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(17:44:30) jillanne has set the topic to: October 24: Student Direction, Rubric completion, breakouts
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(17:57:56) jillanne: Hi Marie
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(17:59:05) mgehrig: good evening
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(18:01:36) jillanne: Hi everyone. I hope you had a good week.
(18:01:44) Amy I: Hello!
(18:01:47) hyee: Hi Jill!
(18:01:47) mgehrig: busy week
(18:01:56) kend: Hi
(18:02:38) jillanne: Ken, are you finished implementing your project with your students?
(18:02:45) kend: Yes
(18:03:43) kend: I finished a week ago.
(18:03:56) jillanne: OK. That's what I thought. I hope you have been keeping good notes.
(18:04:37) kend: I have entered several journal notes and have lots of ideas for next semester
(18:05:13) jillanne: Hold that thought for a moment.. I'll have you go first.
(18:06:33) kend: What should I start on?
(18:06:41) jillanne: I'll let you know.
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(18:07:02) jillanne: Let's begin.
(18:07:47) jillanne: The first part of tonight's class focuses on student direction to help you refine that piece as you write your Future Action Plan in a few weeks.
(18:07:58) jillanne: Welcome back, everyone.
(18:08:20) jillanne: Jeann, were you able to post your reflections on Plone to get caught up?
(18:08:47) jlohfink: I was able to post reflections for tonight, but still need to for the other dates
(18:09:24) jlohfink: I have three typed and will post those tonight, then work on the rest. Thanks for asking.
(18:09:24) jillanne: OK. Hopefully, you can get caught up this week with the assignments so we can mark them off as done.
(18:10:15) jillanne: What is working (worked) well...and how did you make it happen through the structure of the project?
(18:11:12) jillanne: Since Ken's finished, we'll let him start.
(18:11:36) kend: Independent research on the web works well; the students appreciated the idea of working in small groups with less teacher direction...
(18:12:14) kend: Power Point works well - they like transferring images and videos
(18:12:23) jillanne: (high school level)
(18:12:32) kend: Yes seniors
(18:13:18) jillanne: Jump in.....anyone.
(18:13:24) Amy I: I'll go....
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(18:13:39) Amy I: I have a small role in our river project....
(18:13:57) Amy I: what I found to be wonderful is that everyone was completing the work....
(18:14:16) Amy I: I think the fact that it was a different type of task from the typical math class really made a difference...
(18:14:29) Amy I: I also found powerpoint useful for teaching the kids...
(18:14:52) Amy I: I was trying to go over stream features, and was able to put together a presentation with images....
(18:15:19) Amy I: I think that held their interest, better than notes or lecture or books could do.
(18:15:36) Amy I: Holly can comment on the other parts of the project that are going well.
(18:15:59) hyee: Amy, you may have had a small role....but it was vital!
(18:16:15) Amy I: :)
(18:16:30) hyee: The students came to science with maps they created in math...
(18:16:58) hyee: Amy had them scale from a larger Elgin map to just the stream map...
(18:17:20) hyee: This is now allowing us to use this map as we collect GPS data.
(18:17:40) hyee: Students are orienting themselves north...
(18:17:48) kend: What's GPS data?
(18:18:09) hyee: marking the GPS readings and recording their data in their science notebook.
(18:18:29) Amy I: Global positioning. Like latitude and longitude, but with technology and satelites
(18:18:32) hyee: Global Positioning satelitte
(18:18:44) hyee: Thanks Amy....
(18:19:24) hyee: The students are cold...but really like holding this new technology!
(18:20:10) jillanne: Marie - Mary - Jeanne?
(18:20:19) mgehrig: yes
(18:21:00) jillanne: What is working (worked) well...and how did you make it happen through the structure of the project?
(18:21:08) mgehrig: the students are into the web quest
(18:21:22) mgehrig: Since we can't actuallyclone
(18:21:38) mgehrig: the simulation on the computer is working well
(18:21:41) kend: How much time do they have each day?
