the bboard?
(18:06:55) Pam: I thought so, but I've just been following the links for the other postings, and couldn't find one for the hook. Any ideas?
(18:07:06) aturkot: I think so.. I put my 1st day journal on there today while my kids were at art
(18:07:35) aturkot: I found it though the assignment page and then clicked on post hook and task
(18:07:48) Chris: You got it Amy!!
(18:08:20) Pam: I guess I just missed it. It was pretty late last night. I'll look again after class
(18:08:30) Luann: Can you also get there by going to the online page and clicking on bboard?
(18:09:06) Chris: If you go that way, you have to navigate through the site to find it....but
(18:09:28) Chris: most of the postings are in the section marked Reflections
(18:10:21) smcnicho: It's way easier to go to the Assignments page and scroll down to the date and click on the link
(18:10:29) Chris: If you are having trouble with the bulletin board, there is a breakout session tonight with Laura
(18:11:30) Chris: How many of you have started your project with your students?
(18:11:44) aturkot: I have
(18:11:51) Luann: I have
(18:11:54) smcnicho: I'm starting tomorrow.
(18:12:13) Pam: I have not. My AP was out today, so I'll start tomorrow
(18:12:40) Chris: Great!
(18:12:49) Chris: So you can start your journaling
(18:13:13) Chris: And Amy, you have 11/24 as your starting that is changed?
(18:13:28) aturkot: I put mine in today after the we did the project
(18:13:50) Chris: Put in what?
(18:14:13) aturkot: I put in the 1st journal
(18:14:31) Chris: Oh! Great....I will take a look after class
(18:14:45) Chris: I was talking about your posting for the start and end dates of your project....
(18:14:58) Chris: it says your start date is 11/24 and I got concerned
(18:15:07) Luann: I am a little behind, but plan to work and post some of it tonight after class.
(18:15:10) Chris: So, I don't have to be concerned anymore, right?
(18:15:16) aturkot: right
(18:15:34) Chris: You are OK, Luann
(18:15:56) Luann: I have journaled two days, but haven't posted.
(18:15:59) Chris: We just want you to start your project around this you are all on track
(18:16:35) Chris: Oh, long as you are don't have to post everyday but...
(18:16:43) Chris: you have to journal everyday :-)
(18:17:09) Luann: OK
(18:17:11) smcnicho: That was my question.
(18:17:14) aturkot: ok
(18:18:04) Chris: How do you feel about the student direction part of your project?
(18:18:26) Chris: Any problems, questions, comments?
(18:18:41) smcnicho: I'm nervous about that part.
(18:18:56) aturkot: I think it will be okay
(18:19:04) Pam: It's going to be hard to give up that control
(18:19:21) Luann: I think it is going ok, it really doesn't matter what direction they decide to go in as long as we are doing research.
(18:19:29) aturkot: my kids really took it an ran today... I was just the writer on their ideas
(18:19:35) Pam: but I'm interested to see where they take it.
(18:19:58) Chris: Good points...all
(18:20:04) Luann: My kids are still excited...they want to know when we are working on it next.
(18:20:16) Chris: :-)
(18:20:42) Luann: :) Glad you are smiling
(18:20:44) Chris: Any ideas on how to make it less threatening to yourselves/
(18:21:14) smcnicho: I'm wondering if I should have done it with only one class instead of 4.
(18:21:28) Luann: I think one would have been plenty
(18:21:40) smcnicho: By the 4th time, my patience is thin.
(18:21:47) Luann: Good luck though
(18:21:56) Chris: But now you will get more practice and be better at it sooner
(18:22:12) aturkot: I can imagine that... I tried to get a teammate involved with me to make it idea sharing or working out easier....
(18:22:14) aturkot: but no takers
(18:22:24) Luann: Can you let each group go in a different direction to make it easier on you?
(18:22:33) aturkot: I have arranged for a lot of parent helperd and I think that will help me out
(18:22:50) Chris: I was impressed with that aspect of your project Amy
(18:23:00) Pam: I'm only going with two. I know the more advanced classes can handle it. I'd like to try it with the two lower classes.
(18:23:13) Luann: Good idea
(18:23:34) Pam: And I have both in the morning...they focus better then.
(18:23:51) Chris: That is good planning Pam
(18:23:57) smcnicho: Pam will come to relieve me if the 2 lower classes in the afternoon are driving me crazy!
(18:24:18) Chris: :-)
(18:24:22) Pam: Sure.....I think
(18:24:46) Chris: How are they driving you crazy?
(18:25:27) smcnicho: Well, they talk too much for my taste, and it usually isn't about science.
(18:25:35) Pam: Sue. COuld you just do the two upper classes. That way they'd all be getting the project between the two of us.
(18:25:51) Chris: That's a good idea
(18:26:30) Chris: Maybe it wouldn't be so stressful that way for the first time through
(18:26:31) aturkot: that is a great idea... then have the 2 classes present to the other 2 classes
(18:26:42) smcnicho: I was thinking about that, but then the other 2 classes would have to have alternate lessons, which I'm too busy to create.
