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(16:08:45) linc3
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(17:36:31) Chris: Happy Halloween!
(17:55:32) Luann [] entered the room.
(17:56:05) Luann: Hi Chris, many trick or treaters at your place?
(17:56:23) Chris: No....not since we moved to the country
(17:56:26) Chris: How about you?
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(17:56:59) Luann: We had about 20, the most ever, but our neighbor has had an influx of kids in the last 3 months.
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(17:57:14) Chris: I miss them!
(17:57:23) aturkot: hi there
(17:57:37) Chris: Hey, Amy! You got it fixed!
(17:57:37) Luann: They have been so cute. I hope I am caught up. Spent hours on line yesterday.
(17:57:51) aturkot: I did... it was a pain but it is fixed now
(17:58:02) Chris: Are you wireless?
(17:58:06) aturkot: yes I am
(17:58:15) Luann: what was broke?
(17:58:20) Chris: Pretty cool, huh!
(17:58:26) aturkot: I was trying to make my laptop wireless...
(17:58:39) aturkot: and I hooked it up yesterday and got nothing
(17:58:50) Luann: great, I love being wireless... it can be a pain
(17:58:52) aturkot: I didn't even have internet
(17:59:00) aturkot: I found out that I don't need the router
(17:59:09) aturkot: my router from SBC does it
(17:59:15) aturkot: so I can return the one that I bought
(17:59:26) aturkot: if I can find the receipt
(17:59:44) Luann: that's interesing ...that's cool I had to buy my router... I have Wide Open West
(17:59:56) Chris: That is really cool!
(18:00:04) aturkot: I had to buy the one from SBC but then I also bought the linksys one and don't need it
(18:00:23) aturkot: SBC was awesome and very helpful
(18:00:23) Luann: I see. how do you like being wireless?
(18:00:45) aturkot: I like it... I have it this way at my parents and when I go to Panera and stuff but just not at my house
(18:00:56) aturkot: but now I can sit downstairs and do stuff
(18:01:10) aturkot: and answer the door for trick or treaters so I will be coming and going
(18:01:32) Luann: I think my kids are all done. Haven't had any since 5:30pm
(18:01:42) Luann: If not I have Rodney
(18:02:00) aturkot: we have had a lot of them
(18:03:43) Chris: :-)
(18:04:00) Luann: Are we ready to start?
(18:04:18) aturkot: who are we still missing
(18:04:21) Chris: I guess we will go ahead and get underway.
(18:04:38) Chris: We are missing Pam.....Susan said she might be a little late.
(18:05:08) Chris: The part of chat tonight is to discuss assessment
(18:05:27) Chris: In the next few weeks you will be asked to bring in some examples of student’s reflections.
(18:05:38) Chris: Now is the time to start including them if you have not already done so.
(18:06:03) Chris: Have any of you collected any artifacts yet?
(18:06:09) Chris: Too soon?
(18:06:29) aturkot: too soon for me... I have them do the self evals and I have those but not too much more
(18:06:37) Luann: We have data from the cemetery and rubrics from the field trip
(18:06:51) Luann: We haven't done much else yet
(18:07:09) Chris: That's good, save them!
(18:07:26) Chris: What do you think of when you hear the term "artifacts" in relation to engaged learning?
(18:07:58) Chris: Luann has named a couple already.
(18:08:06) aturkot: have items for students to go back and refer too while they are learing
(18:08:12) Luann: Paperwork to show that shows what the students are doing?
(18:08:38) Chris: Yes...what type of paperwork do you think?
(18:09:05) Luann: that was great typing....paperwork that is data that the students record or reflections on what they think about the project or research?
(18:09:13) aturkot: writing about thier learning
(18:09:46) Chris: What do you see them writing Amy?
(18:09:47) Luann: I like the way you put that Amy
(18:10:15) aturkot: reflecting on their learning and findings
(18:10:47) Chris: journals, personal reflections, etc.
(18:10:49) aturkot: students writing/journaling
(18:11:25) Chris: I read in the posted journaling where someone was using To Do lists with students
(18:11:54) Chris: and then conferencing with students at the end of the day on their to do lists
(18:12:05) Chris: Those would be artifacts as well
(18:12:31) Chris: Are your students the only source of artifacts?