(18:21:55) mgehrig: It is making a difficult topic easier to understand
(18:22:09) mgehrig: however, they still think they can clone something in class
(18:22:11) jillanne: Tell us more about the cloning simulation
(18:22:27) mgehrig: It through a web quest out of Utah
(18:22:39) mgehrig: The web quest takes them
(18:22:50) mgehrig: through a series of steps
(18:23:03) mgehrig: They have to gather information before they clone a mouse
(18:23:21) mgehrig: Then they use computerized lab equipment
(18:23:37) mgehrig: to simualte what actually happens when a scientists clones
(18:23:50) mgehrig: They can clone the mouse wrong
(18:23:58) jillanne: Explain your access to computers...lab? your classroom?
(18:24:17) mgehrig: Right now we are using the 16 computers in the library
(18:24:34) jillanne: Nice
(18:24:34) mgehrig: They take turns. Half are on teh computers the other half are
(18:24:58) mgehrig: working on another traditional assignment
(18:25:18) mgehrig: It is working
(18:25:30) jillanne: Thanks. Mary? it's all yours.
(18:25:40) maryolso: My project...
(18:26:03) maryolso: is currently on hold because of a variety of reasons...but
(18:26:42) maryolso: another project, not the bridge project is wrapping up. It was a project that I did not work on for this class.
(18:27:11) maryolso: My seventh graders...
(18:27:42) maryolso: have been given the task of investing for their college educations through the stock market.
(18:28:27) maryolso: They have invested $5000 in stock after doing extensive research into the company, its share holders, ...
(18:29:45) maryolso: Their project is due in final form on the 4th. The bridge project will begin again as soon as I am done with jury duty and the computer are free after the district gathering of data through performance series testing
(18:30:27) maryolso: I don't know what else to say
(18:30:32) jillanne: Wow...I can see why you've suspended things for awhile. Thanks. To everyone...What did the students do during your project that surprised/impressed you?
(18:30:50) jlohfink: Should I share my part?
(18:31:11) jillanne: Yes, of course...I'm sorry, I was watching the clock.
(18:31:22) jlohfink: I've been working with the students on the Big6 guide to information problem solving with students that have Marie and Mary. We've gone over the first few steps, with more scheduled. Trying to find ways to not just lecture, but make it relevant to the assignment and exciting. I plan on showing sample note cards so students understand. I want to take a more active role as they come down and continue working on the webquest and book work.
(18:32:20) jillanne: What do you plan to do (take a more active role)?
(18:32:26) jlohfink: I've been impressed that the 6th - 8th graders that have done this before are good at working independently. I have the 5th graders coming in that don't have these skills and are still waiting for the teacher.
(18:33:08) jlohfink: As a more active role, to walk around particularly on the bookwork and ask the evaluation of the process types of questions--what did you do that worked, how could you improve, etc.
(18:33:57) jillanne: Good questions to ask.
(18:34:34) jillanne: Any surprises so far?
(18:34:55) hyee: I'll go...
(18:35:22) mgehrig: No Aha's
(18:35:31) hyee: We (my student teacher and myself) gave the teams a backmapping form to fill out....
(18:36:00) hyee: and to my surprise, everyteam member is taking on respondibility of several tasks....
(18:36:34) hyee: I thought for sure there would be afew students who would sit back and not participate.
(18:36:54) Amy I: On a similar note, I am impressed by how well students did with this project. They were engaged and completed the work.  Typically, only 65% complete homework in our school, but I had 100% finish their work for this part of the project! 
(18:37:03) maryolso: I...
(18:37:06) hyee: We will see if they have all completed these tasks next week!:)
(18:37:35) maryolso: responded to your journal about how great that was. What an achievement!!!!!
(18:38:13) hyee: Thanks, I haven't had a chance to read it yet!
(18:38:26) jillanne: Did you do anything you wished you hadn't? (what would you change?)
(18:39:04) maryolso: Going back...
(18:39:50) maryolso: to success, I did hold a workshop with my students on using formulas in excel and was amazed how receptive they were to workshops
(18:40:54) jillanne: I think we often sell them short. Good news.