(18:26:50) Chris: WOW....that's a great idea too
(18:27:07) Pam: They could benefit from extra lessons on the material.
(18:27:07) smcnicho: I do like the presentation idea, Amy.
(18:27:23) smcnicho: You are right too, Pam
(18:27:47) Pam: But, do what you think is best.
(18:28:12) Chris: Most are the one that knows what will work best with your classes
(18:28:30) smcnicho: I'll let you know how it goes with 4 classes. The 2 lower ones won't have as much on their rubrics to cover.
(18:28:33) Chris: And you can't wear the teacher out this early in the year!
(18:28:53) smcnicho: They try, though.
(18:28:54) Pam: Oh, but you haven't met our kids!
(18:29:17) Chris: Sounds like a lively bunch!
(18:29:47) Chris: Many times, those kids are the ones that do best with EL projects
(18:29:53) Pam: Very lively. I'm hoping the direction part of the project will get them excited about their learning.
(18:30:01) Chris: Captures their interest and their energy is spent productively
(18:30:14) aturkot: I am very excited to see what kids take off with this in my class
(18:30:22) aturkot: they were all into it today that is for sure
(18:30:37) smcnicho: I may have to loosen up a bit.
(18:31:28) Chris: Remember, it isn't the end of the world if one day falls flat....there is always the next day!
(18:32:04) smcnicho: And the next day for me is a half day!
(18:32:21) Chris: How are you promoting the student direction in your projects?
(18:34:05) Chris: Anyone?
(18:34:09) aturkot: I am going to have them contribute to the rubric... I am going on their lead
(18:34:25) smcnicho: I had planned on that, too...
(18:34:25) aturkot: after I was done a kid said.. can I bring in something from Germany...
(18:34:40) aturkot: then everyone wants to bring in something to add to our artifact collection
(18:34:52) Luann: Tomorrow I am asking what we can do with all the data we collected and see where that takes me.
(18:35:33) Chris: How about you Pam?
(18:36:48) Pam: My kids will be directed to produce something to help our new students. Through discussion and brainstorming, I hop to be able to find some common interest groups they can work in.
(18:36:56) Pam: hope
(18:38:20) Chris: I think you guys have the student direction part down pretty well.....
(18:38:31) Chris: it is always interesting to see it put into action.
(18:38:46) Chris: Be sure to jot down in your journaling the questions they come up with...
(18:38:55) Chris: those are always an eye opener
(18:40:14) Chris: Any questions on student direction? Or comments?
(18:40:27) aturkot: no I don't think so
(18:40:31) Luann: Not at this time
(18:40:32) Pam: No
(18:40:44) Chris: Sue?
(18:40:49) smcnicho: no
(18:41:02) Chris: Ok....the gifted group again!
(18:41:17) aturkot: ?
(18:41:23) Chris: We can start a bit early then on the rubric section
(18:41:32) aturkot: now when we put in our journals...
(18:41:49) Chris: yes
(18:41:56) aturkot: I hit save... will it be there now.. when I went back earlier all I saw was the template
(18:42:38) Chris: Did you type it into the bb section for the journal?
(18:42:53) aturkot: I think so...
(18:43:00) aturkot: I need to go and recheck it later
(18:43:26) Chris: You can always refresh the page as well after you Save your comment
(18:43:34) Chris: That might bring it up for you
(18:44:00) aturkot: okay thanks
(18:44:40) Chris: Again, if you are having trouble with the bulletin board, Laura is running a breakout session on it tonight
(18:44:45) Pam: brb
(18:45:09) Chris: Ok Pam
(18:45:17) smcnicho: what?
(18:45:34) Chris: Anyone else need a bathroom break before we get started on part 2
(18:45:43) Luann: no
(18:46:00) smcnicho: Oh, I thought it was some computer lingo
(18:46:14) aturkot: yes
(18:46:14) Chris: You can take one anytime during class, Pam was just letting me know that she would be gone for a couple of minutes.
(18:46:33) Chris: brb=bathroom break
(18:47:09) Chris: I can't remember most of the lingo, so I just use English :-)
(18:47:23) smcnicho: me too
(18:47:32) Chris: We are now going to take a look at the rubric for assessing journals
(18:47:43) Pam: Sorry, i meant be right back. My son stayed home from school today, and someone just dropped off his homework
(18:47:50) Chris: You were all sent a copy via email today....did you get it
(18:47:55) aturkot: yes
(18:47:56) Pam: Yes
(18:47:59) Luann: yes
(18:48:07) smcnicho: yes
(18:48:42) Chris: OK....we are going to need a volunteer to act as our scribe again tonight
(18:48:47) Chris: Luann did it last time
(18:48:54) Chris: Do we have a volunteer?
(18:49:28) aturkot: I can do it this time... do I put it into word?
(18:49:32) Chris: Don't all raise your hand at once now
(18:49:38) Chris: Yeah Amy!
