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(17:24:10) efishman: just setting up will be back at 6:00
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(17:53:49) spiltave: Hi, Stephen
(17:53:54) Stephen: Hello
(17:54:07) spiltave: I am having trouble with plone again.
(17:54:22) Stephen: Oh what is happening?
(17:54:23) bfolan has set the topic to: hello
(17:54:30) spiltave: hi Barb
(17:54:47) bfolan: i haven't set any topic. i don't know what happedned there
(17:55:07) Stephen: Oh sure you always have to set the topic Barb.
(17:55:13) spiltave: I don't even know what that means.
(17:55:46) Stephen: Sue what is happing with the plone?
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(17:56:08) spiltave: I type in the user name and password and it says not logged in
(17:56:46) spiltave: I am wondering if it kicked me out because I didn't change my password.
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(17:56:50) efishman: Happy HalloweenO:-)
(17:57:12) spiltave: Hi
(17:57:29) bfolan: Happy Halloween8-)
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(17:57:51) Stephen: Sue, if you send me your information I could test it and then you could change the password, You would need to send this to me via email however.
(17:58:05) spiltave: Will do
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(17:59:34) spiltave: Stephen, I sent it to the naperville schools e-mail address.
(17:59:34) spiltave: Hi Rachel
(18:00:31) Stephen: How is everyone this dark and spooky night?
(18:01:08) Stephen: Are you getting lots of trick and treaters at your door?
(18:01:10) bfolan: it is dark isn't it. It kind of makes me sad
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(18:01:27) efishman: Full of tricks ahah!!!
(18:01:29) bfolan: We are at school so we don't have any or at least none that we can see
(18:01:36) spiltave: Very few
(18:02:03) Stephen: Weere your students good today or wired, One of the classes I was in today, they kids could not have been better.
(18:02:05) spiltave: It's raining
(18:02:18) spiltave: Our kids were googd
(18:02:29) bfolan: From my experience, they'll be a little wacky tomorrow
(18:02:29) spiltave: That means good
(18:02:37) efishman: Wired but expected
(18:02:54) rbernste: hello the kids were great today
(18:03:00) jschwarz: hi
(18:03:31) Stephen: Justine, glad to see you tonight.
(18:03:51) jschwarz: a little tired bruised and swollen but here
(18:04:06) spiltave: What happened, Justine
(18:04:09) Stephen: That is good.
(18:04:34) jschwarz: i had surgery last monday to remove scar tissue from my accident back in april
(18:05:07) spiltave: Welcome back!
(18:05:17) jschwarz: thanks
(18:05:17) Stephen: Okay, lets get started. To start we want to talk about assessment...
(18:05:49) Stephen: What artifacts or assessment info have you been collecting from students as they have worked on their projects?....
(18:06:14) Stephen: How have ey need to work on or make adjustmenst?you used this to inform them of what th
(18:06:37) rbernste: Group reflection journals
(18:06:46) mgarrity: Barb and I have been collecting reflection journals.
(18:06:50) spiltave: Observation
(18:07:09) jschwarz: i will be using class particiaption and reflections
(18:07:21) Stephen: Journals are neat I would like to know more about how you have used them.
(18:07:29) bfolan: Megan and I also have a survey they've given to friends and family. We've made a graph with the results
(18:07:42) bfolan: Like learning logs
(18:08:27) rbernste: They help my students stay on task. They complete the journal for what they have done for the day. What progress they have made and what help theyneed
(18:08:30) mgarrity: We mean to say that our reflection journals are used like leraning logs
(18:08:35) Stephen: Do you give feedback on the journal
(18:08:46) bfolan: there is also room for questions or concerns they have ...
(18:08:55) rbernste: If it is warrented.
(18:09:18) bfolan: it's another way for us to see they are on task...
(18:09:40) bfolan: and that they understand what it going gone...
(18:09:54) bfolan: plus if they have to turn something in they will be more on task.
(18:10:05) jschwarz: plus it motivates them to write more if they get comments. they give more effort.
(18:10:38) mgarrity: Yes, we give feedback, and they often respond to this in subsequent journals
(18:11:22) Stephen: That would be neat to see an ongoing conversation in the journal. Do you meet with students and review what they have written in journals?
(18:11:50) bfolan: We meet in their teams...
(18:12:47) bfolan: some might need to meet with me as individuals if they have specific problems but mostly as teams since their job is to work together.
(18:13:07) Stephen: I think journals really provide you with an opportunity to give formative feedback. Feedback they really can use today and tomorrow to improve.