(18:41:03) jlohfink: That's how I am trying to organize my lessons--short with time are purpose to practice
(18:42:30) jillanne: I think you're all doing a great job.
(18:42:47) jillanne: You want to keep thinking about guiding without directing.
(18:43:06) jillanne: Pat yourself on the back.
(18:43:31) jillanne: Are there any questions or final comments re: student direction?
(18:43:43) Amy I: none here
(18:43:49) hyee: no
(18:43:55) jlohfink: not at this time
(18:44:00) mgehrig: i'm fine
(18:44:04) maryolso: no
(18:44:30) jillanne: Good...Then let's work on the rubric you started the first class. Please take a look at the copy that was emailed to you.
(18:44:56) jillanne: Let me know when you're ready to go on.
(18:44:59) Amy I: ok
(18:45:19) mgehrig: new lap top. Can't open it
(18:45:24) hyee: ok
(18:45:30) jlohfink: got it
(18:45:57) jillanne: The rubric should be linked from the assignment page, too.
(18:46:13) mgehrig: Ok, gOT IT
(18:46:22) jillanne: Got it, Ken?
(18:47:05) kend: yes but it openedd in Apple Works - looks a little weird
(18:47:11) jillanne: Let's finish what we started earlier. We were looking at some rubrics. Please go to...
(18:47:50) maryolso: Sorry, haven't access to mail all day. Printing it up now
(18:47:52) jillanne:
(18:48:05) Amy I: got it
(18:48:24) jlohfink: there
(18:48:32) hyee: I'm there
(18:48:38) jillanne: We were critiquing the rubric for strengths and weaknesses.
(18:49:10) jillanne: Take a look and see what you think.
(18:49:51) mgehrig: iT MAY BE hard to comment on all of these entries each time you respond. It will seem repetative
(18:50:16) Amy I: Numbers would be limiting to student's creativity.
(18:50:38) Amy I: I have a hard time telling the difference between internet skills descriptions
(18:50:38) mgehrig: IHow are you going to determine how many days each of us worked on the project?
(18:50:58) maryolso: I have a hard time with 1 under internet skills
(18:51:08) jlohfink: Numbers are limiting, but they are an "easy" way to quanitfy
(18:51:12) mgehrig: Am I on the right rubric
(18:51:22) jillanne: Marie, I don't think so.
(18:51:31) jlohfink: I too have difficulty with the Internet skills, Mary
(18:51:39) jillanne:
(18:51:57) jillanne: Let me back up.
(18:52:32) jillanne: First, we are to review/practice our "rubric skills" by looking at a sample or two.
(18:52:42) mgehrig: he one on the assignment page reads Entry is written for each day the project is implemented
(18:52:46) jillanne: That's the National Parks rubric URL I just sent.
(18:52:56) jillanne: Sorry if it wasn't clear.
(18:53:58) kend: Again, I always fall into quantifying with rubrics and sometimes I feel something is missing
(18:54:04) mgehrig: So where do I go again.The one you emailed?
(18:54:46) jillanne: Is everyone on the URL site I just sent here on chat?
(18:54:46) maryolso: National Parks....
(18:54:54) jillanne: yes.
(18:55:02) kend: I'm on
(18:55:14) maryolso: I think the high end is high and the low end is low...
(18:55:17) jlohfink: yes
(18:55:21) hyee: We have debated the issue of having a zero (0) column for students who do not turn in anything. I still go back and forth on that one.
(18:55:47) maryolso: It doesn't seem balanced and seems punitive to students who do not regularrly use the internes
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(18:56:22) kend: Yes rubrics can be used in a punitive way
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(18:56:41) jillanne: Interesting point, Mary. Maybe some pre-teaching would be necessary. Of course, we don't know that info about this teacher's students.
(18:56:52) jlohfink: It says nothing about the accuracy of the information found on the 'Internet
(18:56:53) maryolso: of course...