(18:49:44) Luann: Thank you Amy
(18:49:57) Chris: Yes, just use the rubric that was sent to you and fill it out as we go along
(18:50:00) Pam: Thanks, Amy
(18:50:26) aturkot: okay
(18:50:33) Chris: Then you can email it as an attachment to the listserv - staff and class ones
(18:50:56) aturkot: got it... all ready
(18:51:52) Chris: Here is a webpage that shows Bloom's taxonomy
(18:51:57) Chris:
(18:52:15) Chris: Take a look at that if you need to during the discussion
(18:52:51) Chris: It gives levels, definitions, sample verbs and sample behaviors
(18:53:10) Chris: We also have the first entry of the rubric filled out as an example
(18:53:31) Chris: Which of the remaining entrys do you want to start with?
(18:53:38) aturkot: are we doing the whole rubric... or one section
(18:53:50) aturkot: from what I understood from the email it said that it would be divided up
(18:54:29) Chris: I will right back
(18:54:31) Luann: That's what I thought also
(18:54:59) smcnicho: Yes, that's what the email said.
(18:55:39) Chris: OK....we get to pick one
(18:55:40) Luann: ok, I printed out Bloom... for easy reference
(18:55:45) Chris: Which do you guys want
(18:56:06) aturkot: me too
(18:56:12) Luann: How about Journal entries reflect prompts
(18:56:18) aturkot: sounds good
(18:56:23) smcnicho: fine
(18:56:28) Pam: ok
(18:56:52) Chris: OK....I just claimed it for our group
(18:57:13) Pam: there are no built in criteria, so we're going to have to think about this one.
(18:57:30) Chris: You guys are great thinkers
(18:58:12) Pam: i usually start with the top score and work backwards
(18:58:34) Chris: What level do you think this falls in?
(18:59:25) aturkot: would something along the lines of... prompt is answered with supporting detail or examples
(18:59:47) aturkot: I don't know what you mean Chris... with a level?
(18:59:54) Luann: ok, so you are saying we are looking at the 4 points
(19:00:16) Pam: I'm stuck between comprehension and application
(19:00:32) Luann: we use what amy said and put a value in about how much they have to say?
(19:00:47) Chris: Of Bloom's taxonomy....knowledge...comprehension...application...analysis...syntheiss...evaluation
(19:01:43) aturkot: I would say comprehension
(19:01:44) Luann: this would be analysis?
(19:02:34) Luann: could this be both?
(19:03:33) Luann: are you saying given a prompt they reflect on it so this is comprehension?...
(19:03:48) Pam: I'm moving toward application. Did they use the promts in their journals?
(19:04:15) aturkot: that is more application than comprehension
(19:04:19) Pam: uses data to complete a task...
(19:04:22) Chris: You guys decide
(19:04:55) aturkot: sue what do you think
(19:05:11) smcnicho: I'm leaning more towards application
(19:05:54) aturkot: in the journal.. there will be a transfer of knowledge... so application would work...
(19:06:03) aturkot: it seems like it could be a little bit of a couple
(19:06:15) Luann: sounds good to me
(19:06:15) smcnicho: Uses principles to complete a problem is what I'm seeing
(19:07:18) aturkot: sounds good to me too
(19:07:47) Luann: So where do we go from here?
(19:08:11) Chris: what would you have the highest be?
(19:08:16) smcnicho: Look at application and try to write criteria for the 4 points
(19:08:18) Luann: Do we all agree it is application?
(19:08:22) Pam: yes
(19:08:23) aturkot: yes
(19:08:27) smcnicho: yes
(19:09:25) aturkot: prompt is answered with support... or examples. .... or something
(19:10:08) aturkot: uses evidence from project to support prompt...
(19:10:29) Pam: Highest level: All journal entries refer to concepts in the prompts.
(19:10:43) Luann: Journal entries reflect prompts with 3 supporting details or examples?
(19:11:00) Pam: The qualifier doesn't ask for support
(19:11:33) Luann: All journal entries reflect prompts
(19:11:44) Pam: We could model ours after the example on top: 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, all
(19:11:55) Luann: then we could say for 3, some reflect prompts
(19:12:03) smcnicho: It would be consistent, then
(19:12:05) aturkot: but is that something we can look into ... using support
(19:12:06) Luann: same as what is written is good
(19:12:19) aturkot: yes same is good
(19:12:43) aturkot: so basically all we need to do in answer the prompts and we get full credit...
(19:13:03) aturkot: shouldn't we need to show evidence or something
(19:13:45) Luann: The other criteria ask for examples, maybe that's enough for this
(19:13:47) Pam: 1 - At least 1/4 of the entries reflect prompts. 2 - At least 1/2 of the entries reflect prompts. 3. At least 3/4 of the entries reflect prompts. 4 - All of the entries reflect prompts.
(19:14:01) Luann: Pam, that works for me
(19:14:14) aturkot: me too I will put that in now
(19:14:28) smcnicho: good
(19:14:31) Pam: The other criteria asks for support, but this one doesn't
(19:14:52) smcnicho: I think support moves us into another level
(19:15:03) Luann: So in other words if you write a journal entry and don't reflect on the prompt you don't get a 4
(19:15:24) Pam: Chris, are we oversimplifying?