(18:13:35) mgarrity: The students truly find teacher feedback to be meaningful
(18:14:16) Stephen: I agree, they really react positively to your feedback. As far as record keeping will you record the journals as task completed or do they actually figure into the grade?
(18:14:42) bfolan: it is part of the grade...
(18:14:48) efishman: I have only gotten their advertisement back. I used a rubric to assess them, they had the rubric before doing the task. We are doing some much assessment for our district that time is limited. We have had so much interruption, i.e. Halloween Party and tommorow I have an inservice that I feel that there is no continuity
(18:15:02) efishman: , soory I made a mistake....
(18:15:11) rbernste: it is part of thier active participation. A grade for sure
(18:15:13) bfolan: because they are writing in their journal as they learn...
(18:15:45) bfolan: it's their participation as they complete their task.
(18:16:38) Stephen: How are the journals graded?
(18:17:32) mgarrity: They completed the assignemnt and rresponded to the questions in a meaningful way.
(18:17:40) rbernste: Same as megan
(18:17:59) bfolan: it's more like we are making them...
(18:18:24) bfolan: stay on task by on-going informal assessment
(18:18:32) jschwarz: i always have a hard timegrading because is is so subjective-their thoughts
(18:18:34) Stephen: Are you using a rubric, or something else?
(18:18:42) bfolan: no
(18:18:55) bfolan: we created a rubric for the final project...
(18:19:17) bfolan: this is a way to get them there and keep them onm task and accountable
(18:20:34) Stephen: WeWe are going to be grading your journals for this class, largely because we don't have other artifacts, but I agree with Justine. They are hard to grade. But I do think they should be part of the grade.
(18:20:56) Stephen: Ellen tell us more about the advertisement and how you cscored it.
(18:21:10) spiltave: we don't give letter grades at our school
(18:21:19) efishman: Sorry for the interruption, I was just getting ready.
(18:21:26) Stephen: Sue, that would help
(18:21:44) Stephen: Go ahead Ellen.
(18:22:22) efishman: The advertisement was their solution to the recess problem. I used a simple rubric that we made up together. The class and I have been wortking on developing diagrams to use as tools..
(18:22:53) efishman: So we already had ideas about using presentation techniques like color ,boldness etc.
(18:23:04) efishman: That was one element of the rubric..
(18:23:26) efishman: We also included that the probelem and solution were stated and explained..
(18:24:35) efishman: The last element was readabel, legible from 6 ft away. We put things in the hal and this was to attract other students.The students graded it first and then I graded it. We mostly agreed.
(18:25:21) Stephen: Mostly agreed? Where were there differences?
(18:26:21) efishman: Sometimes they felt they had no used all the presentation tools when I only wanted some.also they did not clearly state the solution- so that a person walking bye would understand.
(18:26:53) Stephen: In general were you pleased with what they put together?
(18:26:59) efishman: Yes
(18:27:18) Stephen: So would you do anything different or not?
(18:27:56) efishman: I would have had more continuity. As I put in my reflection, this project is too big and we are toopiecemeal..
(18:28:52) efishman: Tommorow I have as b, we talked about microclimates today, yet we can't move forward on their solions because a sub will be there
(18:28:59) efishman: Sorry
(18:29:13) bfolan: If i could interrupt...
(18:29:32) bfolan: I know what you mean about not having enough time...
(18:30:04) bfolan: we had a teacher institute day a field trip last week. Today was Halloween and...
(18:30:27) bfolan: next week we have a day off and an assembly for Veteran's Day...
(18:30:37) rbernste: some of us had 2 field trips.
(18:30:42) bfolan: Time is passing and I'm not having as much time as I thought.
(18:31:15) efishman: The groups that are working on making specific rules needed that microclimate info, yet the data might be lost by the time i get back to it.
(18:32:15) Stephen: That is a serious issue Barb, I want to talk about that too. Before we do I was wondering if anyone had a question for Ellen. Anyone?
(18:32:34) bfolan: no
(18:32:42) spiltave: no
(18:32:56) jschwarz: Just wondering do you find this worthwhile to do again?
(18:33:32) spiltave: I think our projects are worth doing again. The kids are engaged.
(18:33:42) jschwarz: good
(18:34:05) efishman: Ask me at the end, because right now it seems to disjointed but that often happens with this type of project.
(18:34:47) Stephen: Ellen, you have such a thoughtful honest response. I have so many things to ask you all about your projects sometimes the conversation goes back and forth between me and one of you. I want you to know that you are really welcome to join in. I need to try and watch my amount of teacher talk.