(18:57:01) mgehrig: sorry I got cut off
(18:57:23) mgehrig: The one I have is not on National parks
(18:57:24) maryolso: and I would suggest the use of workshops to help out those students who need more time on the internet
(18:57:55) jlohfink: That's my specialty Mary
(18:58:32) jlohfink: Under endangered parks..
(18:58:53) jlohfink: it just seems open to interpretation..
(18:59:24) jlohfink: 2 reasons why for 3 parks, or 2 reasons why for each park...
(18:59:34) maryolso: I agree
(19:00:06) jlohfink: Then what about th person who lists 3 parks, and 2 reasons for 2 but only 1 reason for the other?
(19:00:43) jillanne: Again....these are things that are very clear to the author...
(19:00:54) jillanne: and I assume are explained to the students, but...
(19:00:56) maryolso: Marie, scroll up in the conversation to the highlighted link and you will find national parks by clicking it open
(19:01:11) jillanne: it's always a good idea to ask for outside input.
(19:01:25) mgehrig: THANK YOU
(19:01:37) jillanne: Marie-
(19:01:46) jillanne: Were'nt you getting my "whispers?
(19:01:49) jlohfink: It comes across very clear that this person is interested in the thought process...
(19:01:53) mgehrig: no
(19:02:03) jillanne: I'm sorry, I've sent you two.
(19:02:16) jillanne: I didn't know.,. but am glad you're with us now.
(19:02:16) mgehrig: i HEARD A SOUND BUT NO TEXT
(19:02:34) jillanne: I'll have to check that out.
(19:02:35) jlohfink: To make it clearer for students, I think I would have a rubric for each--letters, e-il, etc.
(19:04:08) jillanne: Do you think it's better to get everything into one rubric or have several?
(19:04:23) Amy I: I think one is better...
(19:04:28) kend: Several
(19:04:46) hyee: I thought one...
(19:04:50) maryolso: I think it might be best to have a rubric for each aspect of the project you plan to access
(19:04:58) Amy I: More rubrics is just confusing for the kids, I think.
(19:05:07) kend: I think it's better to have break it down for students
(19:05:08) hyee: but with this project, we needed one for the team and one for each individual.
(19:05:45) jillanne: Marie- you're having your students do several things within your project. How many rubrics are you using?
(19:06:48) mgehrig: Several
(19:07:09) mgehrig: otherwise the project gets watered down
(19:07:31) mgehrig: They have rubrics for each step
(19:07:31) jlohfink: If kids don't have a clear target to hit, how do you expect them to hit it? ...
(19:07:32) maryolso: i agree
(19:07:50) maryolso: with both of you
(19:07:59) jlohfink: It says nothing about format, spelling, grammar and you would think that the teacher will count off for it, but it's not spelled out for the students
(19:08:06) kend: Sometimes a clear target limits them
(19:08:17) jlohfink: How so?
(19:08:33) kend: They meet the target and that's all
(19:09:13) kend: Seniors just want the grade - tell me what we need for an A and I'll do it.
(19:09:13) jillanne: Perhaps this example (National Parks) really shows how confusing it can get when you try to collapse it all into one document. Thanks for your comments. They show what great thinkers you all are:)
(19:09:15) jlohfink: Are you just talking about the quantification--4 landforms, etc.
(19:09:56) jlohfink: Examples of what you are looking for, goo, bad and indifferent may also help clarify rubrics like this.
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(19:10:28) jillanne: Let's look at the rubric for your journal writing that was linked to the assignment page and emailed as well.
(19:10:37) jillanne: Let me know when you're ready.
(19:10:40) Amy I: ready
(19:10:47) hyee: ready..
(19:10:50) kend: got it
(19:10:51) mgehrig [] entered the room.
(19:11:00) jillanne: Our group is to work on the second section.
(19:11:17) jillanne: Reflections share...
(19:11:21) mgehrig: my computer keeps kicking me of
(19:11:28) jillanne: successes and challenges encountered implementing the project.
(19:11:48) jillanne: That's OK, Marie.
(19:12:04) jillanne: I know you're here.:)
(19:12:11) kend: Reflections written?
(19:12:49) jillanne: Ken, look at the rubric you all started the first class.