(19:15:51) Chris: No, the simpler the better.
(19:15:52) aturkot: okay.. done unless there are other changes
(19:15:58) Chris: You are doing well.
(19:16:26) Luann: Do we have to do more or is this fine?
(19:17:05) Luann: This rubric is for assessing our journals correct?
(19:17:18) Pam: The prompts suggest things to look out for and reflect upon. You could write a journal entry about how great your day went, but not address any concerns voiced in the prompts.
(19:17:41) Chris: Think this is fine.
(19:17:52) Chris: Now, how do you feel about going over one more?
(19:18:00) Chris: since you are the gifted group
(19:18:08) aturkot: okay
(19:18:23) Luann: You know flattery will get you no where, but fine we can do another one
(19:18:32) Pam: ok
(19:18:38) Pam: which one?
(19:18:41) Luann: Someone choose one
(19:19:15) Chris: How about number 4
(19:19:27) Chris: No one has that one yet and we need to cover them all
(19:19:41) smcnicho: What does it say?
(19:19:44) aturkot: sounds good
(19:19:49) Pam: Journal entries document changes you plan to make when you implement the project a second time.
(19:20:35) smcnicho: ok
(19:20:54) Pam: Synthesis?
(19:21:16) smcnicho: ditto
(19:21:34) Luann: agree
(19:21:38) aturkot: yes
(19:22:21) smcnicho: It's hard to assign points, though.
(19:22:33) Luann: My concern here is what if you planned so well the first time you don't have many changes to implement it a second time>
(19:22:47) aturkot: good point
(19:22:49) Luann: So how do you assign points
(19:22:58) Chris: That is right, but then you need to journal that fact
(19:23:18) Chris: If you don't plan on making any changes, you need to state that
(19:23:29) aturkot: don't you think that there will be something that needs to change?
(19:23:35) Luann: I know there is always room for improvement...but putting a quantity on it sounds unfair
(19:23:42) smcnicho: At least evaluate what you did and decide if changes need to be make.
(19:23:54) smcnicho: made
(19:24:05) aturkot: so we need to start with the highest value correct?
(19:24:11) Luann: I agree you need to journal all that, but how do you assign points?
(19:24:31) Chris: Look at the first line of the rubric that was already filled in
(19:24:39) Chris: Couldn't you do something like that
(19:25:44) aturkot: could we say something that changes are noted in the reflection
(19:26:32) aturkot: if no changes.. would we put no changes?
(19:26:39) smcnicho: how about "All parts reflected upon and necessary changes have been developed"?
(19:26:49) Luann: ok, for 4 points, but what about 3 points
(19:27:15) smcnicho: 3/4 have been reflectedupon...
(19:27:20) aturkot: this is like a either you have it or you don't
(19:27:27) Pam: go with the fractions
(19:27:29) Luann: How will we know all parts were reflected upon?
(19:27:36) Pam: how many entries have it?
(19:28:00) Luann: I agree with Amy I think you have it or you don't
(19:28:12) Chris: What about 3/4 of the days show reflection on changes you plan to make when you implement the project a second time
(19:28:28) Chris: Then 1/2 of the days
(19:28:34) Chris: then 1/4 of the days
(19:29:05) Chris: You can state that you wouldn't change anything on a particular day and still get credit
(19:29:16) Luann: So if you make no changes because things went well on some days and you document no changes and get the credit
(19:29:31) smcnicho: sounds reasonable
(19:29:37) Chris: yes
(19:29:38) aturkot: so for 4 points in will say...
(19:30:03) aturkot: all the days show reflection on changes you plan to make when you implement the project for a 2nd time
(19:30:34) Luann: Do we have to say something about if no changes were made there is documentation on why?
(19:31:08) aturkot: could we make it say... plan/not plan to make
(19:31:34) Luann: that sounds reasonable...what do you think?
(19:31:40) smcnicho: ...changes you may or may not make...
(19:32:04) Luann: that sounds better
(19:32:32) aturkot: All the entries??? or days?
(19:32:41) Pam: entries
(19:33:09) aturkot: All the entries show reflection or changes you may or may not make when you implement the prject ofr a 2nd time
(19:33:17) aturkot: for
(19:33:32) Chris: Sounds good
(19:33:36) Luann: sounds good
(19:33:57) smcnicho: yes
(19:34:04) Chris: Then do 3/4, 1/2 and 1/4 for the rest
(19:34:37) aturkot: At least ¾ the entries show reflection or changes you may or may not make when you implement the project for a 2nd time.
(19:34:41) aturkot: correct?
(19:34:48) Chris: yes
(19:34:49) Luann: yes
(19:35:09) Luann: Just make sure you type 3/4 of the
(19:35:37) aturkot: yes
(19:35:56) Luann: Thanks Amy, nice job!!:)
(19:36:16) Chris: A round of applause for Amy!
