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(17:03:27) spiltave: Hi Laura, I hope you got good candy. I am having trouble getting into plone to do my reflections. If possible can we try to figure out the problem before class? Thanks.
(17:50:56) Laura [] entered the room.
(17:52:57) spiltave: hi laura
(17:55:31) Laura: Hi Sue, I'm setting up rooms, be back in a minute.
(17:57:51) spiltave: I'm in 4 roo. I'll go back and forth
(18:00:28) Laura: ok, sounds lik Stephen is testing it already!
(18:03:14) spiltave: Do you think it kicked me out because I didn't change my password?
(18:05:58) Laura: no. We are not having it do that
(18:08:56) spiltave: Could it be because I am trying to get to it from an e-mail?
(18:10:27) Laura: yes. Please try getting to it from the assignment sheet instead and see if that works better for you.
(18:10:37) Laura: I'm glad you thought of mentioning that.
(18:10:53) Laura: You can try after the chat and I can stay a bit to make sure it works for you.
(18:11:20) Laura: That way you don't have to try to chat and use plone at the same time pulling you in 2 directions
(18:13:17) spiltave: Thanks
(18:16:34) spiltave: Laura. I tried it. It worked.
(18:18:09) Laura: no problem! You couldn't have known the email had a bad link ...
(18:18:49) Laura: just glad it worked! It shows you weren;t doing anything wrong, whatever email you were working off of was wrong. Thanks for your persistence.
(18:38:00) Laura: Sue P, Did you decide what breakout group you wanted - assessment, facilitation, or tech integration/management
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(19:34:05) spiltave: tech integration which room?
(19:34:37) Laura: SueP, you are in room 5 for this part then. Thanks
(19:35:00) Laura: Hi SueM, welcome.
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(19:36:14) Laura: Hi Jeanne, Welcome ...
(19:36:21) jlohfink: howdy
(19:36:29) Laura: You are in room linc2 (assessment) for this part of the chat
(19:36:44) jlohfink: Happy Halloween
(19:36:57) jlohfink: I was told I was in room one. I'll be happy to move, bye
(19:37:04) Laura: happy holloween to you also.
(19:37:06) Laura: Jeanne ...
(19:37:21) jlohfink: yes
(19:37:26) Laura: did you have bulletin board questions .. that would be the only reason to send you to room linc1
(19:37:32) Laura: ok then you can stay here
(19:38:12) smcnicho: Chris suggested I come here because I had problems entering my responses to the project journal.
(19:38:30) Laura: yes sue that sounds good
(19:38:49) smcnicho: I'm trying it again now.
(19:38:52) jlohfink: The one main question is Journal Feedback. I was told it was missing, but I guess I don't understand what that is.
(19:39:20) Laura: ok, be with you in a minute .. we have a bit of
(19:39:43) Laura: helping people to rooms because some folks didn't sign up till just before chat
(19:42:25) Laura: ok, thanks for your patience
(19:42:44) Laura: We'll start with Sues question and then we'll move to Jeanne's
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(19:43:13) smcnicho: Ok, I am in the project imp. refl. journal...
(19:43:22) Laura: Sue M, great
(19:43:31) Laura: Do you see a set of blue tabs near the top?
(19:43:48) Laura: Have you click on smcnichol link?
(19:44:15) smcnicho: I clicked on snichols, I assumed that was me.
(19:44:20) Laura: yup!
(19:44:36) Laura: ok, now you should see 5 blue tabs near the top ...
(19:44:56) smcnicho: I only have 3.
(19:44:59) Laura: they say "contents, view, edit, sharing, and syndication
(19:45:10) Laura: what 3 do you see?
(19:45:22) smcnicho: Mine say site home, news, members.
(19:46:02) Laura: ok good, can you look a little lower ... just above where it says "Project Journals"
(19:46:11) Laura: there is a second row of blue tabs
(19:46:25) Laura: Do you see these? contents, view, edit, sharing, and syndication
(19:47:18) Laura: They are about a half inch below the 3 tabs you say you see (site home, news, ...)
(19:47:26) smcnicho: There is a blue highlighted section Project Journals, but no "contents, view..."
(19:48:16) Laura: ok, Sue I am going to try to log in as you and see what you see.
(19:48:25) Laura: Jeanne, while we are trying this ...
(19:48:54) Laura: The journal feedback means you "adding a comment" about someone else's journal postings
(19:49:12) jlohfink: Than you, I can do that. Now going to room 2
(19:49:22) Laura: To do that you still go to the project journals via the assignment sheet "every day" block (second row)
(19:49:37) Laura: then you click on someone else's name instead of yours and read their journal reflections ...
(19:50:38) Laura: then you click on the "Add a Comment" button at the bottom (or the "repy to this" button at bottom) to make a comment about what you have read (suggestion, WOW, solution for a problem they have posed, ...)