(19:13:09) jillanne: The objectives are shown on the left side of the rubric.
(19:13:28) jillanne: So assessments and objectives have a clear connection.
(19:13:47) jillanne: We added one criterion, the last one, that you brainstormed when you worked in groups the first chat.
(19:14:11) jillanne: We filled in the "easy" one for the number of entries each day the project is implemented.
(19:14:32) jillanne: Our group is to work on the next criteria section.
(19:14:50) jillanne: The other groups will each take a different one so we'll finish this document.
(19:15:07) jillanne: When you finish...
(19:15:28) jillanne: I'll need a volunteer to email your product to the staff listserv.
(19:15:39) Amy I: How about...
(19:15:47) Amy I: I can email again
(19:15:55) jillanne: We'll put it together and have it posted next week.
(19:16:29) jillanne: Can you finish by 7:30 or will you need more time?
(19:16:59) kend: Thanks Amy
(19:17:08) Amy I: We can try by 7:30
(19:17:48) kend: Start with the 4?
(19:17:55) Amy I: How about for a 4, we could say successes and challenges are discussed each day and include examples or anecdotes.
(19:18:30) kend: How many successes and challenges? JUst 1 good quality one enough?
(19:19:01) hyee: Looks like examples of anecdotes is in the 5th section.
(19:19:43) Amy I: Oops, maybe that is why it was stuck in my head :) Should we have specific examples, though?
(19:20:06) mgehrig left the room (Logged out).
(19:20:16) Amy I: And what would you consider "quality"
(19:20:21) jlohfink: Yes, specific examples
(19:20:36) mgehrig [] entered the room.
(19:21:23) jlohfink: A four means we should share some of each--success and challenges (plural)
(19:21:41) jlohfink: Or not plural?
(19:21:43) Amy I: Do we want a specific number?
(19:22:18) Amy I: Or do you want a success/challenge every day?
(19:22:29) maryolso left the room.
(19:22:39) kend: I would say one good success and failure each day is good
(19:22:44) mgehrig: we may not have a sucess or challenge everyday
(19:22:45) maryolso [] entered the room.
(19:22:58) kend: sorry challenge not failure
(19:23:00) hyee: Marie, I was just going to say that.
(19:24:01) jlohfink: Maybe we just need to begin recognizing the little successes every day
(19:24:10) kend: I think so
(19:24:54) jlohfink: The anecdotes in row 6 talk about best use of technology. I think they are also applicable in our ctegory as well
(19:25:30) mgehrig: we may not use technology everyday
(19:25:56) kend: Our category is more general
(19:26:05) mgehrig: OK
(19:26:17) maryolso: Why can't we fill in 1 and 4. It is either there or it isn't
(19:26:26) jlohfink: I'm sorry, not anecdotes about technologry, anecdotes about our success and or failure. We should be able to see at least one per day
(19:26:58) maryolso: It's ok to leave a field blank on a rubric
(19:26:59) Amy I: So do we want to have small successes and challenges discussed each day, in addition to one overall big success and challenge? Or just little ones?
(19:27:05) jillanne: OK...I hate to interrupt, but we only have to do the second more.
(19:27:16) kend: maybe just individual student successes
(19:27:32) jlohfink: The personal story of one student reminding another to use the index...
(19:27:34) Amy I: I dont' think we'll be done by 7:30 anymore!:-P
(19:27:56) jlohfink: Those types of stories bring to life the successes and failures that we see each day in our classroom
(19:28:27) kend: OK we can leave successes and challenges open-ended
(19:28:47) kend: the point is that we look for them
(19:28:50) Amy I: 4 - student successes and failures are discussed each day....
(19:28:56) Amy I: What else to add or change?
(19:29:54) Amy I: 3- most days
(19:30:10) kend: sounds good
(19:30:18) Amy I: 2 - success or failures are discussed, but not both
(19:30:40) jlohfink: like it 2,3,4
(19:30:59) hyee: I like it, Amy!
(19:31:46) Amy I: 1?