(18:35:19) efishman: :)
(18:36:04) Stephen: The length of the projects are swords with edges on both sides. Thoughtful projects take time but the longer they run, the more interuptions they run into.
(18:36:37) efishman: I was wondering about the group whose prinicipal sent you ..
(18:37:04) efishman: Does the principal suport you by lessening your other curricula responsibilities ?
(18:37:17) spiltave: no
(18:37:33) bfolan: no
(18:37:40) bfolan: Don't worry...
(18:37:47) bfolan: we will get through the project...
(18:37:58) bfolan: it's just the nature of teaching...
(18:38:06) efishman: Stephen, I don't understand that, if this principal has anidea of the breath of these projects why not support it?
(18:38:14) bfolan: there is never, ever enough time in the day to get all done...
(18:39:04) rbernste: I agree with barb. There is never enough time but we always end up fitting it in some how!
(18:39:20) efishman: That is what I mean, one year I did not do Social Studies first semester because I was doing an engaged learning project_BIG in science. I could not do both .
(18:39:25) bfolan: i'm trying to integrate as much as possible so that we stay focused on the project in some way if we can't work on the project for a day.
(18:39:46) jschwarz: my principal supports it , but it comes from the curriculum director who says I can't exchange this project with our disease project even though the disease project is no longer in the curriculum. my principal said ingnore the curriculum director.
(18:40:06) Stephen: I think administrators do support our efforts, but they often don't feel empowered to make changes that might reduce other work loads.
(18:40:32) spiltave: AYP
(18:40:37) bfolan: the pressure of succeeding on ISAT...
(18:40:38) Stephen: good for you Justine, any openings in your building:)
(18:40:46) rbernste: For sure SUE!!!!!!
(18:40:56) jschwarz: trust me you don't want to be in cary right now
(18:40:57) Stephen: I need to stay on topic about assessment, let me ask you honestly when you saw todays discussion on the assingment board did you have any panic about not collecting any artifacts or assessment info?
(18:41:03) bfolan: has been the priority of most districts I think
(18:41:12) bfolan: yes
(18:41:33) bfolan: but also know that we ...
(18:41:39) efishman: Huh?
(18:41:43) bfolan: will have more in the end.
(18:42:33) Stephen: Okay barb you have assessment of learning but what about for learning. I too would most likely have paniced, to be completely honest.
(18:43:25) bfolan: isn't that the rubric we created
(18:43:45) bfolan: The kid created rubric
(18:43:57) Stephen: That is why we placed this topic here however, just as a reminder to you that you want to be collecting some sort of assessment info that you can use to provide clear feedback to studnets before the unit is all over and too late for them to adjust their work.
(18:44:05) spiltave: I think that by writing reflections we are assessing for learning.
(18:44:15) bfolan: yes
(18:44:19) efishman: Summative assessment ?
(18:44:21) Stephen: The rubric is good but often people use it only at the end of the project.
(18:44:38) Stephen: Of learning would be summative.
(18:44:42) bfolan: We have the opportunity ti make sure the teams on are task and headed in the right direction'
(18:45:07) bfolan: The reflections that is
(18:45:09) Stephen: Great, we just wantde to be sure we touched on that.
(18:45:24) bfolan: ANy other suggestions anyone
(18:45:38) efishman: I agree that this is an important area to watch. I find myself to often slogging through the swamp while the kids are back at shore.
(18:46:20) Stephen: As you know in general assessment is summative or "of" learning. The information often is not valued by students becuase frankly they find it to be after the fact. Too late to do them any good with their grades.
(18:46:29) bfolan: i agree
(18:46:52) bfolan: I don't want to find out at the end that they don't understand...
(18:47:04) bfolan: that's why we have those checkpoints we talked about.
(18:47:28) Stephen: I often get so engrossed helping kids and putting out fires, I forget to collect copies of notes and to meet regularly with them to give them feedback.
(18:47:59) Stephen: I find myself at then end grading the final project which often does not truly reflect their efforts.
(18:48:10) bfolan: it's hard but it's worth it in the end
(18:48:20) Stephen: Other thoughts on this topic?
(18:48:36) jschwarz: i have one...
(18:48:45) efishman: So tru, the growth factor is soooooooooooo important yet we ignore this for..
(18:48:50) efishman: sorry
(18:49:13) jschwarz: i ahve a student who literally does nothing.. his grade will be a zero , but what about his part in the presentation...