(18:13:06) aturkot: no I would think what we reflect on would be artifacts
(18:13:13) Luann: Maybe resources such as people who come in to talk with them,
(18:13:45) Chris: of people who come in to talk with them.
(18:14:17) aturkot: I will have to do that when we present our info
(18:15:21) Chris: Here are some examples of Student Reflections:
(18:15:24) Chris:
(18:15:41) Chris: Take a look for a couple of minutes and then let me know when you have finished.
(18:16:17) Luann: Chris I can't get it to come up....I'm going to log off and back on..I'll be back
(18:16:30) Chris: OK
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(18:17:28) aturkot: I think that it is cool that students are asking for more EL projects
(18:17:48) Chris: I liked that part too
(18:18:37) Luann [] entered the room.
(18:19:21) Luann: I'm back and its up now, just have to read
(18:19:44) Chris: Ok... it is short...we will wait for ya
(18:19:59) aturkot: this is good insight from the kids
(18:20:34) Chris: they always amaze me, no matter how long I am in the ed field
(18:21:47) aturkot: imagine if all grade levels did this type of project... how much more the kids would know about technology
(18:21:57) Luann: How old were these kids...very interesting to hear what they had to say
(18:22:33) Chris: I think they were 5th or 6th graders
(18:23:22) Luann: I think these projects are great...but I think it is hard for teachers to come up with engaged learning projects because of all of the other requirements put on them
(18:23:37) Chris: Most definitely.
(18:23:44) aturkot: I totally agree... it is hard for the teachers to get other things in
(18:23:54) Chris: I always try to point out that EL is one tool for your toolbox
(18:24:06) Chris: You can't have everything an EL project
(18:24:17) Chris: There simply isn't enough time or energy
(18:24:37) Chris: Especially with the push to complete curriculum
(18:24:49) Chris: and district wide assessments
(18:25:12) aturkot: no I find it hard to find the time... I have all my specials in the afternoon so the time gets away from me
(18:25:22) Chris: But it is refreshing for the kids and the teachers to be able to have an El project every now and then
(18:25:23) Luann: The push in our school is reading scores and math scores. It doesn't matter if you teach anything else.
(18:25:58) Chris: Time is the elusive pot of god in the teaching field!
(18:26:27) Chris: How are your EL projects going?
(18:26:42) Chris: From what I've read, the kids are really into your projects...
(18:26:55) Chris: and you sound like you are having fun despite the work load
(18:27:03) Chris: Am I wrong?
(18:27:27) aturkot: it is going well... I worked on it 2 times last week but I need to journal it still
(18:27:37) aturkot: it is fun... I like to see how excited they get
(18:27:47) Luann: So far so good....I have to put more time into it this week. We go to the computer lab tomorrow morning and I'm not really ready for them to do research because we haven't talked about what direction we want them to go
(18:28:36) Chris: Maybe they can use the time in the computer lab to investigate different directions to go to
(18:28:57) Luann: maybe
(18:29:31) Chris: I know it is hard to concentrate on your projects with everything else looming over your shoulders.
(18:29:34) aturkot: that would be an idea..
(18:30:09) Chris: But sometimes, just not thinking about all those "other" things you must do and..
(18:30:25) Chris: concentrating on something different, gives you and your students...
(18:30:39) Chris: the break you need.
(18:30:47) Luann: Very true
(18:30:57) aturkot: yes it does help to break it up
(18:31:02) Chris: And it is amazing what things come out of your project that coordinate with what you "have to do"
(18:31:37) Chris: Which brings to mind...
(18:31:53) Chris: What successes have your students had so far?
(18:32:42) aturkot: my big success was to get my kids excited
(18:32:51) Luann: The only success is learning about the GPS devices and their excitement about the project...we haven't gotten much farther than that
(18:33:12) Chris: those are big ones!
(18:33:25) Chris: I am sure you will have many more!
(18:33:51) Chris: You already have voiced some of your frustrations....any other frustrations you have encountered?
(18:34:24) aturkot: not really... just the time to get things done
(18:34:32) aturkot: I need 3 more hours
(18:34:37) Luann: time is always an issue
(18:35:08) Chris: Anyone around that could lend you a hand?
(18:35:16) Chris: Or a way for students to help out?
(18:36:06) Luann: I think in my case I don't feel ALL my students will take off and do the research or be interested in doing the research....they are very lazy
(18:36:13) aturkot: I use the parent helpers but sometimes I am afraid they are going to do the work instead of the kids
(18:37:16) Chris: Any suggestions for Luann? For Amy?