(19:50:42) Laura: Does that make sense?
(19:51:16) Laura: Jeanne, Can you try to Add a Comment about someone's journal?
(19:51:22) Laura: Let me know how it goes?
(19:51:30) Laura: Ok, Sue .. about to login as you
(19:51:53) Laura: Jeanne, are you there?
(19:53:19) smcnicho: maybe she's answering the door to trick or treaters.
(19:55:08) Laura: ok, i'm in as you, going to porject journal area
(19:56:01) Laura: I think this is not your fault
(19:56:12) smcnicho: whew
(19:56:20) Laura: I think the problem is the folder name is snichols instead of smcnichols
(19:56:28) Laura: I will try to fix it
(19:56:31) Laura: give me a minute
(20:00:14) Laura: poof -- can you go to the your project journal again and hit SHIFT RELOAD ...
(20:00:25) Laura: and tell me if you see the second group of tabs
(20:00:55) Laura: Jeanne, are you here?
(20:01:03) smcnicho: where is shift reload?
(20:01:28) Laura: shift is the SHIFT button on your keyboard
(20:01:46) Laura: Reload is the button on your browser to reload the page ...
(20:01:53) Laura: it might be called Refresh
(20:02:00) smcnicho: ok
(20:02:39) Laura: This forces the browser to get a new copy of the updated page from the internet instead of showing you an old copy it saved from the last time it visited the page
(20:03:00) smcnicho: aha
(20:03:25) Laura: abracadabra! very spooky
(20:03:30) smcnicho: now I see the edit tabs.
(20:03:55) Laura: excellent! Sorry for the problem. The admin set up 28 of these at once and I guess he made one typo.
(20:04:27) Laura: Now you just scroll down to the body text and type responses to the questions in there
(20:04:46) Laura: Do you want to give it a try while you are still here?
(20:04:59) smcnicho: yes
(20:05:11) Laura: You can just type anything like "hello" and then SAVE at the bottom and then check if it shows up
(20:05:30) Laura: You can go between edit and view mode as many times as you like
(20:06:42) smcnicho: so in the view window, I see the questions, but I show hit the edit button so I can type the answers?
(20:07:04) Laura: Yes, in the view mode you can only view
(20:07:23) Laura: you need to use that edit tab to edit the text. The questions are already in for you ...
(20:07:32) Laura: so you can just type in responses below the questions
(20:08:18) Laura: When you hit Save at bottom, your edits are saved and you are taken back to View mode.
(20:09:36) smcnicho: my computer is running slowly tonite
(20:09:55) smcnicho: ok it is there. Thanks
(20:10:20) Laura: Great! I see it too!
(20:10:35) Laura: Do you want to go thru a step to make it work faster for you?
(20:10:44) smcnicho: sure
(20:11:08) Laura: ok, in the orange bar, click on the "my preferences" tab
(20:11:16) Laura: let me know when you are there
(20:11:46) smcnicho: got it
(20:11:48) Laura: Then click on "personal preferences"
(20:12:04) Laura: let me know when you are there
(20:12:36) smcnicho: I'm there
(20:12:40) Laura: good, now under "Content Editor", choose "None" instead of "Kupu" ...
(20:12:57) Laura: Kupu is the fancy graphic editor that takes a long time to display on the screen
(20:13:10) smcnicho: done
(20:13:20) Laura: you don't really need it since you are just typing your text below the existing questions
(20:13:42) Laura: ok, scroll to bottom and hit SAVE button .. to save your change
(20:14:01) Laura: The next time you go to your project journal and hit Edit or Add a Comment elsewhere ...
(20:14:11) Laura: the page shoudl come up faster
(20:15:10) smcnicho: Things would probably come up faster if My computer wasn't 7 years old and on a dial-up connection!
(20:15:39) Laura: Yes!! it is especially better to use the None setting for editor when you are on dial-up
(20:15:51) Laura: hope this makes it better for you
(20:16:03) Laura: any other bulletin board questions?
(20:16:10) smcnicho: Thanks, should I move to room 3?
(20:16:49) Laura: I think the sessions are winding down now ...
(20:17:11) smcnicho: See you next week, then.
(20:17:12) Laura: But you could read the chat transcript ... I should have it posted by Wednesday afternoon
(20:17:21) smcnicho: I'll do that.
(20:17:28) Laura: ok, one more thing ...
(20:17:39) Laura: The assignment sheet has been updated ...
(20:17:47) Laura: with the major assignments for the rest of the class.
(20:18:04) Laura: There may be some minor additions as we go if we see something is needed
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(20:18:15) Laura: but the major stuff is on there
(20:18:34) Laura: so take a look (shift reload) when yuo get a chance
(20:18:47) Laura: the other faiclitators are announcing this in their chats before closing
(20:18:54) Laura: that's it ... have a good night
(20:19:05) smcnicho: bye.
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