(19:36:27) Pam: clap clap clap
(19:36:35) Luann: yea, yea, yea
(19:36:43) smcnicho: thanks Amy
(19:36:49) Chris: You just need to email that as an attachment to the staff listserv
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(19:36:58) aturkot: now... should the other groups just send me thier part.. and i can make one mailing to everyone rather than getting a ton of emails
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(19:37:28) Chris: We will combine it - the staff that just email it to the staff listserv
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(19:37:41) Luann: Paula, are you lost?
(19:37:47) Chris: We are starting to move for the breakout session now
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(19:38:05) Chris: check the chat may need to refresh the page.....
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(19:38:12) Chris: and you will see where to go
(19:38:19) ppeterso [] entered the room.
(19:38:41) smcnicho: talk to you later!
(19:38:42) lauram: Hi Paula, You are in the right room for breakouts
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(19:38:58) aturkot: by all
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(19:39:09) lauram: Pam this is the right room for you also, welcome
(19:39:10) spiltave [] entered the room.
(19:39:17) ppeterso: thanks--my computer kept changing me back and forth.
(19:39:19) Pam: thanks
(19:39:29) lauram: Marie you are with us too.
(19:39:36) Luann left the room.
(19:39:48) lauram: and Sue P. Excellent! We have everyone
(19:40:16) lauram: This session is on using the bulletin board
(19:40:41) lauram: were there particular tasks you wanted to start with ...
(19:40:54) lauram: or should we just walk thru an overview?
(19:41:07) Pam: overview would be nice
(19:41:11) ppeterso: lets do an overview
(19:41:20) mgehrig left the room.
(19:41:25) mgehrig [] entered the room.
(19:41:46) lauram: welcome back Marie, I know you are having some connection troubles.
(19:41:47) mgehrig left the room (Logged out).
(19:42:02) mgehrig [] entered the room.
(19:42:07) lauram: Sue P? anything specific?
(19:42:27) spiltave: overview is fine.
(19:42:39) lauram: ok, we'll start with an overview.
(19:42:57) lauram: The two main things you are doing on the bulletin board are ...
(19:43:04) mgehrig: Is this room 3
(19:43:19) lauram: Yes Marie, You are in the right place.
(19:43:37) mgehrig: my computer keeps turning off
(19:43:42) mgehrig: sorry
(19:43:43) lauram: 1) commenting on class reflections ...
(19:43:54) lauram: 2) writing your project journals
(19:44:03) mgehrig: ok
(19:44:09) lauram: we understand Marie ..
(19:44:26) lauram: For commenting on your class reflections ...
(19:45:14) lauram: You go to the assignment sheet, click on the link such as the oct 24 link for stating breakout room preferences.
(19:45:51) lauram: then you log in with username and password, and click on the Add Comment button to add your comment
(19:46:52) lauram: Can every one try this for a posting assignment you have not completed yet, then come back with questions or say "done" if you were successful.
(19:47:48) ppeterso: on my way
(19:48:01) lauram: The assignment sheet is at
(19:48:07) mgehrig: DONE
(19:48:26) Pam: done
(19:49:29) lauram: great, another thing you can do is Reply to someone else's comment.
(19:49:39) mgehrig: DONE
(19:50:16) ppeterso: it's not working for me\
(19:50:41) ppeterso: I put in [removed]
(19:50:52) ppeterso: and then I used the password you told me earlier
(19:51:11) lauram: You can do this by clicking on the "Reply to This" button on each comment instead of clicking on the "Add comment button" on the very first posting. Try replying to someone else's comment, and say "done repying" when done.
(19:51:21) lauram: Paula, you are very close.
(19:51:34) lauram: Just use a username of [removed] and you will have it!
(19:51:48) spiltave: done
(19:52:00) lauram: Unfortunately the usernames are not the same as chat. Try adding the n at the end.
(19:52:31) lauram: great sue. Try replying to someone else's added comment using the "reply to this" button
(19:52:49) ppeterso: do I capitalize the password
(19:53:06) lauram: Paula, all small letters in your username and password.
(19:54:15) ppeterso: it still isn't working
(19:54:49) lauram: When you add comments and replies, you always have to click on the Add Comment button at bottom to finish the post
(19:55:03) ppeterso: i did it
(19:55:22) mgehrig: YEAH
(19:55:34) lauram: Paula, Excellent! Welcome to the bulletin board
(19:56:09) lauram: Marie and Pam and SueP have you been able to reply to someone else's comment?
(19:56:20) Pam: Yes
(19:56:25) mgehrig: YES
(19:56:26) lauram: great
(19:56:52) lauram: We'll go to editing project journals.
(19:57:07) lauram: These are a bit different
(19:57:35) ppeterso: now where do I go? I am at the home page and do not see the reflections
(19:58:17) lauram: to get there, go to assignment sheet and in "every day" block click on "project journal area" and let me know when you are there.
(19:58:45) Pam: there
(19:58:54) mgehrig: ok
(19:59:25) lauram: Sue P, how are you doing?