(18:49:47) jschwarz: how do i get him to realize that he needs to pull his weight because he is presenting to others not bjust our clss
(18:49:58) rbernste: How about haveing the students assess themselves
(18:50:21) efishman: Does nothing ? Have him in his own group then
(18:50:29) jschwarz: they do that he doesn't care. this is a second year sixth grader
(18:50:54) Stephen: Justine do you think he might plan to dodge this bullet too? How will the presentation be handled?
(18:51:09) jschwarz: he will dodge the bullet...
(18:51:35) efishman: Does he have learning issues ?
(18:51:39) jschwarz: he has the entire trimester and I don't don't know really how to handle it other than
(18:51:58) jschwarz: he gets a zero and make sure he gets a little part
(18:52:32) Stephen: One thing you might try is scheduling a few preview sessions. Can he and maybe his team meet with someone to present "What you have So Far". That might drive home to him how he needs to prepare.
(18:52:32) jschwarz: learning issues other than a bad homelife, sells pot, tried to strangle a kid..., no issues
(18:53:25) jschwarz: we do conferencing on other projects and he doesn't care
(18:53:37) jschwarz: my other kids are great, but he has an image
(18:53:54) jschwarz: just wanted thoughts
(18:54:34) efishman: Try videotaping other groups with him as the videographer. Show him an exciting fun group maybe it will spark something in him(?)
(18:55:03) Stephen: Well, I can see he is no simple fix, but I mean he needs to present to someone else. Not you. Matbe a principal or LRC director. Someone of stature in the building. Not as a threat, but because they will seem like a real audience.
(18:55:07) jschwarz: not a bad idea. maybe he can even report to the admin the progreess we are making
(18:55:12) Stephen: Ellen I like that idea.
(18:55:34) jschwarz: he has become their special case
(18:55:42) jschwarz: thanks
(18:56:20) Stephen: Well, lets keep talking. If he has real issues, and it sounds like he does, maybe Ellens suggestion of a different job is merited.
(18:56:43) jschwarz: i am definately going to talk with admin about that...
(18:57:06) jschwarz: they will definately like that since visiting the office for a snack with admin is..
(18:57:16) jschwarz: becoming one of his + rewards
(18:58:03) jschwarz: i am excited..
(18:58:28) jschwarz: i never thought of that. i always thought peer presentaions, but ... what about adminb
(18:59:00) Stephen: I would like to switch gears, and talk about the future action plan, one of the big projects for this class...
(18:59:29) Stephen: Have you looked over the page
(18:59:39) spiltave: not yet
(18:59:40) efishman: couldn't access it
(18:59:47) jschwarz: no
(18:59:53) Stephen: Please open it now and let me know when you get there.
(19:00:01) jschwarz: here
(19:00:09) bfolan: ok
(19:00:09) Stephen: Sorry to hear it was not working try it again. thanks
(19:00:22) spiltave: got it
(19:00:55) bfolan: it's got an error message
(19:00:59) efishman: me too
(19:01:08) Stephen: I think I sent you the wrong link. Please try this one.
(19:01:20) bfolan: it says the file I requested is not available
(19:01:42) Stephen: PLease try the link I just sent, the first one is not the correct page. Sorry.
(19:01:53) jschwarz: here
(19:01:55) spiltave: I was able to open both, but they are different
(19:01:55) Stephen: Let me know if you get this one to open
(19:02:43) bfolan: Does is say index of future action plans
(19:02:50) spiltave: which do you want? Sample or the directions
(19:02:57) efishman: tyes
(19:03:07) Stephen: yes
(19:03:32) spiltave: you want the idex
(19:03:50) Stephen: I would like you to take a look at the first one it is in a word document form. I is called diseases.doc
(19:03:56) mgarrity: I am in
(19:03:59) rbernste: I'm In
(19:04:05) spiltave: got it
(19:04:11) bfolan: got it
(19:04:24) efishman: there
(19:04:24) jschwarz: i got it
(19:04:41) Stephen: Please take a moment (A couple of minutes to skim through this page) to look at the changes suggested.
(19:07:28) jschwarz: ok
(19:07:54) bfolan: ok
(19:08:03) Stephen: Okay any reaction or questions about this peice?
(19:08:28) jschwarz: i liked her reflections on what worked and didn't work
(19:08:36) bfolan: I think her response is honest...
(19:08:49) bfolan: things come up and people have problems...
(19:09:09) bfolan: we are having similar problems with our sites not working consistently...
(19:09:33) bfolan: it will happen but it takes time (aprecious commodity in teacher land)...
(19:09:52) bfolan: this is our first time through so we will experience difficulty.