(18:37:53) Chris: In other words, Amy, do you have a suggestion for Luann?
(18:37:54) aturkot: can you buddy up with another class? or are other classes doing the project
(18:38:30) Luann: No, can't buddy...maybe I just need to let them go and see what happens...Amy can you buddy?
(18:39:11) aturkot: I did group my kids so that helps... I just really have to stress to helpers that this is a way for the STUDENTS to learn
(18:39:29) Chris: You may see a fire light up underneath them, Luann, when they hunt for things to research in the computer lab.
(18:39:51) Chris: Yes, Amy, you have to teach them to be guides on the side too :-)
(18:40:10) Luann: I'll try and see what happens. ....nothing to loose
(18:40:37) Chris: Just your sanity....but that was gone a long time ago, right?
(18:40:48) Luann: very true
(18:40:55) aturkot: that is true
(18:41:00) aturkot: they may surprise you
(18:41:19) Luann: I sure hope so...I could use a surprise of that kind
(18:41:49) Chris: Have you both incorporated checkpoints within your project?
(18:42:00) Luann: kind of
(18:42:11) aturkot: I did a self evaluation
(18:42:21) aturkot: but I am not too far into the project
(18:43:02) aturkot: I think that conferences will be a great way for me to check in with them
(18:43:17) Chris: I was just going to ask you that!
(18:43:27) Luann: Conferencing is what I plan, but I'm not very far along either
(18:44:09) Chris: I think that conferencing with the different teams is a great way to see where they are and what help they need.
(18:44:25) Chris: That To Do list idea was a great one I thought.
(18:44:48) Luann: I agree Amy...a To Do list is great for anyone
(18:45:01) Chris: Teams created To Do lists each day and then looked at it at the end of the day --- showed many that they bit off more than they could chew
(18:45:58) Chris: Just remember: ...
(18:46:06) Chris: The artifacts and checkpoints they are creating are actually assessments FOR learning (formative assessments.)
(18:46:31) Chris: From these items we can determine how to support the learning.
(18:46:39) Luann: That sounds like something I could incorporate....would help kids see what needed to be done or which directions they were going
(18:47:10) aturkot: a to do list would be great for the higher grades but my kids would get confused
(18:47:19) Chris: It might alleviate some of your anxiety as well......because you would know
(18:47:50) Chris: I think it was being used with a primary grade....2nd I think.
(18:48:09) Chris: Maybe that is something your parent volunteers could help with
(18:48:15) Chris left the room.
(18:48:18) aturkot: yes that is true
(18:48:33) Luann: Chris left us
(18:49:45) Laura: hi folks, please stay with us ... Chris probably had a connection problem because of rain
(18:51:12) Laura: Did Chris mention we would like you to share some reflections your students make about the project?
(18:51:37) Luann: the future...dont' have any yet
(18:51:45) Laura: ok great,
(18:51:52) aturkot: I will keep it in mind too
(18:52:12) aturkot: so did you have halloween parties too?
(18:52:22) Laura: ok sounds good ... you just have to ask your students at some point to reflect ...
(18:52:37) Laura: otherwise you won't have any reflections to share.
(18:52:46) Luann: not a problem
(18:52:47) Laura: I'm taking over for Chris till she gets back
(18:52:54) Luann: ok
(18:53:06) Laura: Did you have any more questions about assessment or checkpoints?
(18:53:23) Luann: how many do you feel we should have
(18:53:36) Laura: sorry to put a damper on your catching up!
(18:53:41) aturkot: that is okay
(18:53:55) Laura: There is not an absolute number you need to have.
(18:54:23) Chris [] entered the room.
(18:54:26) aturkot: I am just going to keep everything that I have them do... that way I can pikc and choose
(18:54:33) Luann: I thought after each part we do I would have them reflect....the actual trip to the cemetery, etc.
(18:54:33) Laura: The important thing is to have them frequently enough in your project that you can avoid someone going too far off on a tangent ...