(20:00:24) spiltave: I'm in Plone. I clicked on the file folder that said Project Journals. Is that correct?
(20:00:51) lauram: ok, yes that is good Sue - For the project journals you are going to edit the actual document instead of adding a comment
(20:01:20) lauram: So click on your link in the list mgehrig, plindemann, splitaver ...
(20:01:25) spiltave: It says words words words
(20:01:44) spiltave: Do you highlight and replace?
(20:01:53) lauram: Paula, I am whispering to you, can you switch to the whisper window. It should be another tab on your chat window.
(20:01:58) ppeterso: I'm there
(20:02:18) lauram: great. Yes sue, the words words words are a place holder
(20:02:28) lauram: so you don't have to copy in questions or do formatting
(20:02:39) lauram: For this one you want to click on the EDIT tab.
(20:02:47) lauram: Please click on that.
(20:02:59) ppeterso: i don't know where the whisper icon is
(20:03:29) lauram: There should be a tab at the top or bottom of your chat window
(20:04:22) lauram: Pam, Marie, Sue ... scroll down in your window for editing till you see the "body text" section.
(20:04:28) lauram: You can edit in there.
(20:04:38) mgehrig left the room.
(20:04:50) Pam: ok
(20:04:58) spiltave: my edit is still opening.
(20:05:00) lauram: Just put in your words instead of the placeholder words or add a response to each question
(20:05:09) mgehrig [] entered the room.
(20:05:30) lauram: If you keep the same indents and spacing, it will be formatted nicely
(20:05:58) spiltave: you can't do this in view? only in edit? because my edit page is completely different than my view
(20:06:11) lauram: Sue, I'm guessing you have your editor set to the fancy graphic editor and not a very fast connection
(20:06:28) lauram: we can fix your configuration so it will go more quickly
(20:06:30) ppeterso left the room.
(20:07:01) lauram: Sue, yes you can only edit when you are in Edit mode by clicking on the Edit tab.
(20:07:07) ppeterso [] entered the room.
(20:07:27) spiltave: it finally loaded and I can see I'm going to try to type
(20:07:34) lauram: When you are done editing, scroll to bottom and click on the SAVE button
(20:07:45) lauram: If you do not click on the SAVE button your changes are not saved.
(20:07:59) lauram: clicking on the Save button will take you back to the VIEW mode
(20:08:07) spiltave: that was my next question. we have to click save.
(20:08:14) ppeterso: I have looked all over the page and can't find the whisper button
(20:08:21) lauram: You can switch between Edit and View mode as many times as you like to make changes to your journal
(20:08:24) spiltave: so each time we will be typing in the same document?
(20:08:33) lauram: Ok, Paula, no problem - we will talk in this room
(20:08:50) lauram: Yes, Sue, each time you will be editing the same document
(20:08:53) ppeterso: for future reference what should it look like
(20:09:14) spiltave: whisper was at the top for me last week. Next to the room icon at the top. It looked like an addtional file folder next to the light bulb and the linc room #
(20:09:21) lauram: Ok paula, do you see a navigation column to the left that has the link "act I reflections in it"?
(20:09:28) lauram: Thanks Sue!
(20:09:56) spiltave: Paula it looked like I was in 2 chat rooms
(20:10:03) lauram: Sue/Pam/Marie - the edit format is different than the view format.
(20:10:26) lauram: the edit format is using "structured" text, so you can add links, bold, lists and underlines if you like.
(20:10:40) spiltave: yes, i see.
(20:10:51) mgehrig: I know how to move from plone to assignment page but I still don't know how to edit my text. I type it in word then paste it in the body text
(20:10:51) ppeterso: yes. I see it
(20:10:53) lauram: There is a cheat sheet how to do this if you scroll up to the top of your document in edit mode and click on ...
(20:11:06) lauram: structured text cheat sheet.
(20:11:16) mgehrig: hi
(20:11:20) lauram: we don't require any fancy formatting, but it is there if you like.
(20:11:40) lauram: Paula, great click on LinC ACt I reflections, then click on one you'd like to respond to.
(20:12:10) lauram: Hi Marie, any questions?
(20:12:20) mgehrig: Well,
(20:12:32) lauram: So when you edit your journal document you use the Edit tab.
(20:12:40) mgehrig: My computer keeps kicking me off the net. It is a brand new lap top
(20:12:59) lauram: when you want to comment on someone else's journal , you use the Add Comment button
(20:13:05) lauram: does that make sense
(20:13:18) mgehrig: I understand all of that
(20:13:22) lauram: Paula, have you found a reflection to Add a Comment too.
(20:13:35) ppeterso: yes
(20:13:46) ppeterso: am waithing for page to download
(20:13:48) spiltave: where will add comment be? I don't see it in view.
(20:13:49) mgehrig: How do I go back an edit my journal. Is there a spell check?
(20:13:56) lauram: ok Marie, are you getting kicked off always at the same number of minutes (like after 10 min)?