(19:10:20) Stephen: Very true Barb, other thoughts?
(19:10:48) rbernste: +
(19:11:06) Stephen: Rachel?
(19:11:23) rbernste: oops that was a mistake
(19:11:30) Stephen: okay,
(19:11:33) rbernste: I am a really slow reader I am still working on it
(19:12:10) spiltave: The future action plan looks like a relection on what went well and what needs to be worked on
(19:12:41) Stephen: I think that is a pretty good summary Sue. I liked her balanced approach to positive and negative. Her changes were always in reaction to real issues.
(19:13:27) Stephen: I think the reflections you post can be the building blocks to the future action plan.
(19:13:39) Stephen: Other thoughts?
(19:14:18) efishman: none here
(19:14:37) jschwarz: i hope i am so thoughtful
(19:15:39) Stephen: Lets look at the rubric that we will use to assess the Future action palne.
(19:15:44) Stephen:
(19:15:59) Stephen: please click on it and review it please.
(19:16:21) bfolan: ok
(19:17:04) rbernste: ok
(19:17:17) mgarrity: ok
(19:17:35) efishman: okay
(19:17:44) spiltave: ok
(19:17:54) Stephen: Any questions or comments abou tthe rubric?
(19:18:41) bfolan: it's pretty self-explanatory...
(19:18:57) rbernste: not really. It seems pretty self-explanatory
(19:19:16) spiltave: It has a lot of categories
(19:19:29) bfolan: It' s kind of like redoing our implementation plan after we are done
(19:19:37) Stephen: How would you handle a situation where you feel the hook requires no revision? There is a section in the rubric for tht part.
(19:19:52) bfolan: where
(19:20:08) bfolan: oh I see...
(19:20:16) bfolan: whay is was successful
(19:20:43) efishman: Reflectiond osen't always mean revsion
(19:20:48) jschwarz: i think each different class is going to need changes depending onpersonality
(19:21:04) jschwarz: my class this year will buy my hook...
(19:21:11) jschwarz: last years no way
(19:22:12) bfolan: mine too they are great...
(19:22:24) bfolan: Last year woul dahve been a different story.
(19:22:52) Stephen: So, even if you feel a portion of the project doesn't require revision you will still reflect on it, why it worked and how it was evident to you that it did work. You just don't want to leave it out of the future action plan altogether even if it does work.
(19:23:01) bfolan: that makes sense
(19:23:08) efishman: si, si senor
(19:23:14) spiltave: sounds good
(19:23:35) Stephen: I see Ellen is in her mexican costume.
(19:23:58) efishman: ;) no pirate
(19:24:03) bfolan: or a spanish flamenco dancer
(19:24:07) Stephen: Any thing else on this topic?
(19:24:28) spiltave: i'm good
(19:24:28) bfolan: nothing here
(19:24:35) jschwarz: nope
(19:24:36) mgarrity: no
(19:24:40) rbernste: nada
(19:24:46) efishman: No matey
(19:25:38) Stephen: In the furture action plan would be a great place to talk about project length and how you might handle that hurdle.
(19:26:01) bfolan: yes
(19:26:26) Stephen: I just realized other than your problem student we have not heard much about your project Justine, how is it going for others?
(19:26:41) jschwarz: Because...
(19:26:57) jschwarz: of surgery last week i had to potpone until tomorrow
(19:27:02) jschwarz: we are...
(19:27:20) jschwarz: going to present hook and discuss how this can all be accomplished
(19:27:32) jschwarz: my hook...
(19:27:44) jschwarz: has become my partner in the project and...
(19:27:57) jschwarz: she has planned to take this to community level...
(19:28:14) jschwarz: and has lots of resources
(19:28:37) jschwarz: i'm pumped
(19:28:59) Stephen: That is cool, it is nice to have support.
(19:29:14) jschwarz: sure is
(19:29:23) Stephen: Have the rest of you gotten support in your schools?
(19:29:35) bfolan: yes
(19:29:41) spiltave: yes
(19:29:47) bfolan: and in the community...
(19:29:48) rbernste: For sure....megan barb & sue
(19:30:04) efishman: sort of , more my fault than anything
(19:30:21) jschwarz: also, my hook has her doctorate in auth assesment...
(19:30:27) jschwarz: yeah me
(19:30:31) bfolan: the mayor wrote the hook and promised an award for te best action plan. she's letting the kids present ant the Village Board meeting
(19:32:03) Stephen: Wow! really neat. I am glad you all are getting support from these people. It does seem to have something with the fact that they get something from it to. That whole authentic thing.