(18:54:45) Laura: before you get a chance to help them
(18:54:59) Luann: I see
(18:55:30) Laura: so it is a tool to help them stay on track (even though they have lots of choices) and give guidance at key points
(18:56:03) Laura: say, before they create a product, you could have them do a proposal just like we had you do a proposal before you picked your project
(18:56:06) aturkot: it also gives them something to go back to and use to reflect upon
(18:56:26) Luann: I already have that part in place
(18:56:31) Laura: good point, so they can learn from reflecting
(18:56:50) Laura: Chris, we were just answering last questions on assessment
(18:57:02) Chris: Thanks Laura!
(18:57:10) Luann: Chris did we bore you left
(18:57:15) Chris: All of a sudden I missappeared!
(18:57:21) Laura: any other assessment questions before Chris continues with the second session?
(18:57:25) aturkot: nope
(18:57:27) Chris: Its' Halloween you know!
(18:57:28) Luann: no
(18:57:36) Luann: Thanks Laura
(18:57:47) Chris: Yes, thanks Laura!
(18:57:57) Chris: OK, then it is on to session !!
(18:58:02) Laura: ok, take it away Chris, glad you were able to get back
(18:58:04) Chris: and we stay here for that
(18:58:28) Chris: One of your assignments will be to create a Future Action Plan
(18:58:53) Luann: ok
(18:58:58) Chris: If you go to this page, you can get an idea of what that entails...
(18:58:59) Chris:
(18:59:14) Chris: Take a look and then come back and we can talk it over
(18:59:15) Luann: you just love websites...don't you
(18:59:32) Chris: You can do it Luann!!!
(18:59:52) Luann: This is the linc page...where do I go from there
(19:00:17) Luann: never mind
(19:01:48) aturkot: now will this be in a template that we use to type in our Future plan
(19:02:43) Chris: Yes
(19:03:37) Chris: I am going to give you a link now that will take you to two examples of Future Action Plans....
(19:03:57) Chris: However, they are word documents so once you go to the link....
(19:04:00) Luann: ok..I'm ready
(19:04:24) Chris: you need to click on diseases.doc and then parks.doc and they will come up as word documents.
(19:04:24) aturkot: ok I just has the coolest Trick or treaters
(19:04:33) aturkot: they wanted can goods... just had to share
(19:04:38) aturkot: okay back to the plan
(19:04:54) Chris: What did they want canned goods for?
(19:05:01) aturkot: for the food pantry
(19:05:07) Luann: cool
(19:05:09) smcnicho [] entered the room.
(19:05:10) Chris: How neat!!!!
(19:05:21) Chris: Hi Sue
(19:05:21) Luann: Hi Sue missed you
(19:05:29) smcnicho: hello all
(19:05:33) aturkot: hi
(19:05:59) Chris: We are about to take a look at some examples of Future Action Plans....
(19:06:13) Chris: you will need to create one of your own before the end of course
(19:06:32) Chris: Go to this page and read the two word documents listed there.
(19:06:35) Chris:
(19:07:19) Luann: what are they under projects
(19:07:44) Chris: diseases.doc
(19:07:44) Chris: and
(19:07:48) Chris: parks.doc
(19:08:04) Chris: at
(19:08:04) Chris:
(19:08:10) Chris: sorry
(19:08:26) Luann: thank you that helps
(19:08:42) Chris: I have about 20 windows open at once right now
(19:09:11) smcnicho: my computer is very slow today!
(19:09:30) Chris: Its Halloween....we will wait for ya
(19:09:43) aturkot: do we need to have both open
(19:10:23) Chris: No, just look at one and then the other and then close them up and come back here.
(19:12:31) Chris: Look through them both, see how they incorporated student reflections, their own journals....
(19:12:49) Chris: checkpoints they used within their projects, etc.
(19:15:22) aturkot: my computer froze up... I will leave and come right back
(19:17:31) Chris: Let me know when you have finished reading both
(19:18:32) aturkot: I can't get the parks one to open'
(19:18:47) Chris: That's OK
(19:19:10) Chris: Were you able to read the diseases one?
(19:19:14) Luann: That window froze...can't get parks....diseases WOW
(19:19:25) smcnicho: The disease entry was quite detailed.
(19:19:52) Luann: Very detailed and very interesting.
(19:20:01) smcnicho: I don't see myself as that detail oriented.
(19:20:15) Chris: Can you see how they incorporated their journaling?
(19:21:01) Luann: yes
(19:21:10) aturkot: yes journaling is so important
(19:21:35) Chris: So when you are doing your journaling, you can think to yourself that you are...