(20:14:07) mgehrig: Probably
(20:14:10) lauram: Marie, Sorry, I don't think there is a spell check.
(20:14:19) mgehrig: That is OK
(20:14:45) lauram: You might want to talk to your ISP about how to set the idle time longer so it's 1-2hrs instead of 10 or 20 minutes
(20:15:19) lauram: Ok Paula, give adding a comment a try and let us know if it works for you.
(20:15:26) mgehrig left the room.
(20:15:44) lauram: Pam, one nice feature is the search.
(20:16:08) lauram: you can search for postings containing certain words. This is at the top of the plone window
(20:16:18) Pam: right corner
(20:16:24) mgehrig [] entered the room.
(20:16:38) ppeterso: I am doing it --yeah
(20:16:43) lauram: I usually leave the box blank, and then use the "Advanced Search: link that comes up ...
(20:16:46) Pam: so when i was looking for the hook post yesterday, could i have used that to find it?
(20:16:59) mgehrig: i'm getting frustrated I want to talk to who
(20:17:15) lauram: to search for postings by a given author (this is at bottom of advanced search page)
(20:17:21) lauram: you can search for your own postings.
(20:17:28) mgehrig: I didn't have this problem last week
(20:18:24) lauram: Marie, ask your internet service provider how to change the idle setting so it lets you stay on longer, or ask if they can think of any reason you would be getting bumped of jabber regularly.
(20:18:30) spiltave: laura I don't understand what you and Pam are talking about. I don't see a search.
(20:18:33) lauram: Paula, congrats on posting!
(20:18:47) ppeterso: Did you see it?
(20:18:54) lauram: Sue P, near the top of the plone window is a button which says Search
(20:18:58) lauram: click on that.
(20:19:38) spiltave: found it.
(20:19:39) ppeterso: How do I edit my reflection
(20:19:41) spiltave: tHANKS
(20:19:50) Pam: got it. If there's nothing else.....
(20:20:00) lauram: Others, It is time for class to end, but I can stay for questions if you like and for walking you thru ...
(20:20:18) lauram: turning off the fancy editor so your edit pages come up much more quickly
(20:20:21) Pam: thanks. Bye all
(20:20:24) lauram: if you need to leave that's dine.
(20:20:24) Pam left the room.
(20:20:37) mgehrig: bye
(20:20:44) mgehrig left the room (Logged out).
(20:20:58) lauram: Hi Paula, You can't edit the reflection, but you could remove it and make a new one if you don't like what you posted
(20:21:05) lauram: You can edit the project journals though
(20:21:17) ppeterso: I forgot to put my name on it.
(20:21:18) lauram: Sue, do you want to go thru the steps to make yours faster?
(20:21:19) spiltave: that fine. I'll stay But my new computer is really slow at everything. AOL takes about 4 minutes to start.
(20:21:39) lauram: Paula, that's ok, your name is put on it automatically.
(20:21:40) ppeterso: I was so excited I was able to get in I left the title but didn't put a name
(20:21:46) spiltave: Am I making changes that efeect everything or just Plone?
(20:22:02) lauram: Sue P, you are making changes that affect only plone.
(20:22:14) spiltave: :(
(20:22:29) ppeterso: Now I can start posting my entries :-D
(20:22:31) spiltave: I want this dumb computer to go FAST!!!!
(20:22:37) lauram: in the orange bar near top, click on "My Preferences" and tell me when you are there.
(20:23:00) lauram: Paula, great! You are up and running with the bulletin board then! Congrats!
(20:23:14) lauram: The project journal is a little different.
(20:23:24) spiltave: It says PLONE MEMBER PREFERENCES
(20:23:37) lauram: You will use the EDIT tab instead of the ADD COMMENT button for your project journal.
(20:24:01) lauram: Sue, that is right.
(20:24:17) Chris: Laura, is there something you want the facilitators to discuss tonight?
(20:24:25) lauram: next click on Personal Preferences
(20:24:42) ppeterso: Laura--Thank You SOOOOOO Much.
(20:25:00) spiltave: I'm there
(20:25:14) lauram: no problem paula, glad its working!
(20:25:45) lauram: Sue, great.
(20:25:59) lauram: what does it say under "content editor"?
(20:26:10) spiltave: kupu
(20:26:19) lauram: Ok, that is what is slowing you down.
(20:26:25) lauram: Change it to None.
(20:26:42) lauram: Then click SAVE button at the bottom
(20:26:43) spiltave: save at the bottom?
(20:26:57) lauram: you definitley have the hang of this!
(20:26:59) spiltave: look at how close our times were!!
(20:27:16) lauram: next time you go to edit your journal etc the page should come up much faster.
(20:27:41) spiltave: Thanks. Have a great week.
(20:28:02) spiltave left the room.
(20:28:10) lauram: great, have a good night.
(20:28:58) lauram: Paula, do you want to call it a night, or do you wnat to try Editing your project journal?
(20:29:08) Chris left the room.
(20:29:45) ppeterso: I'll do whatever you want
(20:30:09) lauram: why don't you try editing your project journal to make sure it works for you.