(19:31:52) jlohfink: limited examples of successes or failures--#1?
(19:31:53) hyee: 1 could be rarely are success or challenges are discussed
(19:32:41) hyee: (Sorry for the bad typing)
(19:33:37) Amy I: 4 - Student successes and failures are discussed each day; 3- student successes and failures are discussed most days; 2 - student success or failure is discussed most days, but not both; 1 - rarely are student successses or failures discussed.
(19:33:51) Amy I: Thoughts? changes?
(19:34:05) kend: sounds good - can I go back and change my journal so I can get a 4?
(19:34:07) hyee: I would just change failures to challenges
(19:34:25) Amy I: I'd need to change mine, too!
(19:34:48) Amy I: Okay, challenges!
(19:35:14) jillanne: Sounds you need any more time?
(19:35:43) Amy I: I have it recorded, unless someone wants to make changes.
(19:36:37) jillanne: OK...done!
(19:36:48) jillanne: I feel like a flight attendant on landing...
(19:36:59) jillanne: here are your next room assignments.
(19:37:16) jillanne: Ken and Jeanne - room 4
(19:37:23) jillanne: Holly and Amy - room 1
(19:37:34) kend: OK
(19:37:37) jillanne: Marie - #3
(19:37:51) jillanne: Mary - #5 (stay here.
(19:37:53) mgehrig: ok
(19:37:57) maryolso: ok
(19:38:00) jillanne: Thanks to you all.
(19:38:00) Amy I: ok
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(19:38:06) hyee: Ok, see you all next week.
(19:38:12) jillanne: Have a good week.
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(19:38:17) Amy I: bye!
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(19:40:41) rbernste [] entered the room.
(19:40:49) jillanne: Hi Rachel-welcome
(19:41:12) rbernste: hello
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(19:41:22) mgarrity [] entered the room.
(19:41:23) bfolan [] entered the room.
(19:41:35) jillanne: Hi Barb.
(19:41:43) bfolan: hello:)
(19:41:48) mgarrity: Hi. Are we here to talk about tech. integration?
(19:42:04) jillanne: yes, welcome
(19:42:23) jillanne: We're all here so we can begin.
(19:42:41) jillanne: I'll give a brief intro.
(19:43:12) jillanne: The tech component of your project is not just an add-on, but makes this project possible in a powerful or unique way.
(19:43:32) jillanne: Projects neet to be written so that students must make use of the Internet's interactive capabilities.
(19:43:56) jillanne: Most students (or many) use the Internet as an electronic reference book.
(19:44:00) jillanne: It can be so much more.
(19:44:39) jillanne: It is our task to identify those ways.
(19:45:09) jillanne: What are some of those ways?
(19:46:06) maryolso: emailing experts in the field
(19:46:24) rbernste: to contact experts
(19:46:34) bfolan: interactive sites
(19:46:43) maryolso: united streaming
(19:47:19) mgarrity: united streaming?
(19:47:44) maryolso: video
(19:48:03) mgarrity: okay
(19:48:10) maryolso: short video clips
(19:48:18) bfolan: pictures can provide concepts for ELL students
(19:49:18) jillanne: Here's what we have so far......experts, united streaming, ELL assistance
(19:49:31) jillanne: One thing to keep in mind....
(19:49:56) jillanne: is if this project can be done with out the internet, it needs to be reworked.
(19:50:00) jillanne: Mary....
(19:50:14) jillanne: can the united streaming video segments...
(19:50:33) jillanne: be used in a presntation the students
(19:50:42) maryolso: yes...
(19:51:03) maryolso: they can be inserted into a powerpoint
(19:51:05) rbernste: Is United Streaming only available in certain areas because we had never seen it
(19:51:25) maryolso: your school needs to buy a subscription
(19:51:43) maryolso: maybe i can send you an example
(19:51:53) bfolan: thanks
(19:52:32) maryolso: i can attach a ppt slide to a list serve mailing. i will send you one my students found on bridges
(19:52:33) jillanne: There's no doubt that the internet can give students access to new and frequently updated information.