(19:21:46) Chris: killing two birds with one stone, so to speak
(19:22:06) aturkot: yes the more details the easier to write the future plan
(19:22:18) Chris: Here is the rubric that we will be using to evaluate your Future Action Plan
(19:22:21) Chris:
(19:22:27) smcnicho: Is jounaling similar to what is written in the reflections?
(19:22:35) Chris: Take a quick look at that
(19:22:50) Chris: Yes, your reflection journal is that same
(19:22:59) Chris: the same
(19:23:22) smcnicho: I have a technical question about the reflections, but it can wait until the end.
(19:23:45) Chris: Go ahead and ask... maybe someone else has the same question
(19:24:35) smcnicho: I followed the directions, but their was no "edit" tab to change "words words words..." into my entry.
(19:24:53) Luann: the edit was across the top of the page
(19:25:07) Luann: I had the same problem at first
(19:25:19) aturkot: me too.. .but then I finally got it
(19:25:41) Chris: Yes, you have to look around to find some of the things on plone
(19:25:45) smcnicho: At the very top?
(19:25:46) Luann: I don't think it always works the first time either. Had to spend some time with it
(19:26:21) Luann: This Future Action Plan is a template....we will just type into eventually
(19:26:35) smcnicho: All my pull down list came up with was the cut, paste and select all.
(19:28:09) Luann: did you go to projects then the edit part
(19:28:27) Luann: Are you doing this from the assignment menu
(19:28:47) smcnicho: yes, Luann
(19:29:29) Luann: I'm going there now...if I can
(19:29:30) smcnicho: I now am logging in
(19:29:36) aturkot: I find that I have to use the assignment page to get to stuff it is easier
(19:31:12) smcnicho: now it is telling me I have a sign-in failure.
(19:31:22) Luann: having trouble with my computer bringing the page up..try again
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(19:32:37) Chris: We are going to have to change rooms now.....
(19:32:49) Chris: Sue....Laura will meet with you in linc1
(19:32:51) ppeterso [] entered the room.
(19:32:58) Chris: so she can help you out, OK?
(19:33:03) ppeterso: sorry I got disconnected again
(19:33:12) smcnicho: ok, bye for now.
(19:33:17) smcnicho left the room.
(19:33:17) Chris: The rest of you can check the chat schedule to see what room to go to
(19:33:32) aturkot: bye
(19:33:34) lhouf [] entered the room.
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(19:34:05) Luann left the room.
(19:34:18) Chris: In this room, linc3, we should have Paula, Lynn, Ken Ellen
(19:34:28) ppeterso: I'm here
(19:34:53) lhouf: hello
(19:35:47) Chris: Ok, we have Paula
(19:35:52) Chris: we have Lynn
(19:36:11) Chris: Still waiting for Ken and Ellen
(19:36:28) hyee [] entered the room.
(19:36:29) efishman [] entered the room.
(19:36:37) efishman: I am here
(19:36:52) hyee: May I join you? I forgot to sign up ahead of time.
(19:37:38) Chris: Sure!
(19:37:52) Laura: Holly, I didn't see a choice for you so we put you in assessment room linc2
(19:38:18) Laura: or if you want to stay here for faiclitation strategies, you can
(19:38:37) hyee: i thought that way Amy and I can compare notes later.
(19:38:53) Laura: ok, that's fine.
(19:39:05) Chris: We are missing Ken
(19:39:15) Chris: Got Ellen though...Hi Ellen
(19:39:39) efishman: Happy Halloween
(19:40:51) lhouf: I'm not really sure if I should be in facilitation or technology. I am looking for some ways to help facilitate students in researching on their own without me telling them what websites to go to.
(19:40:58) lhouf: Things like that.
(19:41:13) lhouf: I guess it's a little of both facilitation and technology
(19:41:17) Chris: I think you are in the right spot then Lynn
(19:41:23) lhouf: great
(19:41:40) kend [] entered the room.
(19:41:41) Chris: We are going focus on two things here tonight....
(19:42:23) Chris: How to lead students with good questioning techniques....
(19:42:41) Chris: and how to integrate and manage tech resources.
(19:42:59) Chris: Let's start with the first one.....
(19:43:23) Chris: and look at how to ask questions that make students think critically and make decisions that will determine their ‘next steps' in their investigation
(19:43:43) Chris: It is harder to ask the questions because just telling the students is so simple.