(19:32:48) kmorrow [] entered the room.
(19:33:00) Stephen: We will be changing rooms now. They have just updated what rooms you are to go to fro break out.
(19:33:10) spiltave: hi kristin
(19:33:24) Stephen: Marie Justine Amy T kristin and Barb are with me in room 4
(19:33:27) kmorrow: hi sue!!
(19:33:27) efishman: Thanks for the chat, bye
(19:33:36) jschwarz: thanks
(19:33:37) Stephen: Ellen you are in room 2
(19:33:38) aturkot [] entered the room.
(19:33:51) Stephen: Sue Rachel and Megan are in room 5
(19:33:58) kmorrow: bye sue
(19:34:02) Stephen: See you all later.
(19:34:21) efishman left the room.
(19:34:23) mgarrity left the room.
(19:34:24) Stephen: you can move to your new rooms
(19:34:25) rbernste left the room.
(19:34:59) Stephen: Hello Kristen
(19:35:05) kmorrow: hello
(19:35:13) aturkot: hellp
(19:35:17) aturkot: hello
(19:35:29) bfolan: hello
(19:35:38) Stephen: Kristen can you tell me something about yopur project and age of your students.
(19:35:49) Stephen: hello Amy
(19:36:15) kmorrow: I teach third grade and my project is a service learning engaged project in which my kids are helping the victims of Hurricane Katrina...
(19:36:31) mgehrig [] entered the room.
(19:36:48) kmorrow: it all started (and I changed my project after planning the HUGE one this summer) because we got a new student in our class from New orleans...
(19:37:14) kmorrow: and my kids were so naturally motivated to help and do something
(19:37:19) bfolan: wow I didn't know that
(19:37:40) Stephen: Well it is hard to ignore, and mostly wrong to ignore these types of things.
(19:37:55) kmorrow: so the hook was really there already!
(19:37:59) Stephen: Barb would you quickly share your project info?
(19:38:15) bfolan: yes...
(19:38:58) bfolan: The students must identify one form of pollution in our community...(a genuine form of pollution)...
(19:39:24) bfolan: Next they are to create an action plan that seeks to reduce this form of pollution...
(19:39:37) bfolan: Students will do this in teams ...
(19:40:07) bfolan: There is also a contest and an award will be given by the Mayor of Schiller Park for the best plan...
(19:40:53) bfolan: their plan must be presented using some form of technology( Powerpoint, a pamphlet, a video or other original ideas.
(19:41:02) Stephen: Thanks
(19:41:03) kmorrow: i like the mayor part
(19:41:17) Stephen: Amy a quick overview please?
(19:41:55) aturkot: I am doing a community study as to how our community is alike/different than others...
(19:42:18) aturkot: the students will study different communities and then share findings with the mayor
(19:42:48) Stephen: Amy what grade level?
(19:42:52) spiltave left the room.
(19:42:53) aturkot: 1st
(19:43:00) Stephen: thanks
(19:43:15) Stephen: Marie can you give us a quick update
(19:43:27) mgehrig: ok
(19:44:14) mgehrig: I teach 7*8 GIFTED. They are learning about cloning. They need to developm an opinion
(19:44:47) mgehrig: And be able to defend their opinion. They are going to rsearch ecomics, societal
(19:44:51) Stephen: thanks
(19:45:01) Stephen: Justine how about yours
(19:45:06) jschwarz: ok
(19:45:30) jschwarz: my students will be asked to help a pe teacher in the building...
(19:45:43) jschwarz: to teach others about bullying...
(19:46:04) jschwarz: this will first start in the building and branch out into the other 5 schools and community
(19:46:26) Stephen: Thanks Justine, sorry Marie, I think I cut you off by accident. I didn't see.... Did you have anything else you wanted to add?
(19:47:02) mgehrig: thats ok. I could go on and on. I better quit while I am ahead
(19:47:10) Stephen: Okay.
(19:47:46) Stephen: We are supposed to talk tech and integration. Are there any pressing questions or issues you would like to start with?
(19:48:38) bfolan: Ideas of how others are integrating technology...
(19:48:48) kmorrow: i am just having a hard time finding valuable search engines that are "kid friendly" that will lead them to good info.
(19:48:58) bfolan: We talked last week stephen...
(19:49:17) mgehrig: I' m having a hard time getting on to the computers do to tsting
(19:49:19) aturkot: I am having the same problem...finding sites the kids can search
(19:49:39) bfolan: and you wondered why I spent so much time teaching the technology and I explained that they don't know how to use it.