(19:52:46) jillanne: ...and access to experts.
(19:52:56) jillanne: How else can it be of benefit?
(19:53:21) bfolan: crating own websites
(19:53:26) bfolan: creating sorry
(19:53:54) jillanne: "Publishing", I like that:)
(19:53:55) maryolso: students can create their own wb quests for others
(19:54:06) maryolso: web
(19:54:24) jillanne: Good ideas.
(19:54:57) jillanne: Have any of you worked with another classroom of students, via the internet, on a project?
(19:55:04) mgarrity: no
(19:55:06) bfolan: ino
(19:55:13) mgarrity: that is a good idea though
(19:55:13) maryolso: that is just what i was typing
(19:55:45) jillanne: I think that's one of the criteria that's often overlooked.
(19:55:51) mgarrity: My students haveIrish pen pals. Perhaps they could do something via the internet
(19:56:05) jillanne: Wouldn't that be exciting for students in different schools to work together and compare.
(19:56:40) bfolan: yes
(19:57:14) jillanne: Let's look at a site for Bloom's thinking skills. I'll send the URL.
(19:57:29) jillanne:
(19:58:03) jillanne: The question to ajnsewr is...
(19:58:11) bfolan: mine isn't opening. I'll try to copy and paste
(19:58:27) bfolan left the room (Logged out).
(19:58:29) mgarrity: mine isn't working either
(19:58:38) jillanne: I'll send it again.
(19:58:38) maryolso: mine is fine
(19:58:45) mgarrity: barb left by accident. she is coming back
(19:58:56) rbernste: Mine isn't working
(19:58:57) jillanne:
(19:59:01) mgarrity: barb said it is orking if you copy and paste
(19:59:35) jillanne: Did you get it?
(20:00:14) rbernste: got it
(20:01:09) jillanne: The question to answer is whether the project incorporates higher level thinking?
(20:01:23) bfolan [] entered the room.
(20:01:30) jillanne: Also, is if worthwhile and should it be at a higher level?
(20:01:40) jillanne: Welcome back, Barb.
(20:02:00) bfolan: thanks
(20:02:53) jillanne: How does using technology fit into Bloom's?
(20:03:17) mgarrity: We are asking ourselves if our individual projects are higher level?
(20:03:18) bfolan: synthesis:Student originates,
integrates, and
combines ideas into a
product, plan or
proposal that is new
to him or her.

(20:05:02) maryolso: Evaluation, when looking for the solution to their problem.
(20:05:48) maryolso: As they go through their research, the students must be able to evaluate if what they find fwill answer their question
(20:06:46) jillanne: Does Analysis fit?
(20:07:29) maryolso: Separate out the useful from the not
(20:07:36) bfolan: We are doing pollution so they could classify pollution
(20:08:02) bfolan: especially based on a question
(20:09:13) jillanne: So does using the Internet make it easier to work on these skills?
(20:09:22) maryolso: I have found an interactive..
(20:10:08) maryolso: web site that will allow the students to compare and contrast the measurements for thier struts on their bridges
(20:10:46) mgarrity: that is definitely higher-leveled
(20:11:42) maryolso: I think that the internet does make it easier to work on these skills...
(20:11:47) jillanne: Well done! What a great group!
(20:12:34) jillanne: When making lessons more "engaging", it's important to remember to utilize the internet for a variety of purposes...not just a resource tool.
(20:13:46) jillanne: (sorry Mary...didn't mean to jump in). Please finish your thought.
(20:13:59) maryolso: I forgot it
(20:14:46) jillanne: If you think of it, please email me. You'll probably remember as soon as we say goodnight.
(20:14:56) jillanne: You've done a very nice job.
(20:15:10) jillanne: Please remember to ask your colleagues for input, too.
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(20:15:19) mgarrity: are we done for tonight?
(20:15:26) jillanne: See you next week.
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(20:15:31) jillanne: Yes, we're done.
(20:15:32) bfolan: bye
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(20:15:35) jillanne: Have a good week.
(20:15:35) maryolso: bye
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