(19:43:57) Chris: But when you tell students you become the director of the learning rather than the facilitator of the learning.
(19:44:10) Chris: Remember, you don't have to know all of the answers.
(19:44:23) Chris: You are a co-learner with the students and what a role model of life long learning that is!
(19:44:54) Chris: Lets brainstorm some guys are always the best source of ideas!
(19:45:24) Chris: What if one group is off task and can't seem to get started. How will you guide them without leading them?
(19:45:43) ppeterso: By prompting them
(19:45:48) lhouf: I have found that starting with something like, "let's think about the idea in a different way," or "what would you do if..." helps students come up with a lot of the ideas you have in mind without just giving it to them. They still take owndership in the idea.
(19:46:18) ppeterso: I would ask students what is the question(s) they want to answer
(19:46:47) Chris: Good points! Anyone else?
(19:47:05) efishman: Why are they struggling? Do they have a clear understanding of what they are supposed to do? ..
(19:47:32) efishman: Sometimes I think I am clear in my directions but sometimes I mis the mark.
(19:48:07) Chris: Maybe they don't have a clear understanding....what can you do to help them without taking over?
(19:49:14) efishman: I have them explain what they think the task is and then ask others to help explain in kid lamguage.
(19:49:35) hyee: I have alot of students who are shy to ask questions in front of the, I use a fishbowl to collect anonymous questions...and then direct the questions to the other students to help answer the question.
(19:49:43) lhouf: I think questioning to make the students think about something they hadn't before is very powerful. It makes them come up with the ideas and thoughts instead of just telling them. You can lead and direct with the questions you are asking rather than taking over and telling.
(19:50:45) ppeterso: I find some of the shy students feel more comfortable talking in a small group or with a partner and then they have the partner report out for both of them
(19:51:03) hyee: yes, that is a good method too!
(19:51:30) Chris: These are all good ways of helping without taking over!
(19:51:32) ppeterso: The more comfortable they become the more they participate in a larger group setting
(19:51:41) Chris: What about you Ken, do you have any suggestions?
(19:51:57) kend: Not yet you are all doing fine
(19:52:49) Chris: One common problem, is the group that starts out investigating a topic and then takes off on a tangent....
(19:53:04) Chris: How do you redirect them without leading them so they refocus?
(19:53:11) ppeterso: redirect the group to the original question they were researching
(19:53:54) ppeterso: or ask them if the tanget gives them the data they need
(19:54:22) kend: I did have a hard time redirecting them
(19:54:43) Chris: What finally worked Ken?
(19:54:55) lhouf: I think conferencing with the group and asking how they are doing answering the original question, like Paula said. If the tangent helps, they will be able to explain that. If they need to go back to the original work, they will realize that too.
(19:55:49) efishman: Tough one-because the tangent can be indicative of their lack of knowledge or inquistiveness. Either way, school doesn't allow for too much wandering, which presents a problem.I am like Ken, I don't always find it easy without directing.
(19:55:56) Chris: Both Paula and Lynn make good points.....what worked for you Ken?
(19:56:18) kend: Actually, it didn't work like I'd hoped
(19:56:49) Chris: Can you explain more so maybe we can help?
(19:57:29) kend: It's a brain studies class and some groups got off onto very general child-rearing practices
(19:57:49) ppeterso: I'm hereWhat were they researching
(19:58:18) kend: Recommendations for pregnant teens
(19:58:34) kend: from the perspective of a specialist in brain studies
(19:58:40) ppeterso: Was it health related
(19:58:56) ppeterso: I am not sure what the focus was
(19:59:04) kend: Not really - more concerning neurological development
(19:59:36) ppeterso: What question did they start with
(20:00:04) kend: What recommendations would you have for a pregnant teen
(20:00:32) ppeterso: This seems broad--maybe thats why they digressed
(20:00:36) efishman: ohh that was such a great idea-Hi Ken-.
(20:01:07) kend: Each group had different ages to focus on - prenatal, 0-2, etc
(20:01:30) efishman: Have they seen end results to neurological impairment due to bad health practices by parents ?
(20:01:52) kend: In the text they were reading on alternate days
(20:02:49) ppeterso: Were your students basing their info on child development or just neurological---This sounds like a very interesting topic and very teen relatable
(20:03:13) kend: Neurological development
(20:03:49) Chris: One thing you will find when doing EL projects is that it is important...