(19:49:48) bfolan: I also agree with you girls...
(19:49:57) bfolan: sites they can read
(19:50:30) jschwarz: information literacy needs to be covered, but technology can be hard to come by that is working
(19:51:03) mgehrig: Bofus websites is a concern of mine
(19:51:15) Stephen: Well, I do relate to the difficulty finding good sites that they can read from. On one extreme and I am thinking 1st grade you may have to do some reworking of content for the kids and post it to your own site.
(19:51:51) Stephen: Post you r own content is time consuming and yet you then can control the content readability level.
(19:52:19) kmorrow: it is so time consuming, you're right
(19:52:45) jschwarz: what about ell
(19:53:09) jschwarz: mine can't read either lang.
(19:53:48) Stephen: Can you get other to read to them, maybe adults or partners?
(19:54:03) jschwarz: i am going to have to...
(19:54:21) jschwarz: but sometimes it gets old for the peers...
(19:54:35) jschwarz: adults volunteers in 6th can be hard to come by
(19:54:55) Stephen: Are there people who can serve as experts for your class. Maybe they can send messages back and forth. You can use your email accounst as the conduit. Has anyone tried this?
(19:55:13) jschwarz: we can't. policy
(19:55:19) aturkot: we can't either
(19:55:26) Stephen: Even if you send the message?
(19:55:33) aturkot: I tried to get another one set up just for this project and they told me no
(19:55:37) bfolan: that's a good idea
(19:55:42) aturkot: oh well maybe that way we can do it
(19:55:55) jschwarz: didn't think about that
(19:56:23) Stephen: I am thinking that the kids would be able to ask the questions they have and get answers in a lanuage that they could understand.
(19:56:37) mgehrig: some sites have the experts talk to the students. REnt video conferencing equipment. They can then see the expert.
(19:56:48) jschwarz: you don't know my ell. they have no home lang.
(19:57:07) Stephen: Experts don't have to have Dr. in front of their names. They could be local people who are interested in these topics.
(19:57:59) Stephen: Well, I don't want them to be road bloacks to others of course.
(19:58:10) mgehrig: College students need clinical hours. OST SOMETHINg in the local college
(19:58:28) Stephen: That would be neat, they could be your reserachers.
(19:58:29) jschwarz: so do high school honor society members
(19:58:53) aturkot: it would make them feel special and a part of the project too
(19:59:08) Stephen: Maybe contact a science club in a local high school or college for your topic Marie.
(19:59:16) jschwarz: boy, this group sure has great ideas:)
(19:59:35) mgehrig: Buddy up with a high school or college.You might have to wait until next year.
(19:59:46) Stephen: What about High school Ell students Justine, I know they are needy but they may be willing to help younger students.
(19:59:54) jschwarz: we had...
(20:00:02) kmorrow: that is a good idea--utilizing high schoolers or even a "big Brothers" organization
(20:00:13) jschwarz: some honor students with ...
(20:00:36) jschwarz: a spanish class or two iunder their belt help after school for homework club
(20:00:42) jschwarz: good option
(20:01:12) bfolan: I had my students survey 10 other people about types of pollution to they could have some idea of what people were worried about ...
(20:01:13) Stephen: One of the schools I wrk with use seniors, especially the retired teachers in the community. Another school that has a tougher population uses police offercers who come n.
(20:01:25) kmorrow: sounds neat
(20:01:28) bfolan: so they could create an authentic problem
(20:01:43) Stephen: Barb, that is a perfect idea, get your own data as well as research on the web.
(20:02:52) Stephen: Marie you should email Ken Doody he is in this class I think he works with Honors Science students in his High School.
(20:03:22) mgehrig: What am I looking for
(20:04:21) Stephen: Okay I guess you students wouldn't need much help sorry.
(20:04:30) Stephen: I got off topic
(20:04:39) mgehrig: They need help but not that kind
(20:04:45) Stephen: I was looking for connections:)
(20:04:50) Stephen: What about video, do any of you have any good sources of video, Vidoe is great for non readers.
(20:05:27) Stephen: Last week I mentioned United Streaming do any of you ahve that resource?
(20:05:36) jschwarz: we have that
(20:05:40) bfolan: tell us about that...
(20:05:41) aturkot: my principal is looking into it for me
(20:05:41) mgehrig: Yes we do
(20:05:45) kmorrow: never heard of it
(20:05:46) jschwarz: i looked up info already...
(20:05:55) bfolan: we talked about it last week and it sounds good
(20:05:56) jschwarz: in english/spanish and ...