(20:30:22) ppeterso: How do I do that
(20:31:05) lauram: To do that you cal click on Project Journals in the navigation bar or on the assignment sheet in the "every week" block at the beginning ...
(20:31:24) lauram: click on the "project journal" link. Either way is fine.
(20:31:30) lauram: Let me know when you are there.
(20:32:19) ppeterso: I am getting there now
(20:32:52) lauram: great.
(20:33:00) ppeterso: I am the login page now
(20:34:20) ppeterso: I'm there now
(20:34:32) lauram: next click on the ppeterson link in the list
(20:34:59) ppeterso: did--its downloading
(20:35:15) ppeterso: i'm in
(20:35:17) lauram: if it's taking a long time, I can walk you thru the change we just did for Sue.
(20:35:27) ppeterso: thanks
(20:35:31) lauram: great, this is VIEW mode.
(20:35:44) lauram: To edit the content, click on the EDIT tab
(20:36:09) lauram: scroll down to the section which says "Body text"
(20:36:20) lauram: the questions and formatting are already in there for you.
(20:36:35) lauram: You just edit in your test instead of the words words words ...
(20:36:40) lauram: or just below the questions.
(20:36:57) ppeterso: oaky--do you want me to do that now or when we finish
(20:37:09) lauram: When you are done, scroll to bottom and click on SAVE button.
(20:37:22) lauram: For now, just edit in something like "hello there"
(20:37:33) lauram: Then click on SAVE at the bottom
(20:38:00) ppeterso: I can't get to the body part
(20:38:22) ppeterso: It won't let me out of the description box
(20:38:42) lauram: Can you scroll down and click your mouse into the "Body Text" field?
(20:39:29) lauram: This might be my fault, because I was also looking at your document
(20:39:33) ppeterso: I finally got it. It just hadn't downloaded yet?
(20:39:46) lauram: at the same time .. I have left your document
(20:40:26) lauram: ok, is it done downloading?
(20:41:12) ppeterso: I saved a sentence in the first question. DId you see it?
(20:41:34) lauram: yes, Hooray! it is there!!
(20:41:46) ppeterso: Now can I add more?
(20:41:54) ppeterso: Do I always go to edit
(20:42:15) lauram: So you use the EDIT tab when you want to edit your document and the "Add Comment" button if you want to add a comment to someone else's project journal.
(20:42:31) ppeterso: You can't edit the comments right
(20:42:44) lauram: Yes, for your own journal you use the Edit Tab and then Save at the bottom
(20:42:50) lauram: takes you back to VIEW mode.
(20:42:56) lauram: You can edit as often as you like.
(20:43:03) lauram: Right, you can't edit a comment ....
(20:43:23) lauram: you can just remove it using "remove this dicussion" button and add a new one if you prefer
(20:43:46) lauram: This is why the Edit tab is better for working on your project journal so you can edit as many times as you like.
(20:43:48) ppeterso: Thank you very very much. I better let you go home. Is there anything else I need to know before you go
(20:44:16) lauram: Maybe we should change your preferences so your window comes up more quickly ... it's up to you.
(20:44:55) ppeterso: Sure--how do I do that
(20:45:08) lauram: click on "My preferences" in orange navigation bar at top
(20:45:23) lauram: let me know when you are there.
(20:45:30) ppeterso: its coming
(20:45:38) ppeterso: im there
(20:45:39) lauram: now click on personal preferences link.
(20:45:56) ppeterso: okay
(20:46:07) lauram: Now change "Content Editor" to "none" instead of "Kupu"
(20:46:19) lauram: Did yours say kupu?
(20:47:33) ppeterso: still downloading --don't know yet
(20:47:57) ppeterso: yes it said kapu
(20:48:26) lauram: after choosing None for content editor hit SAVE button at bottom and you are done.
(20:48:42) lauram: This will load faster when you go to edit your journal or comments
(20:49:10) ppeterso: Did that
(20:49:21) lauram: but it won't have the fancy editor with buttons for formatting ... its your choice whichever you prefer
(20:49:32) ppeterso: I also posted my project dates earlier
(20:49:43) lauram: you can change it back to kupu if you decide later you like the graphic editor better.
(20:49:57) ppeterso: I Do i really need the fancy editor buttons. What are they for?
(20:50:03) lauram: ok, good, then you are on your way to completing the postings
(20:50:24) ppeterso: I appreciate your kindness in helping me get up and running
(20:50:33) lauram: You don't really need them because we already put formatting in - if you just put your answers below the questions it should look fine.
(20:50:47) lauram: talking about the project journal.
(20:51:06) lauram: So I think you are set now.
(20:51:26) ppeterso: Again that you. I an't express how appreciative I am !!!!!!!!!!!!
(20:51:41) ppeterso: :-D
(20:52:01) lauram: no problem, glad it is working for you.
(20:52:05) lauram: have a good night
(20:52:06) ppeterso: Good night
(20:52:26) ppeterso left the room.