(20:04:26) Chris: to have a wealth of questions on the ready to ask students when they go off in another direction, or...
(20:04:37) Chris: come to you for help, or are off-task.
(20:05:03) Chris: So make sure you journal what works and doesn't work...
(20:05:14) kend: Yes
(20:05:34) Chris: and then you will be able to help them stay on task better the next time.
(20:05:54) Chris: It is an art that you learn and develop with practice.
(20:06:08) Chris: It isn't something that just "happens" :-)
(20:06:42) Chris: I have been reading your journal postings and it is fascinating to see what you are doing!
(20:07:22) Chris: We need to touch on integrating and managing technology resources.
(20:07:44) Chris: n many situations teachers are forced to adjust to school or district rules and regulations about tech use that do not lend themselves to engaged student directed projects.
(20:07:56) Chris: This is a test or creativity and flexiblitity for dedicated teachers
(20:08:11) efishman: This is for KenI might stop and take a step backward. If you have an expert in the field helping or a nurse who can relate personal stories , they might understand better that you are trying to get them to stop probelems before they begin. Sort of like a football player would never go one the field without equipment so too should a pregnebat teen go froward with her pregnancy without knowing some facts about neurological development and parent behavior
(20:09:10) kend: Yes and I had a couple of football players in class
(20:09:20) Chris: What successes are you having in managing technology and time as your students work on the project?
(20:09:49) kend: I feel lucky reading about others. Our school has great tech assistance
(20:10:10) Chris: That's great!
(20:10:19) ppeterso: We just hired a tech assistant last week. It has been difficult getting enough computer time.
(20:10:53) hyee: We are using GPS units...which the students love to use! And, it took a short time for them to learn how to use them!
(20:11:10) hyee: Computers is another story!
(20:11:19) Chris: I could use a lesson in GPS :-)
(20:11:41) ppeterso: Our new computers weren't set up until after schoo started. Then we had to wait for MAPs testing to be done. I have had some parent help in the classroom, but this is the most difficult area I have had for this project
(20:12:00) Chris: We talked about this in breakout last week.
(20:12:28) Chris: It is frustrating....but at least you have some new computers!
(20:12:35) ppeterso: If anyone has successfully solved this issue I would really like to hear some ideas
(20:12:45) hyee: me too!
(20:12:48) kend: It might help to space the project out over several weeks
(20:12:50) ppeterso: Yes, but we only get access about 45 minutes a week
(20:12:59) Chris: You might want to take a look at the chat log for linc3 for last week for some suggestions.
(20:13:07) ppeterso: I am on a four-five week schedule for my project
(20:13:21) efishman: Chris the ideas of sharing time seemed to be good from last week ?
(20:13:26) ppeterso: Thanks I will
(20:13:49) Chris: were a part of that Ellen
(20:14:13) Chris: We are nearing the end of class....hate to break this discussion up....
(20:14:23) Chris: everyone was contributing good stuff
(20:14:36) ppeterso: We are getting some great equipment, cameras, camcorders, projectors, but I fear they may be to late for this years project. This will be noted in my future plan for next year
(20:14:48) Chris: It is great to see everyone contribute and want to help each other.
(20:15:05) efishman: :)
(20:15:12) Chris: I do need to let you know a couple of things before you go.
(20:15:30) Chris: I am supposed to remind you to keep up with the reflections in your journals.
(20:15:52) Chris: and to remind you to email questions to the listserv so that they can be answered sooner
(20:16:18) Chris: Also, you will see on the assignment page that all the assignments are filled in for the rest of the course.
(20:17:07) Chris: Some of the links may not work for Nov 14th and beyond yet but they will be working later this week.
(20:17:16) Chris: But all work for Nov 7th.
(20:17:24) Chris: Ok, better let you go....
(20:17:32) Chris: You have been great....keep up the good work!
(20:17:37) kend: thanks, trick or treat
(20:17:39) efishman: Bye
(20:17:41) ppeterso: Thank you :-D
(20:17:47) lhouf: Thanks Chris! Bye!
(20:17:48) hyee: have a great week everyone!:)
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(20:17:57) Chris: Bye!
(20:18:00) hyee: Good night!
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(20:18:09) ppeterso: Good night
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