(20:06:06) jschwarz: in a variety of grade levels
(20:06:18) Stephen: Was there something on your topic Justine?
(20:06:22) mgehrig: I lets you view education clips or films on almost anytopic
(20:06:24) jschwarz: Lots
(20:06:31) bfolan: does it cost alot...
(20:06:34) mgehrig: I use it often
(20:06:38) bfolan: is it a good resource
(20:06:58) jschwarz: our district is getting it free this year...
(20:07:04) Stephen: Barb it is a good resource, but I am unsure of the cost.
(20:07:14) jschwarz: next year it might be something like 500 a building
(20:07:17) mgehrig: luky you
(20:07:26) Stephen: That sounds about right
(20:07:26) bfolan: how did you get it free?
(20:07:39) jschwarz: county is getting rid of their film library
(20:07:54) jschwarz: and they would like us to do this instead...
(20:08:07) jschwarz: better chance of us using it and more titles
(20:08:48) jschwarz: down side is we can only...
(20:09:10) jschwarz: download before or after school because it might crash our network if we all do it once
(20:09:24) Stephen: Justine how will you make these videos available to students. will they be able to veiw the ones they want or will you show them all to everyone?
(20:09:37) jschwarz: We have to burn them on cds...
(20:09:49) jschwarz: we can keep the on the hard drive for only one week...
(20:09:59) jschwarz: then the united streaming nazis delets them
(20:10:36) jschwarz: i think i will use with varius groups
(20:10:39) Stephen: Justien we had the same restriction at my district unil they realize that everyone download ing at the same time just doesn't happen.
(20:10:47) jschwarz: they can check them out like a library
(20:11:04) mgehrig: Have you used their lesson plans
(20:11:17) jschwarz: not yet
(20:11:20) Stephen: Good I am glad studnets get to select, much like they would when researching.
(20:11:40) kmorrow left the room (Logged out).
(20:11:45) Stephen: I think more and more students will get info from video.
(20:11:58) aturkot: it is easier for them to comprehend
(20:12:13) mgehrig: You can us united streaming free for a period of time. Sign up for the trial
(20:12:29) bfolan: thank you
(20:12:35) jschwarz: i highly suggest it...
(20:12:44) jschwarz: teachers who boo hoo tech love it
(20:12:47) kmorrow [] entered the room.
(20:13:02) Stephen: Have you kept a list of student questions on a board in the room? That way when studnets come across info someone else is looking for they can share it.
(20:13:32) Stephen: This might also help with reserach.
(20:13:41) bfolan: Questioning was our strategy of the month last month...
(20:13:59) bfolan: we used questioning you have a good idea
(20:14:08) jschwarz: that is a good idea. i also intend to give students who have like topics time to jigsaw
(20:14:24) Stephen: yeah that is a good idea.
(20:14:56) Stephen: What serach engines do you use for your kids?
(20:15:13) bfolan: only yahooligans to keep them in safe places...
(20:15:27) bfolan: or places we have set for them on our webpage
(20:15:42) aturkot: same here
(20:15:44) Stephen: Oh I see time is up. I don't want you to feel obligated to stay thatnks for the great conversation.
(20:15:46) jschwarz: our librarian has been doing classes on good internet sites
(20:15:57) mgehrig: Im working with the librarian. She has a list of sites
(20:16:05) bfolan: goodnight everyone;)
(20:16:05) Stephen: do you use kids click?
(20:16:09) bfolan left the room.
(20:16:10) kmorrow: have a good night
(20:16:13) kmorrow left the room.
(20:16:14) jschwarz: part of info literacy in the district
(20:16:46) Stephen: that is so important, and really an ongoing battle.
(20:17:01) mgehrig: I have to go. Do I need to know anything else
(20:17:20) aturkot: I also have to get going thanks
(20:17:23) aturkot left the room.
(20:17:26) Stephen: I think at our grade levels we have to balance the learning sophistacated searching skills with time off of other content.
(20:17:45) jschwarz: exactly...
(20:18:01) jschwarz: that is why i went to the admin about getting rid of some...
(20:18:07) jschwarz: unecessary curriculum
(20:18:16) mgehrig: have a good night
(20:18:20) Stephen: Well I guess we should callit a night. I am gld to see you here tnight Justine and hope your recovery is fast.
(20:18:24) Stephen: bye marie
(20:18:31) jschwarz: thanks. bye
(20:18:34) mgehrig left the room.
(20:18:34) jschwarz left the room.
(20:18:36) Stephen: Bye Justien
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